The F-4EJs Should be lowered to 10.7

However, I don’t think they remove AIM-7Es since Harrier GR.1 didn’t get removed SRAAMs.

I will write it on my Christmas list and hopefully it will happen XD

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That’s why SB rotation BR matchmaker is much better than 0.7 spreads.

0.7BR spreads wouldn’t fix problems because there are still tons of bomber spammers.

The F-4F in germany is literally the same thing but without sparrows and with agile eagle. If you removed the EJ’s sparrows it would become a worse F-4F. It would go from becoming an underwhelming 11.0 vehicle to an underwhelming 10.7.

It should keep the sparrows.

Anyway, I will spam F-4EJs if it moved down to 10.7BR for clubbing peoples.

5.3 until 6.7 plane can handle bomber spam.

5.0 just can’t

10.7 really is the new 11.0

We have the F-4F, F-5E and Kfir Canard there (essentially Kfir. C2 from old days that was 11.0). The J35XS is up there too. the F-4E struggles to deal with the XS since once it gets past the headon it can always kill an F-4E if it wants to screw that guy in particular.

The legacy 10.3s struggle when a .3 uptier means being completely outperformed and in a lot of cases outclassed in weapon loadouts.

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Decompression or not, there’s no reason the EJs should be at the same BR as the objectively better Es. The Agile Eagle slats make a massive different in dogfighting performance, and the AIM 7E2s can actually manuever relatively quickly when off the rail, which makes them substantially more useable in the current clusterfuck furball meta. The RADAR may be as bad, but at least you can fire them at point blank ranges so you enemy has less time to react.

The only real difference between the EJs and the F is the AIM 7s, which when combined with the EJ’s weak RADAR basically renders them ballast in most ARB games these days. More importantly, the F also gets Agile Eagle, meaning I’d rather take the F over the EJ in most Air RB matches.

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The F4F does not get sparrows. The F-4E gets sparrows.

Is it possible that the EJ could receive Aim-7E2s?

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Can’t find any concrete sources on whether the US exported E2s to Japan. We know they were exported (It’s what the Skyflash used by a couple operators in game was based on), but nothing on if Japan used it.

Even if it did get E2s, it’s still a hard wing Phantom, making it pretty poor in dogfights. That difference is pretty major. Compare the handling of an F-4F and an F-4EJ, the F will dominate it hands down in a dogfight. Now compare the EJ to most of the planes it’s going to meet in it’s matchmaking. Sure, the F isn’t going to dominate higher tiered stuff, but it can rate fight MiG 21 Bis’s, Mirages, Drakens, Viggens and some MiG 23s if flown poorly.

And again, the RADAR on the EJ is so poor that the utility of having E2s isn’t even that major. No-one sits at high altitude anymore, and even if someone does all it takes is a slight turn and a single drop of chaff to decoy the missile. You might be able to use it in a head on joust, but odds are these days whoever you’re jousting with will have all aspect IRs and/or better SARH/RADAR, making it pretty suicidal. Hell, MiG 21s jousting with R3Rs have more utility in my experience.

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The F-4F is not going to ratefight any of those planes that you just mentioned. Neither is the F-4E. Victory depends on understanding dogfights better than your opponent. Even the MiG-23M will outdo the phantoms with its wings folded out.

As for the E2 sparrow the radar is surprisingly decent when using the narrow-band search or ACM mode. People climb all the time at 11.0 BR - look at all the J35XS up high. All-aspect IRs don’t stop you from doing a radar missile joust and neither does the R3R since it gets one-chaffed.

Once that missile comes off the rails in the sub-5km headon it’s basically undodgeable.

Maybe you should try playing the F-4E before you tell me how the radar works.

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