The F-4EJs Should be lowered to 10.7

10.7 would become the new 11.0. We already have jets that are 10.7 and shouldn’t be (F-5E, possibly J35XS).


IMO MiG-21MF/SMT can go 10.7BR with current loadouts.
F-8E is possible to go 10.7BR when it gets AIM-9Gs that was historical.
F-5C can’t go 10.7BR rn but, if F-5A(ROCAF) and F-5Es gets better missiles such as AIM-9P-4 or AIM-9Ls and moved up to 11.0BR again, it is possible to get higher BR. It is pretty close to the Kfir C.2 solutions.

IDK about Mirage IIIE because I have nevr played that thing before.

Both A-10s can go higher BR since they ruined Korean War era jets. First off, Attackers shouldn’t decent in ARB.

Explain this please.
If you would.

Honestly I think this may be also be a good solution bc then the EJs wouldn’t get uptiered as much of the time. When playing the EJ it often gets 11.3, 11.7, and 12.0. 11.0 to 11.3 phantoms is like night and day. I would estimate around it being 8/10 being uptiers to maybe 9/10.

J-8F, F-16AJ whole existence, F-5C flare… I could go on and call your bullshit out but you’re one of those “My stat better” people so.

Let me explain.

F-5E was implemented at 11.0BR iirc and it was fine until Gen’4 jets comes out but moved down to 10.7BR with same loadouts.

Kfir C.2 was implamented at 11.0BR without Python-3 when it comes but, when Kfir Canard that is almost same plane, it was moved down to 10.7BR. Kfir Canard can be seen as the old Kfir C.2, so in effect the 11.0BR material has moved to 10.7BR.

goddamnit this discussion won’t end at this rate. you people will just drive it to the moon with “but what about” and mention 9 other plane on the prospected bottom 1.0 that will face uptier, at that point the discussion won’t end because the problem is really not the BR, it’s the goddamned matchmaking.

0.7 matchmaking is the final solution, that’s it.

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I was one of the players who did not want the F-16AJ, but it is completely different from that of the F-5C.

In the case of the F-5C, the CM was installed because it was technically feasible.
Tchnically possible and what is not are completely different.

F-104G(ROCAF) doesn’t have CMs with same reasons.

or bring SB rotation BR matchmakers in ARB.
It would be more easier to fix and balance because it would be fix “BR blackhole” issues and there are technically already exists.

No. F-16s should be made 12.3 and 12.3s should be made 12.7.
Weird how someone is trying to ban all pro-decompression people from this discussion.

i mean, it’s rare, it’s not like 6.7 prop.

0.7 is the more permanent solution that can keep up with gaijin 0.3 increases per big update, we can still have 13.7 Raptor and the 12.7 Su-27S and F-15A won’t be affected.

Raptor is coming in at 15.3 not 13.7.
0.7 isn’t needed, there’s not that much compression, and fixing compression is far more permanent than your rant against general decompression.

At what point did I say we should ban BR decompression from the discussion, I’m just saying that I would like the focus of the discussion not to become a BR decompression discussion. I’d like to keep it about the EJs and vehicles around it.

There are plenty of BR decompression discussions on the forum, please go there if you are going to talk about it as a whole.

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didn’t ask

That’s why I came in with moving F-16s, M2Ks, Mig-29s, and 12.3s up, which would fix a lot of issues involving EJ as well as 11.3s.

Ok thats fair

IMO 0.7BR spread is still one of options but not “must needed” because there are almost no compressions in prop BR and need rebalance everythings.

Rebalancing all vehicles is just time consuming.

Based on this, the EJ could be 10.7.

Its radar missile capabilities would massively alter the meta though since the ‘safe’ BR from doppler-gate missiles would drop to 10.3, meaning climbing would become less viable. Also, since it has CMs, pulse-seeker early radar missiles like Aim9C and R3R are useless against it.

It would powercreep 10.7 a lot.

it definitely exist, 6.0 being blackhole BR for Italian and German prop is just one among many.

Yeah which I is why I think its fair to get rid of its Aim-7Es and force it to use the Ds.

Or just get rid of them, they are so trash at 11.0 I rarely take them.