The common mindset of WT Air RB

Majority of community only cares about high/top tier and ignores every tech tree vehicle to get there and rely on a couple of premiums to achieve it: (everything else is boring supposedly and a good crutch)
“I love high tier, everything else is just bad, you just need to learn how to play jets, it gets really good when your learn” - - - level 78 guys.

Majority of community:

Fantastic. I was in a semi stock Harrier GR7. i dont know why i even bother.
Same shit at majority of tiers, makes me question if anyone even comes to play or just to flex high tier vehicles whilst being useless in them or just using premium/meta to get easy kills to alude to having a high skill level.
It’s like claiming to love combat sports and a strong advocate of it, whilst at the same time, getting beaten the shit outta ya every fight but flexing what BR you got fucked up at lol.

I swear to god, if Gaijin put biplanes at 12.7 and premium, people would value them over a f15 that wasnt premium or top tier. It’s just a shallow flex for premiums and having high tier vehicles, irrespective of how good the matches are or how well people perform in them.


Who cares how good people do in their planes as long as they enjoy it?


The answer to you question is performance indexing.

I just enjoy missile combat. Top tier is another story. I have not been enjoying that. 8.3-11.0 is my sweet spot. Missile combat exists but not so crazy that it prevents gun based dog fighting.

Nothing wrong with enjoying props. But I only play props in ground rb as the lack of markers allow for me to be more sneaky and the maps are small enough that it is not a game of “spawn in and alt-tab as you climb for 10 minutes”

Literally the common meta nowadays is as follows : take off, apply full throttle toward enemy team, initiate headon (as will opponent) get a kill or die then proceed to next target at ground level. Dont cover team, literally play like a suicide jihadist.

Every single time.

No-one even gives a shit about flying or maneuvres etc, just fly in and get it overwith.

The only ones who play high alt superiority are the guys playing stuff that already gets airspawn or or premium op shit.

Everything else is just literally full yolo.

I hate how gaming has become this like this.

No-one cares about winning or playing well, purely about kills to grind to top tier to do the same shit but with a better advantage and still do bad.

“hey i bought a premium at 5.7 because i could not achieve anything with any other aircraft unless it was meta (which i couldnt be bothered to grind even if i would rely soley upon that vehicle) and then after acertain amount of battles in this cheese vehicle, i achieved top tier where i proceeded to just yolo str8 in like a rank 1 pilot and accept this is just how it is.”

like where the fuck is the value? i literally see people at top tier even level 100 playing like rank 1 pilots only difference is they have missiles and dont have to take physics into account as much.

When you are the weirdo for flying a p51-H at high alt against Yaks is the common mindset or not yolo’ing against a ta-152 in a p47 at ground level, grinding all the way to top tier just to headon the first enemy you see, then something is seriously fucking wrong.

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What are you even ranting about at this point? It doesn’t matter if a player is (arbitrarily) not very skilled so long as they’re having fun.

cool! If i ever see you in my match i will provide as little as possible which ruins your enjoyment or prospects, but as long as i have fun surviving for 1.5 minutes until i headon a guy and ruin your chances its fine. cool man. send me an invite. i can bring 3 others.
We have headoning aircraft while we have no guns.
Dont blame us.

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Then don’t head on that’s your problem. If you want to head on your just gonna screw yourself over.
There are likely so many things you are doing that make you perform like crap. One of em is not understanding the aircraft, Pro’s and cons which is what we refer to as “Learning your aircraft” as well as “Reading your enemy”

i am not talking about MY actions mate, bloody hell it is impossible to communicate with the vast majority here.

So this is just a rant thread i see. Most teammates will be bad. That is just a fact of life. No telling how many times I have tried to help a teammate who had an enemy on his 6 only for him to turn and give me the worst possible angle of attack forcing me to abort my dive.

You just have to do what you can. There is not and will never be some “you have to play this plane this way” mechanic. Some will turn fight a zero in a p47 and some will actually energy fight.

Why does it matter so much to you how other people enjoy their time on Warthunder?

i see you know what i mean,

So my solution is to just join in? cool stuff.

I just played the Hornet, airspawn, i immediately dove and competed with my team wfor the same insignificant kill at ground level that 6 of us competed for before we died when enemy team came in…
Dont see the benefit of this.

We lost, i wasted my altitude and went low to compete for the low kill.

I got the kill, we all died.

B ut like you say, dont complain, so i shall repeat even though it is obvious you should not do this.

I will take your suggestion tho and fight yaks at low alt with my p51. cheers mate.

I will make a thread about how to fight a yak in a p51 - and you will naturally say climb.

I will climb and be outnumbered then you will say dont complain about how people have fun, so in response i will fly low with team get wrecked because its fun.

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Yea, people play video games for fun. Not everyone wants to sweat it out like an esports championship. Some people want to fly around and shoot at some other planes because they want to enjoy themselves. Not every player cares about outperforming everyone else or winning every single game. You are just making yourself seem foolish because every other player doesn’t play the way you want them to.

If you aren’t having fun in matchmade games, perhaps playing customs with more likeminded players would be helpful. More serious players to provide a better expereince that you seem to be looking for.

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If that is what you decide to do, go for it. I just play how i feel would be best for my plane and the situation. If my teammates actually do well, great. If not, nothing much i can do about it.

Same thing with kill stealing. I dont go for planes that are on fire or in a death spirl as i dont think it is a good thing to do. Yet most do anyway. I cant stop them from doing so i just continue my climb back up to find another target.

Wanting to win or not get shit on immediately is E-sports? That just gaming mate.

If the gammode is to win and kill enemies, which in turn provides rp and sl which everyone so desperately wants, why is it so damn meta to prevent yourself from achieving that?

So say for instance i want f16, why would i do as little as possible to help achieve that?

If i wanted to take as long as possible to research f16, i would literally fly any aircraft (probably premium only for the cause) and fly in like an absolute nutjob with zero regard for my team, my life or the win and come out with 1 kill before i die.
I would ignore team mates to kill insignificant bomber.
i would compete with 6 other team mates for a single easy kill while the entire enemy team is hunting us down.
I would let team mates get killed and match be lost, as long as i get this one piss ant kill.


My point is no-one really gives a shit about the aircraft or flying well or improving or trying to use the aircraft well, they just care about getting kills regardless of method and trying to get to top tier and when they are there, they continue the same detrimental method or rely upon the 1% of aircraft they achieve anything in.

I simply could not not imagine fucking my team for thousands of matches to get to top tier just to continue to do the same because that is all you know or prepared to do.,

Maybe it would be worth it if i got to high tier and i see a conclusion to all the shit methods people use, but no, its just another, in fact, it’s worse.

I just see a common method across all br’s of “just take off, dont climb, just headon and turn after the merge” - - - - - -you see this as default method at rank 1 pilots brand new to the game. I mean dont get wrong, i could just take a yak everytime and fly in and just gobble people up and do well, but given the variety of vehicles and capabilities, it just seems like a total waste of what is on offer, not to mention only some will do well with basic strategies of such.

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People can play the game however they want (within the rules of course). Some people only ground strike in Air RB. Saw a guy with 6.5k ground target kills in the Wyvern with hardly any air to air kills. Some people like to bomb bases, some people like dedicated fighting, some people just enjoy the fact they can play a game where they can fly out a historic WW2 plane.

If they don’t play the most efficient or tactically sound, then that would make sense because most of the players aren’t trained pilots. So learning, practicing, and implementing advanced aerial tactics is beyond what they are willing to put into a video game. If you are willing to learn, practice, and implement these tactics that is great, but expecting everyone else to do so is just not realistic.

You have got to take a step back and realise that none of these people are thinking “I am being an active detriment to my team” or are intentionally playing badly. They may just not be good at the game, which is fine if they are enjoying themselves. This game isn’t a super competitive combat simulation, it is just a more realistic take on a vehicular combat game.

You are going to ruin your own fun in the game because of your expectations of these other players. You can only do what you can do each game. If you are looking for competitive style tactically sound gameplay, you should seek out those custom games communities. You won’t find that kind of gameplay in normal matchmade games.


No they don’t want to sweat it out but they have to because of how mode is made for higher tier, if you are not aware of your surroundings, you are most likely gonna appear in hangar very soon, now there is not much skill involved in top tier gameplay since gaijin made tutorials even a toddler can understand which is a reason of an increase in “sweating” among skilled players.

You can’t grind nor spade vehicles in custom’s, and thats what probably 90% of the players want.

Therefore, Gaijin’s shitty game…

I agree to an extent.
But what if i was a hinderance to you every single match?
But i done it to you and many others for thousands of matches just to get to top tier?
I fucked you everytime for my own goals.
Then when i achieved my goals.
I assumed the same method, provided nothing, providied myself with barely nothing.
Just simply existing at all br’s and being a hinderance to you and harming your experience, for what?
For me to go headon in f16 and die or for me to have 3 min lifepspan in f16?

I dont feel like that is either worth it or fair.

And if you feel that is fair, then consider 5000 people having the same mentality and how it reciprocates.

an example - come fly with me, i will take a meta aircraft and i will prioritise the most unimportant enemy on the other team, i will engage the il28 or something and get my kill, in the meantime, you can deal with those 3 high mig15’s on your own. when I eventually get my mig23 or so so, i will adopt same method, (same method majority use) I will go after the easy targets which were never a threat because i need the kills, (pretending you don’t) and you my man, can engage that entire swarm of red while I rtb. Thankyou for putting yourself on the frontline while I get rp and mods (which you also are) so that i can get to top tier and put you in the exact same position when i’I get there. Game has become less about flying and more about people having the resources to flex or achieving the ability to flex, no matter how many people they fuck over on the way.