The Cadillac Gage V-150/LAV-150 Armored Car Chassis Series "A Cadillac of Armored Cars"

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Hello all, today I would like to suggest the addition of vehicles based on the Cadillac Gage V-150/LAV-150 series of 4x4 armored car chassis. Out of the early Cadillac Gage Commando models, this series was the most popular, and the most widely produced.

There are effectively 4 drive train versions of the chassis series that were produced over its production run, which started in 1971. The original V-150 chassis with either the Chrysler Gasoline or Cummins Diesel, the V-150S chassis which is a stretched/long version of the original chassis, and the LAV/V-150ST, which is a V-150S chassis upgraded with a Cummins turbo-charged diesel engine.

Due to the way the suggestion rules work, there will be a separate suggestion for each chassis version, and then a separate suggestion for each chassis and drive train combination. These further suggestions will provide more detailed information, where available, about the drive trains in their tables. They will be linked in the related suggestions section when they are finished and approved.

HC Armored Car CG V-150 with 90mm Cockerill Page 205


The Commando V-150 was introduced by Cadillac Gage, and evaluated by the army in late 1971. The V-150 was originally designed as a product improved version of the M706/V-100 Commando. It mostly used the same base hull as the original M706/V-100. However multiple upgrades were incorporated into the vehicle due to lessons learned during the V-100/M706’s service in Vietnam. Upgrades included heavier axles, improved leaf springs incorporated into the original suspension, the payload was increased from 3000lbs(1360kg) to 5000lbs(2268kg), and a second front vision block was added for the drivers position.

Early V-150’s retained the same 191hp Chrysler 361 V8 Gasoline Engine, and 5 speed manual transmission as the the M706/V-100, and had a 155hp V6 Cummins Diesel with a 3 speed automatic transmission as an optional drive train. Later V-150’s were produced with a 202hp Cummins V-504 V8 Diesel engine and Allison 4 speed automatic transmission. The last version of the V-150, the LAV-150ST, was upgraded with a 250hp Cummins 6CTA 8.3 V6 Diesel engine and 6 speed automatic transmission.

As previously stated, the Product improved M706 aka V-150 Commando entered service in 1971, the 202hp Cummins V8 Diesel engine upgrade became available around 1979. In 1981, a new version of the V-150 was tested, designated the V-150S. This version had a stretched hull, with an 18in longer body and wheelbase. It retained the 202hp Cummins V8 used in the later produced V-150’s. Other improvements in this version included stronger suspension, an improved transfer case, and improved hydraulic brake system. In 1993, the V-150S was upgraded with the Cummins 6CTA 8.3 6cyl turbo-charged Diesel engine, and a 6 speed Allison automatic transmission, this version was designated the V-150ST. In 1994, from what I can find, the designation of the series was changed from V-150 to LAV-150.

The Cadillac Gage V-150 series has several armament options available to it, which will be listed in the specifications section. Individual suggestions will or should eventually be made for each armament and hull version combination option. This series of vehicles has served with the US military, as well as the militaries of Chad, Sudan, Singapore, Somalia, Muscat, Oman, Brazil, Canada, and several others.

HC Armored Car CG V-150 with 90mm Mecar Page 205


Click here for General Spec Table
General information
Years of Production 1971 to 2000
Number produced Over 3,000
Crew to Operate 3 or 4
Construction Cadloy High Hardness Steel Armor, Welded
Gross Vehicle Weight ~20,000lb (9071kg) to ~24,000lb (10,886kg)
Height (turret) Varies by Armament
Height(over hull) 78in (1,98m)
Width 89in (2.26m)
Length 224in (5.69m) to 247in (6.27m)
Wheelbase 105in (2.66m) to 123in (3.12m)
Clearance Hull 24in (61cm) to 25.5in (65cm)
Clearance Differential 15in (38.1cm) to 16in (41cm)
Max Speed Land 55mph (88.5kph) to 62mph (99.8kph) Forward
Max Speed Water 3mph (4.83kph)
Max Gradient Climb 60.00%
Max Side Gradient 30.00%
Max Vertical Obstacle 24in (61cm)
Operating Range Road 500 to 600miles (805 to 965km)
Operating Range CC 400 to 425miles (644 to 684km)
HP/Metric Ton 18.56 to 22.96hp/ton
Model Varies from Chrysler to Cummins
Fuel type Gasoline on early model, Diesel on later models
Type V8 to Inline 6
Horse Power, Gross 191 to 250hp
Torque, Gross 325 to 650ft-lbs
Type Manual on early model, Automatic on later
Gears 4 to 6 forward 1 reverse
Transfer Case 1 or 2 gears depending on Drive-Train
Wheel Drive 4x4
Solid axle with Front & Rear Semi elliptical Leaf spring and direct Shock absorber per wheel
Beam Type, Double Reduction with locking differentials
4 wheel Hydraulic Internal Expanding
Front Wheel, Rack and Pinion, Power Assist
Fuel System
2 tanks
80gal total
14.5in x 21in
Commando Special Run Flat tires
Available Armament Options
2 x .30cal M37 MG (turret)
1 x .30cal M37 & 1x .50cal M2HB (turret)
2 x 7.62mm M73 MG (turret)
1 x 7.62mm General Electric Minigun (turret)
20mm Oerlikon 204GK Autocannon (turret)
20mm VADS (turret)
TOW Missile Carrier
Dragon Missile Carrier (turret)
90mm MECAR Gun (turret)
90mm Cockerill Mk3 Gun (turret)
25mm Bushmaster (turret)
76mm RO L23A1 (Scorpion turret)

HC Armored Car Vulcan Commando Page 208-1

The Chassis place in game

Vehicles built on this series of chassis could fill many roles at many ranks in the game. From small high speed tank destroyer, to light scout/support vehicle, to speedy SPAAG. Also, given the number of nations that have used versions of the V-150 chassis, it would be an easy way to introduce very minor nations vehicles to the game.

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Manual No 114101, Maintenance Manual For Commando Model V-150 Diesel/Automatic, by Cadillac Gage Company

Websites: Additional information and pictures can be found here


Considering how many vehicles there are which use this platform, I’m surprised we don’t have more in the game already! Speaking of, one of my suggestions is for a vehicle which basically represents the final iteration of this platform: the Commando Select 90mm DFV. If you’d like I can link you to it.

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I’ve seen it, I believe I’ve already voted +1 on it ;). Something I never realized until I did some more digging. The M1117 ASV is actually the next evolution of the LAV-150. Went into serial production right after production of the V-150 ended. Even appears to use the same drive-train as the V-150ST.

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Oh cool! Thanks!