V-150(D) Commando with 20mm Oerlikon 204GK Autocannon Turret

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V-150 with 20mm Oerlikon Turret in Haiti, Source - WarWheels.Net- LAV-150/V-150 AFV Series Index - Dave Haugh


Hello All,

Today I would like to suggest the addition of the V-150 Commando(Diesel) with the 20mm Oerlikon 204GK Autocannon Turret.

In one of my other suggestions for the V-150 base chassis + Drive-train combinations, someone asked what the rate of fire of the 204GK was, so, you’ll be able to find it here! Note, that the armor angles for the turret are not set in stone, they were estimated using Photoshops line tool and multiple diagrams. This also happens to be one of the versions that I do have solid vehicle weight and other information on.

V-150 with 20mm Oerlikon Turret front-Rear diagram
V-150 With 20mm Oerlikon Turret Front/Rear Diagram, Source - Hunnicutt’s Armored Car


The history of this variant is pretty straightforward. The 20mm Oerlikon 204GK Autocannon turret was offered as an option with the original Hull/Drive-train combination from 1971, this particular version is a 2-man turret. This version of the vehicle uses the standard V-150 chassis with the Cummins V8-210 8.3L (504ci) Diesel Drive-Train, which was introduced around 1979. This version having the 2 man turret brings the crew total to 4 - Commander, Driver, Gunner, Radio Operator.

It’s unclear as to how many countries have had this variant in service, all the export information I can find so far only lists V-150s as V-150 APC or V-150/90, or ARV. From the pictures I’ve seen, it’s been used by and in Haiti, it was tested by the US Marine Corps and was available as a turret option for the V-150/M706 Product Improved vehicles operated by other branches of the US military.

V-150 with 20mm Oerlikon Turret Diagram
V-150 With 20mm Oerlikon Turret Side view Diagram, Source - Hunnicutt’s Armored Car


Click for Vehicle Specs
General information
Chassis Version V-150
Year of Introduction ~1979
Crew to Operate 4 - Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator
Gross Vehicle Weight 21,800lb (9888kg)
Height (turret) 100in(2.54m)
Height(over hull) 78in (1,98m)
Width 89in (2.26m)
Length 224in (5.69m)
Wheelbase 105in (2.66m)
Clearance Hull 25.5in (64.7cm)
Clearance Differential 15in (38.1cm)
Angle of Approach 55°
Angle of Departure 53°
Armor Construction Cadloy High Hardness Steel Armor, Welded
Front 9.5mm @ ~40° (wedge)
Sides 6.4mm @ ~20°
Rear 6.4mm @ ~30°
Top 6.4mm @ 90°
Upper Front 9.5mm @ 30°
Middle Front 6.4mm @ 75°
Lower Front 6.4mm @ 35°
Upper Sides 6.4mm @ 30°
Lower Sides 6.4mm @ 20°
Upper Rear (Air intake vent) 6.4mm @ 30° (37°)
Lower Rear 6.4mm @ 37°
Roof 6.4mm @ 90°
Floor 6.4mm @ 90°
Primary Weapon 20mm Oerlikon 204 GK (KAA), in 2-man Turret
Turret Rotation 360° @ 60°/s (electric-hydraulic)
Elevation Limits +60° to -8° @ 40°/s (electric-hydraulic)
Rate of Fire 1000rpm
Muzzle Velocity ~1050m/s
Ammo Load 400rnds (200 ready)
Stabilizer None
Secondary (Coaxial) 7.62mm M60E2 or M219 MG
Rate of Fire 500-650rnd/min
Ammunition 400rnds ready
Secondary (Anti Air) 7.62mm M60D MG, AA Mount
Rate of Fire 550-650rnd/min
Ammunition 200rnds ready
Secondary Ammo Total 3200rnds
Smoke Launchers 12 (2 sets of 6 on turret sides)
Automotive Performance
Max Speed Land 56mph (90.1kph) Forward – 11mph (17.7kph) Reverse
Turn Radius Land 26ft (7.9m)
Max Speed Water 3mph (4.83kph)
Turn Radius Water 29ft (8.84m)
Max Gradient Climb 60.00% (31°)
Max Side Gradient 30.00% (16.7°)
Max Vertical Obstacle 24in (61cm)
Operating Range Road 500miles (805km)
Operating Range CC 400miles (644km)
HP/Metric Ton 20.42hp/ton
Model Cummins V8-210 8.3L
Fuel type Diesel
Type V8
Horse Power, Gross 202bhp @ 3300rpm
Torque, Gross 387ft-lbs @ 1900rpm
Model Allison AT-540
Type Automatic
Gears 4 forward 1 reverse
Gear Ratios
1st 3.45 : 1
2nd 2.25 : 1
3rd 1.41 : 1
4th 1.00 : 1
Reverse 5.02 : 1
Transfer Case (Ratio) 2 Speed – Hi / Lo (0.98:1 / 1.75:1)
Wheel Drive 4x4
Solid axle - Front & Rear Semi elliptical Leaf spring - direct Shock absorber per wheel
Beam Type - Double Reduction - locking differentials – Ratio (8 : 43.1)
4 wheels Hydraulic - Internal Expanding
Front Wheel - Rack and Pinion - Power Assist
Fuel System
2 tanks
80gal total
14.5in x 21in
Commando Special - Run Flat tires

V-150 With 20mm Oerlikon Turret Side view, Source - Hunnicutt’s Armored Car

This Vehicles Place in the Game

To be honest, this one is a bit tricky. Its armament isn’t overly powerful, and the turret isn’t stabilized. However, it does have a very high rate of fire for the main weapon and decent armor penetration with the AP round. It’s relatively speedy for an armored car, and would even have good off-road performance. It would have similar off-road performance and firepower to the R3-T20, though it would be slightly slower on hard roads, but, it would be more stable in turns, as it’s able to easily handle side slopes of 30% (16.7°). It also has a higher turret traverse and elevation speed than the R3-T20.

However, I also would not like to see a repeat of the issues with the R3-T20 where it would be facing World War 2 vehicles. This would have limited use against most rank 4 or early rank 5 medium/heavy tanks. But, it would tear up most lighter armored vehicles. Especially as you get towards the lower end of Rank 6.

V-150 20mm Oerlikon 2-man Turret diagram
V-150 20mm Oerlikon Turret cutaway diagram, Source - Hunnicutt’s Armored Car

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Manual No 114101, Maintenance Manual For Commando Model V-150 Diesel/Automatic, by Cadillac Gage Company, 1979

Websites: Additional information and pictures can be found here


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