Cadillac Gage V-150 Commando with Cummins V8-210 8.3L Diesel Drive-Train

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V-150 with 20mm Oerlikon Turret Diagram
V-150 with 20mm Oerlikon Turret Diagram, Source - Hunnicutt’s Armored Car


Hello all,

This is the fifth suggestion in a series regarding the Cadillac Gage V-150 Armored Car Chassis. Don’t worry, there are only 2 more to go, those cover the 2 engine options on the S version of the chassis.

Today I would like to suggest the addition of vehicles based on the drive-train version of the V-150 Commando that was introduced around 1979. This version still uses the ‘standard’ chassis, but the key differences are, the drive-train has been changed to a Cummins V8 Diesel engine, 4 speed automatic transmission, and 2 speed transfer case, and the tires have also been upgraded by this time. This suggestion will have detailed specs on the Drive-train.

As stated in the other suggestions, there are a lot of Armament options available for this chassis.

If I haven’t already made a suggestion for a given weapon config with this Chassis/Drive-Train combo, please feel free to do so, and you have my permission to use any information I’ve collected and posted here.

Various V-150’s in Haiti, Source -


For full chassis history, visit the Chassis Series suggestion linked in the Related Suggestions section.

This drive-train version of the Cadillac Gage V-150 Commando was introduced around 1979. I haven’t been able to find any solid information on introduction date, however, the Cadillac Gage maintenance manual for this particular hull + drive-train combination is dated 1979…

This version still used the base ‘standard’ V-150 Commando Chassis. But, instead of using the original Chrysler Military 361 Gas engine drive-train carried over from the V-100/M706, it’s been upgraded with a more powerful Diesel engine, among other drive-train changes. The new engine, was the Cummins V504 V8 Diesel engine, with an output of 202bhp. The new transmission was an Allison AT-540 4 speed automatic, connected to a 2 speed 4 wheel drive transfer case, the axles were still double reduction single speed. Another upgrade that was introduced around the same time, was the change from the original 14x20in 12ply tires, to newer 14.5in x 21in Commando Special Run flat tires.

As is the case with all versions of the V-150, it has served with the United States, and Several other militaries.

V-150 Diesel Drive-Train layout
V-150 Diesel Drive-Train layout, Source - Cadillac Gage Maintenance manual


Click for Chassis + Drive-Train Specs
General information
Chassis Version V-150 / M706 Product Improved
Year of Introduction 1979
Crew to Operate 3-4, Varies by weapon configuration
Gross Vehicle Weight Varies ~ 22,000lb (9980kg)
Height (turret) Varies by weapon configuration
Height(over hull) 78in (1,98m)
Width 89in (2.26m)
Length 224in (5.69m)
Wheelbase 105in (2.66m)
Clearance Hull 25.5in (64.7cm)
Clearance Differential 15in (38.1cm)
Angle of Approach 55°
Angle of Departure 53°
Armor Construction Cadloy High Hardness Steel Armor, Welded
Front Varies by Config ~9.5mm
Sides Varies by Config ~6.4mm
Rear Varies by Config ~6.4mm
Top Varies by Config ~6.4mm
Upper Front 9.5mm @ 30°
Middle Front 6.4mm @ 75°
Lower Front 6.4mm @ 35°
Upper Sides 6.4mm @ 30°
Lower Sides 6.4mm @ 20°
Upper Rear (Air intake vent) 6.4mm @ 30° (37°)
Lower Rear 6.4mm @ 37°
Roof 6.4mm @ 90°
Floor 6.4mm @ 90°
Automotive Performance
Max Speed Land 56mph (90.1kph) Forward – 11mph (17.7kph) Reverse
Turn Radius Land 26ft (7.9m)
Max Speed Water 3mph (4.83kph)
Turn Radius Water 29ft (8.84m)
Max Gradient Climb 60.00%
Max Side Gradient 30.00%
Max Vertical Obstacle 24in (61cm)
Operating Range Road 500miles (805km)
Operating Range CC 400miles (644km)
HP/Metric Ton ~20.24hp/ton
Model Cummins V8-210 8.3L
Fuel type Diesel
Type V8
Horse Power, Gross 202 @ 3300rpm
Torque, Gross 387ft-lbs @ 1900rpm
Model Allison AT-540
Type Automatic
Gears 4 forward 1 reverse
Gear Ratios
1st 3.45 : 1
2nd 2.25 : 1
3rd 1.41 : 1
4th 1.00 : 1
Reverse 5.02 : 1
Transfer Case (Ratio) 2 Speed – Hi / Lo (0.98:1 / 1.75:1)
Wheel Drive 4x4
Solid axle - Front & Rear Semi elliptical Leaf spring - direct Shock absorber per wheel
Beam Type - Double Reduction - locking differentials – Ratio (8 : 43.1)
4 wheel Hydraulic - Internal Expanding
Front Wheel - Rack and Pinion - Power Assist
Fuel System
2 tanks
80gal total
14.5in x 21in
Commando Special - Run Flat tires
Available Armament
2 x .30cal M37 MG(turret)
1 x .30cal M37 & 1x .50cal M2HB(turret)
2 x 7.62mm M73 MG (turret)
1 x 7.62mm General Electric Minigun(turret)
20mm Oerlikon 204GK Autocannon (turret)
20mm VADS Turret
TOW Missile Carrier
Dragon Missile Carrier(turret)
90mm MECAR Gun(turret)
90mm Cockerill Mk3 Gun(turret)
25mm Bushmaster(turret)
76mm RO L23A1 (Scorpion Turret)
Governed Road Speed Table

V-150 Diesel Governed Road Speeds

V-150 with 90mm Cockerill Mk 3 Gun
3/4 front view V-150 with 90mm Cockerill Mk3 Gun turret, Source - Hunnicutt’s Armored Car

This Chassis + Power-Train combinations Place in the game.

Being the second drive-train used with the V-150 chassis, it is slightly faster. At first glance, it appears to have a slightly lower power to weight ratio. However, due to the 2 speed transfer case, it should be able to handle that weight better while accelerating. Plus, as we all know in game, Diesel is less flammable than Gasoline. Meaning this model, would have slightly better survivability than the base model, and as such, could be placed at slightly higher BR’s or ranks than those based on the base model. Otherwise, this is still a great multirole chassis.

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“Profile, AFV, Weapons #62 - Commando, Twister, and High Mobility Vehicles”, by Christopher F. Foss,TwisterandHighMobilityVehicles.pdf

“A Compendium of Armament and Military Hardware” By Christopher Chant, Published by Routledge & Kegan Paul Inc., ISBN: 0-7102-0720-4


The Marine Corps Gazette, December 1980 Issue, page 40.


Manual No 114101, Maintenance Manual For Commando Model V-150 Diesel/Automatic, by Cadillac Gage Company, 1979

Websites: Additional information and pictures can be found here


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