The br system need balance


Don’t know what’s wrong, apparently some people found it offensive


Gaijin’s horrific BR balancing has nothing to do with Russia, they’re just incompetent.

The entire 7.7-10.7 BR range is compressed to hell due to Gaijin’s refusal to increase overall Ground BR to 12.3 / 7, until they do you can’t move anything at 10.7 up, which means you can’t move anything at 9.7 up, which means you can’t move anything at 8.7 up, which means in turn you can’t move anything at 7.7 up.

Thus we have the most inbalanced BR range in War Thunder. The good news is even you get to abuse this as some Merkavas are 9.3 despite being modern MBTs.

Because they’re modernized.


Regarding the magach’s, I meant compared to the t55 amd 1

And it is related to Russian bais. Compare Russia’s options with Israel’s

As I said these merkava’s have no armor just like most of the Israeli tech tree

The composite armor on the T-55AMD is completely useless against APFSDS. It can even be penetrated by some sabot.

The Magach has ERA and 337 pen APFSDS, the only thing it lacks is mobility.


The era is also worthless against apfsds and the Magach has a huge profile. The only thing is the cannon with a loading of 8.7 seconds by default. In 9.3 I already prefer the t55 amd 1
It has more speed, more armor and less profile.
His cannon is indeed worse and slower, but for all parameters in 8.7 it still remains an op option
Compare it to the shot kal gimel in 8.7 and you tell me
Armor and speed is a huge parameter in the field
I always go up in br and have to deal with this nonsense in 7.7

Yes which is why the T-55AMD should be 9.0 but instead is 8.7 for reasons listed prior.

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This is the main thing, the T-55AMD is only an issue in full uptiers. If BR is decompressed the vehicle becomes balanced.

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I think this whole system is broken. Even if it goes up. The problem is the same problem with all of Israel’s tanks. it was just an example. Gaijin should start working to improve on the Israeli tree

Imports with high penetration but subpar armor / speed. It’s what you signed up for by choosing to play Israel. It’s not up to Gaijin to rewrite history, the vehicles perform well if you play them more defensively.

Historically merkava 1 was built to counter the syrian t72. Historically western tanks had armor. Historically Israel was aware of the reality. Israel has historically won many tank battles. But because there is not enough information they make assumptions. So at least why is there no balance? Why can anything penetrate the merkava from the front? Because historically this is not what it was. You can play defensively, try playing Israel once and you tell me how many kills to death ratio You had in reference to Russian tanks…

And Israel had many tanks unique to Israel. Not just copy paste

Historically there is a reason why all the objects and experimental tanks did not enter service.

There are many more reasons why russia bais exists. I stopped talking.

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It’s good that even on the forums, the community has become more aware of RussianBias™. Nothing will change of course, but as least we know what GJN are like and what to expect.

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Uptiers happens.

Well, Magach 6C is better in terms of gun handling, penetration, reload and has some other feautres, like LWS, ERA and Thermals, unlike 55AMD, so I dont get this question at all.

What is 2s292?

The same thing as all other players with no armor tanks (Italy, Japan, France).

Yeah, thats the problem of Israeli TT and why it shouldnt be added in the first place

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I like the magachs. And actually prefer something like the magach5 and magach 6b over the t54 and t55.

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This is not true. It is a tree that can easily be repaired. Do some research on the field.

This is where the problem begins. when it is so common

2s38 sorry

I already answered that

Me too, but the Russians skip 8.0 fast, so you don’t get to face them much. I like to play with the tiran4s, with the shot kal alef and the magach 5. And I prefer them. But it’s either you go up Br or in rare cases you go down. And if you go down you are lucky. The point is that Israel is stuck there

He died to it and immediately came to the conclusion that it should be the same BR as an XM-1

I mean they’re practically the same, engine layout, 4 crew, a turret
makes sense to me


edit: Dying 4-5 times in a row from the same tank in different battles is a problem. It already feels aimed at a Russian bais.
9.3 or 9.0. There are many reasons why I think so. Not only because they killed me a lot, it was just an example.
According to your answer, I think you didn’t understand what I said