The BR of Chi-Nu II should be lowered to 4.0

I don’t know why its BR is 4.3. It is difficult to defeat even the Panzer IV, M4A2 and T-34 (1942) of BR 4.0


what mode? AB, RB, SIM?

AB, I’m not very familiar with other modes :(

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Its HIGH in RB the only important mode, but gaijin without historical information nerfed its gun and kept raising BR, the only reason for this is because its Japanese, thats the only reason.

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doesn’t it have 151 mm penetration? if so that goes through all T-34s to my experience

The cannon has more powerful rounds than the Pz.IV H, but then has a slower reload and the tank itself is not very mobile. On top of that the armor, frontally, is on par with the Pz.IV F2 (assuming the Pz.IV F2 is not wearing the additional track armor, because then its 50+15 mm versus 50 mm), and from the sides it’s worse as it’s only 25 mm.

From an outside perspective, without having played this tank, I don’t see how it is the BR it is.
I have, however, played the normal Chi-Nu, and in my opinion it is by far the worst 3.3 medium tank out of the whole roster.

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The Chi-Nu, Chi-To don’t have a reason to have slower reload than anyone else’s 6.0 sec

Furthermore they just need to fix AP rounds instead of lowering the BR.

  1. AP rounds should not have 50% chance at 60 degrees. This is why you bounce 24/7 from T-34 upper plate. That 50% chance should be more at 70 degrees where the slope modifier at 1.0 T/D ratio reaches around 4.0 slope modifier. Currently AP bounces infinitely more than APCR vs sloped armour which should not be the case.

  2. All AP rounds are severely underperforming vs sloped armour to the point rounds like T33 AP can’t penetrate Panther upper plate even at point blank range when penetration should be possible even at 1200 meters.

Type 5 75mm L/56 (After it’s fixed)
Reload Speed: 6.0 sec
Tokku Ko AP (6.615kg at 850m/s)
155-185mm @ 0m at 0 degrees *
69mm @ 0m at 60 degrees

  • AP shells lack piercing cap and deform against flat thick armour at low obliquities. At high obliquities this issue no longer occurs. Although the shell is capable of 185mm penetration, the deformation results in lower flat value however does not represent the penetration capability of the round, 185mm potential penetration however does.

It’s a Panzer IV with the minor nation penalty, in the German TT it would be below 4.0


Flat pen, the angled pen on that gun/shell (shared w/ Na-to, Chi-ri, Chi-to) is really rough.

Last time I played it, it had a tendency to bounce off of even lightly armored targets, let alone t-34s.

The strength of the Chi-Nu II is lower than BR 4.3, and even lowering it to 4.0 doesn’t appear too strong. The thin and brittle armor is like Lay’s potato chips,This’s a very fatal problem in AB, and the long reloading rate is even making it worse : (

I agree, but I’d also like for the Chi-to(s) and maybe Chi-ri to get lowered back to a more sensible BR. That gun has no business being on a medium tank anywhere above 4.3.

The Pz IVH/J gets a similar shell, and similar armor at 3.7, with the only trade-offs being mobility and gun traverse.

Long reloading rate reduces fault tolerance : (

Chi-Nu II’s '“mobility and gun traverse” are also mediocre

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It was 4.0 at one time but players like me always get lots of kills so they raised it.


I think it was fine at 3.7 and even more now that Pz IV L43/L48 sit at 3.3-3.7br.
When it sat at 3.7 with F2 and Ausf.G it was trade. Do you want good German lineup,decent MG and better slope pen or do you want better OHK chance with Chi-Nu II

The Japanese long 75 mm actually has better slope pen than the Pz.IV 75 mm, however it has higher ricochet chance.

Really the trade off is having better ricochet chances and faster reload or higher overall penetration, better TNT filler and velocity.

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Ahh yes. Haven’t played Japanese long time so forgot it was ricochet chance that was bad.
I just remember that it had really high chance of bouncing off things like T-34 and even M4A2 when German 75mm felt like it almost always went through.

You probably already thought of this but any time you shoot at a enemy just aim for a flat part. any flat part normally works. I have over pressured so many tanks with no penetration just by hitting a flat plate instead of shooting the weaker plate that is angled

Chi-nu is fine à 4.3. Chi-to and late should back to 4.3, Panzer IV (F2, G and H) should move up +0.3/0.7 when you see Churchill mk.I is the same BR of Panzer IV G, it’s stupid).

M4A2 and T-34 are ok at 4.0

Exactly so.