The 9M and the lack of MAWS for IR threats

Just had an incredibly unpleasant time with charming people spamming 9Ms with nary a care in the world, with the numbers being launched it was incredibly hard to deal with. Part of the reason I believe came down to the 9Ms lack of visible launch indicators, alongside the lack of MAWS on aircraft.

My personal opinion is until MAWS is added, 9Ms should keep a smoke trail. With the way the IIRCM works on the 9M, it doesn’t really need smokeless propulsion and the game presently I don’t believe is up to snuff for it. Happy for it to keep the smokeless motor if MAWS is implemented. Just as it stands, I’m unsure its reasonable, with the lack of efficacy of competing missiles from other nations (e.g. magic 2).


A few more matches and this shit is oppressive. Not remotely engaging, but to be expected from Americans crying on the forums until they get a toy they didn’t deserve. I am significantly more irked now.


well it doesn’t help that they did a half fast job on the magic 2’s seeker the power creep in my opinion is getting out of hand.