Thailand subtree for japan, will it come or not?

What did Gajin said about it, I saw some say they said it wont be coming, becouse the export chinese vehicels. What is their courrent standing on it? official or not.
Can anyone confirm or deny this?

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Considering we just got the Thai F-5E, it’s more or less confirmed at this point.

I really hope they don’t go overboard though. Thailand has next to no indigenous vehicles that would fit the game, I hope we don’t get another line like the “Hungarian” subtree in the Italian air line, consisting entirely of copy paste.


I hope so! After all, the suggestions have already been passed to the developers. With the positive feedbacks on the addition of F-5E FCU, I hope that devs will bring more Thai vehicles and, eventually, Thai sub-tech tree into the game in the near future.