Tech-tree general discussion

I have considered making a suggestion regarding the German tech-tree (And not only, if I ever get to seriously looking at others), I figured to further refine the ideas and also have a place to discuss it, I am creating this thread.

I mostly have been playing Germany, both ground, air and naval, and some things in these tech-trees appear odd.
I’ll first point out the ground forces.

Like, looking at this tree, the ranks 1-2, there are Tank destroyers in 2 places of the tree.
I can see why, for example, SPAAs are put in a single tree line - it is sorted by type, the function that these vehicles perform, so I understand the reasoning behind this (though, I’d add some other improvements).
The regular tanks, light and similar variants, while do have their oddities at times, can also be understandable, since majority of vehicles are going to be the regular tanks.
Self-Propelled guns, however, are put in 2 places, though, after brief inspection now, I can see a pattern - on the left we have open-topped SPGs, while on the right, we have enclosed SPGs, like StuGs.

Last I’ve seen, the SPGs don’t really have special respawn cost mechanics (in RB), they basically take points from the same pool as regular tanks and other SPGs, no regards whether it is an open-topped or enclosed.
I’d want to sort them by similar component usage (belonging to a family, of sorts) rather than… enclosed/not enclosed sorting (and even we can see, if we look further down, rank 6 Wiesel at the end - with armor enough to just stop rifle calibers, I’d rather put it on the left group rather than right one, or, maybe group SPGs together).
Still, more on that later.

Maybe I didn’t notice something about tech trees, and all the positions do have a point?
Maybe You have other things to point out and discuss? Not necessarily about German and Ground forces tree, but about others?

Right, so, looking at the proposed changes in the tech tree:
from the roadmap:

I want to give a few thoughts, where I mentioned in another thread:

Basically, in the German ground forces tech tree, I’d like to see sdkfz 222 to be moved to rank 2, whereas sdkfz 6/2 would go down to 1st rank. In addition, 222 should also get scouting ability, owing to it’s main function of a reconnaissance vehicle - though, to be fair, perhaps all SPAAs (at least, starting from rank 2) should get scouting ability, as they are already quite vulnerable and otherwise not a very popular choice.

Regarding scouting vehicles in game, I’d rather see panzer 38 (t) n.a. in rank 2, keeping it’s scouting ability, while 234/2 should be moved to rank 3. Rank 4 should be left for VK 1602 leopard, meanwhile leKpz M41 should be moved to rank 5, as it is odd to see a post-war tank among the late WW2 vehicles.

Another issue, this time with air forces, is that there are no rank 5 West Germany planes in the tech tree. So I couldn’t make a thematic West Germany/early Bundeswehr lineup. Or, without very uneven BRs, or without borrowing WW2 or even Warsaw Pact vehicles…

In related news, I just unlocked the post war TD:

I now have 2 Bundeswehr vehicles (not counting the Alouette 2 helicopter), and can at least have a minimalistic lineup…
But frankly, I’d rather get the standard 2 planes (bomber/attacker and fighter) and 3 ground vehicles (light tank/recon vehicle, SPG/MBT, SPAA) lineup. The problem is, either they have to be from WW2/Warsaw Pact rather than pure West Germany, or have very odd BRs (like M48A2 C, an early MBT, duking out with late cold war vehicles)…