Teamkilling from Turkish Players for nothing

War Thunder community as you can see the from the screenshots, at the start of the match they are constantly killing their teammates The photos were taken just today. Teammate kills now have to be deterrent punishments, which is now annoying.

  • Will the game moderators get a reaction on this issue ? really boring situation.

I wonder why they aren’t in a10s ( I hope you get the joke)

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I would suggest you delete this topic, otherwise you will probably catch a ban for being openly racist.

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Similar thread:

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Sry man, as long as there is no insult (only “*******”) coming with the racist topic is nonsense…

It is more likely that the thread will be closed in order to discuss teamkilling in the pinned thread.


I understand, I’m just trying to help out a fellow user because this:

is an obviously racist comment again Turkish players, regardless of ****'d insults or not.

I figure that the thread will be closed because of the duplicate he also made, and that one will be closed because it has devolved into a squadron war it seems.

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If you want to disucss TK policy, please use this thread:

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