Team Work!

Is there anything more satisfying than some honest to goodness team work? I love it when I drag an enemy up and they are totally oblivious to my teammate on their six and then BOOM spare aircraft parts! I wish their was a way to get points for such and action.


Enjoy the EXPERIENCE, ignore the POINTS.

Game will improve 100x if more players took that stance.


… than seeing so called teammates trying to steal you kills either pancaking or getting killed by return fire form a burning plane without wings?

Most of players outside squads see teammates just as enemies in blue as they are competing with them for score/points/ SL & RP rewards… that’s why hardcore guys either steal kills or kill friendlies if they might be a threat for own success…

We had a proximity score years ago, rewarding you with mission score if you stayed near enemy aircraft, cancelled…

But from a holistic pov:

  • Gaijin itself does neither reward protecting friendlies (they have to get critical damaged to get a “rescuer” reward) nor they reward manoeuvre kills.

  • Baiting for and switching targets with a random stranger is fun, but usually rather rare and more a random event…


Imagine Gaijin would change the reward system on actual map designs to

  1. Battle win
  2. Player kills and assists
  3. Ticket bleed
  4. Life time
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I love baiting an enemy for a so called team mate to third party kill while i do all the hard work of depleting his energy

“Third party kills” are the bread and butter of teamwork and air combat; they’re the ideal, really. Air RB is a numbers game.

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Just goes to show not all enemys are red

Are you hard core?


Extremely rare these days.

Also enjoyable being alone against a swarm of red and picking them apart or going full maniac dogfight fight mode to kill as many before you go down.

Majority simply cant comprehend teamwork unfortunately.

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Agreed, but we all see people who actively ks.

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ksing isnt really a thing, at all in this game.

Sure it happens more in plane battles… but even then… Unless you are on voice comms with them (which you arent) you dont KNOW for 100% certainty you are stealing the kill, because the planes/tanks/vehicles, could still be operational (able to move, shoot, etc)

Yea, but it hurts so much when you get into a really good dogfight with someone and someone third-parties it. Very effective tactic though.