Team mates making the game impossible to win

Just finished a bunch of games. One of which I scored 23 kills and we BARELY won. The stupidity of a significant percentage of players on here is just beyond belief. I don’t know how these people function on a daily basis. Oh the humanity…

right well, you need to give up on winning, or caring about it… even more. Those things happen ALL the time in this game (especially with me and my “teams”) so just focus on you and playing well. Send pings to take or defend points and try to help out your team, but other than that… just play well and focus on that, Primarily


Boasters always have to butt their noses in to say “look how good I am, I dont play the objective, i leave that to team mates, but look at my k/d ratio”. No one cars about your k/d ratio.

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A good K/D ratio is also synonymous with winning, however.

lol, from the pictures of people getting 14+ kills then proclaiming that the team lost, that doesn’t seem to hold actual basis…

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People with “good” K/Ds in GRB have a K/D of 2-4, usually. At high ranks (10.0+), a K/D over 4 in ground vehicles is exceedingly rare.

Thus - obviously, 14 kill games are an anomaly and aren’t statistically significant. I’ve had matches with over 10 kills where the only reason why my team won was because I dropped a nuke, i;e - the team was so incompetent that I alone was the decisive factor and we would have lost if I hadn’t dropped the nuke.


Soo… “problem” happens to both sides… 🧐🧐

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You’re lucky you didn’t find some of the residents here who think it’s appropriate to shoot down the teammates nuke to play the game for longer.

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There is plenty of factors where it leads to someone having over 10 kills, a dogshit team being one of them lol I have had times where I can’t even get enough food because the team was steamrolling, sometimes the enemy is dogshit so I don’t even die in my M22 at 10.3 after getting one cap.

its either your team get steamrolled or your team steamrolled the enemy, combination of bad players and messy game balance

same in WOT same here, just show these games is a mess and more tanks more whatever added the worst the game

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Played again tonight and I’m done. No amount of kills will ever compensate for being saddled with a team of lobotomy patients on a more than regular basis. Despite getting upwards of 12 kills per game for the majority of the session, I could not enjoy the game because I constantly found myself having to try to compensate in every aspect of the game (capping, killing tanks, providing AA cover, etc) for the fact that the rest of the team was so utterly inept at EVERYTHING. They die left right and centre, completely ignore aircraft, can’t see tanks that are within touching distance. And THIS is in Arcade where the enemy is CLEARLY shown for all to see. The amount of times I’ve seen team mates drive straight past an enemy tank that’s within 50-80 metres because they are so blinkered in what they doing. Absolutely ZERO situational awareness. Good luck to the people who stick with it, but this game is doing my head in. As I said before, I don’t mind losing if it’s an even or decent game. I DO mind losing thanks to the sheer stupidity of team mates. Good luck all.

I hear ya dude… it can be Extremely frustrating.

you just have to get used to not winning and being stuck with bots and trash players, or. dont play.

In my most recent YouTube video it is titled: When One Person Has More Kills Than The Rest Of The Team, Combined - 2.0

2.0 because its happened before and if i am not on that team, we most likely lose. People are just really bad at the game (and then sure, others just have bad games) but its Consistent how i have to fight 3 people, and a plane, or even worse/more

Yes. That’s the point. There’s no fun to be had in wipeout loss, wipeout loss, wipeout win, wipeout win. If that’s what people want, just sit there flipping a coin. It’s the same thing.

The good battles are the ones that take effort and time, that come down to the wire, where even with 6 minutes to go on the clock, you still think you can pull off the win.

Sadly, that represents less than 1% of games. It should represent at least 50% of them.

The way it is now, it’s over with 20 minutes to go on the clock, just a few minutes after it starts.

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I agree. The truth is, for us players that play war thunder and similar games for a long time it is extremely easy to have the game sense required. But after getting my friends into War thunder, it has become very clear that the game sense of lower tier RB and AB as well as learning game sense takes A very very long time for some people. I mean even in arcade with my friends who are good at many other games, I get “WHERE DID I GET SHOT FROM” or HOW DID I DIE I WAS FACING THEM THE RIGHT Way. There is much more complexity than point and shoot in War thunder. Especially with realistic and sim battles. I can say that myself as a player still haven’t mastered true game sense and I have been playing since 2013. It takes a lot, but I have just realized that If I dont care about winning or losing than I can enjoy the game more.

Yeah, that’s why I chose “or don’t play”. The game is just too frustrating to be fun. On top of the players who are just flat out clueless, a major percentage are just plain selfish or cowardly. You can NEVER expect any help from players on your team, no matter how hard you work to help them.

Often I’ll spend the entire match bailing team mates out in order to try to help us win, but on the odd occasion where I might get disabled in the process, all I get in return is to have the team mate I just helped, either turn tail and run (leaving me for dead) or use my tank for cover while I get pounded. Usually they just cower behind me and refuse to come out and shoot the enemy tank, instead hoping that someone else will kill it for them.

I can’t play a game with people of that mindset so rather than hope anything changes (which it never does) I’ll leave War Thunder and find something else to do.

The game has a lot of potential, but there are an awful lot of things that can’t be overcome to make it a game that’s FUN to play, which is the point of playing games.

I can see how it would be a great game if “squaded up” with a bunch of friends. But that would just make most games a slaughter, because any team of players with a clue, who have the added advantage of being able to communicate effectively and with a common goal, would win most games by a substantial margin. Seen it often enough when I come up against such teams. The match is usually over within the first few minutes. There’s no fun in matches that one-sided.

You really need to squad and use the features of the game better. No need for the communication that people use discord to gatekeep on, as long as you even know they’re going to push and follow, and not just bolt off randomly into the field to get sniped, it’s better.

You can get 1/4 of the team, to be ‘you’.

The game is set up against your seasonal tasks. If you have an active task to win, you’ll get put in a matchmaking bucket with others having to win against those that have to do different task or don’t have a task active.

Also the game is filled partially with bots. It’s like 4-8 people in a team are real players and the rest are bots. I now had multiple matches where I had over 12 kills while guarding one objective while clearing other objectives with bombing runs and multiple “players” standing right next to the objective never moved onto it, so we lost. I also had now multiple matches where we were winning to a point of pushing to the enemy spawn, and when we bleed the enemy tickets to like 20%, 10-12 “players” from my team quickly leave the game despite having one or two more vehicles to play.

Finally this season had a 15 win challenge and whenever there is a challenge in season, the odds of doing that specific thing is tweaked so it takes more time. Once you see this, you start seeing how game is stitched together around making sure you spend more time doing the tasks.

Play smarter, not harder…

I actually tune my lineups to make my daily tasks easier. 2.7 RB Tanks (Rank 2), 3.7 RB Tanks, 5.3 RB Tanks, 4.0 Arcade Air (Rank 3).

And depending on the task, sometimes I’ll only have 1 of the required rank in my lineup to solely get a task done.

Whilst you’re struggling and being caught up on this, you’ll perform worse because you will struggle, and fret, trying to succeed and it will make you fail more via desperation.

Tell yourself what you want LOL. I can have matches with 15~something kills and zero deaths, holding the point and clearing another from this point and still loose because the bots are matched up to do nothing in the game. It’s not desperation, it’s a fact that the game is rigged to play longer. I’ve got a lineup of OP premium german SPGs on 6.0 and play this BR and still keep loosing when I have to win despite perfect scores and taking out most of the enemy team while the best at the enemy team has 5 or 6 kills tops.

I’ll bet you don’t even squad…

That’s how basic this issue really is.