Team mates making the game impossible to win

Besides what was already mention about team composition and quality you should also keep in mind that the game is not centered around winning matches. Its centered around individual goals.

Every player follows their specific individual goals and some try to do so with some efficiency. This means that the way they play or when they leave is in the interest of their own target.


Well you oughta work on getting some, then. The game’s a lot more enjoyable when you have ~2-3 people that aren’t useless lemmings (the regular blue enemies).

I mean I have one, but he doesn’t have/can’t use discord so communication hard. I have 2 other friends that might play if I ask, but they don’t know each other so awkwardness, plus I think they only have low tier stuff :/

One problem I have most of the time I play is it’s just me and maybe one other guy that pushes a point while the whole rest of the team piles onto one point. Obviously you need two or more points to win or more rare just out kill the enemy team but that pretty much never happens.

How it usually goes ↓

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The problem with that is that you are the one punished by having your earnings of RP and SL cut in half because you’re saddled with a bunch of tomatoes.

If you were actually awarded solely on your performance, I wouldn’t care about winning and losing, but you’re not.

You’re punished because of things beyond your ability to control. That’s what makes it so damn infuriating.


There’s a lot of issues with your timeline to be real…

You’re already 4 minutes in in the first screenshot, then you say a few minutes pass, yet it’s just one.

You must be joining in progress matches, and aren’t seeing that you’re late to the party.

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“It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness, that is life.” - Captain Jean-Luc Picard

“So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” - Gandalf the Grey


The way it currently works is not nice and it could be resolved to some degree, but its very likely that it wouldnt.

The game doesn’t start with 25 on the clock. By the time you spawn, it’s already at 23. The entire time the game queues up, the clock is running.

So let’s review what I said:

And the clock was at 21:05. I had been in the game for just over a minute. When I spawned the clock had 22:50 on it, so yeah. JUST OVER A MINUTE AFTER.

The next shot I said:

Which it was, according to the screen shot, only about a minute and change, not 3 minutes.

I can’t watch the clock the ENTIRE TIME. I was going by memory. If you’d like to come over and sit next to me with a stopwatch to make it more accurate, come on over.

But the fact still remains that by the time a grand total of ABOUT 3 minutes and 55 seconds had gone by, over half the team was already dead.


I don’t know what kind of toaster you’re on but I can assure you I know how long a match actually is.

You realize that this is the Arcade section of the forum?

I honestly never seen so many RB players storming AB section about anything and everything as since they made this mess of a forum. Is it not enough that you already spam “General Discussion” with your RB issues?


Probably not. In their defence, the “new” forum is hopelessly unstructured and extremely difficult to find anything specific.
But yes, the RB guys enjoy meddling in everything. :)


This can be a problem when things work differently in different modes. What is a problem in AB may not be a problem in RB and vice versa, but they make it sound like it is by posting their opinion in the wrong section.
No wonder they keep thinking they are the majority in this game, since they are everywhere here too.




HERE’S a classic example of what a mess the matchmaker is in this game. Have a look at the results below and you’ll see what a bunch of potatoes I get saddled with on a regular basis. How on earth can one player, with pretty average skills, kill THREE TIMES AS MANY enemy tanks as the rest of the “team” COMBINED?

Meanwhile, as you can see, the enemy team seems to have a nice even spread of useful players judging from the even kill numbers.

The worst game I’ve had is one where I had 23 kills and STILL lost.

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You will be a lot happier when you make the mental adjustment and… give up on Winning. (or rather give up on winning, Every match, most will not be winnable or… carry-able)

Just focus on what You can control and influence, and play well. Sure that means not giving up and clutching a game, IF you can, but a lot of games… you are going to be stuck with leaver/useless teams/players, so again… just focus on you and playing well…

This/these facts are a big reason why i think they should change basically all missions/tasks to start with saying PLAY, and not Win (win a match , with yayadayada, etc)


And absolutely no assist either.

Wow. Just freaking wow.

Unfortunately, your picture shows us nothing about the match making. All it shows is that you were the dominant player on your team. Be happy with that. And like Drakunite said, you’ll be happier if you decide that winning or losing doesn’t matter. Just having fun is. It’s a game, not real life. And at 56% win rate lifetime, you’re beating the odds.

Don’t get me wrong… I don’t actually have an issue with losing games IF the teams were dealt out evenly, or IF we get outplayed fair and square but the teams are pretty even. What does my head in is the sheer stupidity of players and losing a match that could easily have been won, if not for said stupidity. For example, 3 or more team mates clumping absolutely side by side and making a simple target for an aircraft with bombs, players driving headlong at a cap and sitting wide open at the highest open spot with zero cover they can find “coz I can see better from here”. THEN, when they obviously die, seeing the same player doing the same exact thing again. It’s like they have zero capacity to learn. You see them again weeks later still doing the EXACT SAME THING. Sigh… While I understand (and don’t disagree with) your comments re "just focus on your game and try to have fun, as I mentioned earlier, it’s hard to do when you regularly get swamped by enemy hordes only a few minutes in because your team has been either slaughtered or simply gave up and left.

I’m sorry but I have no idea how you can say the “picture shows us nothing about the matchmaking”. The fact that my team had a majority of players that died 3 times and contributed virtually or absolutely NOTHING, while the enemy team a very even spread of kills, assists and caps, while only ONE died the full 3 times, CLEARLY shows that the vast majority of players on my team had little to no skill, while the majority of players on the enemy team had at least some idea of what they were doing.