Team mates making game impossible to enjoy

Today i got the Norway map in Air RB for the first time in YEARS- one of my fave maps ever.
But alas i did not have the chance to enjoy it in my B17. ( Before anyone say’s it - no i dont primarily fly bombers) - it went like this:
5 Friendly fighters immediately throw away their airpspawn and dive to ground level to compete with each other over the 6 or 7 ground targets on the island in the middle of the map. (which btw did not eeffect the tickets at all.)
Friendly Lancaster opt’s for the tactic of flying directly into the enemy climb path and naturally gets annihilated without doing anything.
F2G chooses to spray at ground targets 1.5km away with what seemed like a 200 or 300 meter convergence … naturally wastes majority of ammo for single ground target.
F8F - Goes full commit headon to the death against the first enemy he see’s and dies.
Spitfire chases JU-88 to airfield and gets shot down by airfield AAA.
Second bearcat thought it was a good idea and does the same and dies.
Second F2G - headon to death against Salamander.
Then there is me in B17, going off to the side to get parallel to bases at 5000m plus - i get intercepted by salamander, i survive and do damage to him, 109 g14 comes for me, he kills me but i kill him.
Game over.
People throw matches just as quickly as they start.
I cant stand this, there is literally no fun to be had anymore and no, it is not the games fault.
We all have choices, but seems community consistently makes the worse ones and/or too lazy to even make one.


It is not the game fault?! Why not an objective “protect your friendly bombers” for example?

Most of players have no clue about actual combat tactics, the game has to guide them to the right path.


I feel with you. ^^
Highlight yesterday: 7 crashes/TKs at takeoff in a single battle at 10.0 in my team
There are days you you can call it a good battle if no one dies at takeoff. lol

I played 20years Counterstrike, this server system was a way better. Password protected servers with mods, so you need an invitation. If you misbehave you get kicked/banned. Never played on public servers because of the same chaos like here. But that’s warthunder…

It is difficult to compare the complexity of vehicle combat with a very simple arcade fps like CS.

The simplicity of CS makes its popularity, the learning curve is very quick, but there is no mechanics or physics knowledge needed like in wt.

For me, it is the game’s fault, the pvp mission objectives are not suited for a game of this type. And may be the practice missions are not enough.

I love Norway too - but only after they implemented air spawn for axis teams; before that only allied teams (their fighters) had air spawn, you might remember that.

I had the pleasure to fight there 2 times in February whilst flying the Italian P-47 D- 30 - ofc in 6 vs 6 and a 7 v 7 teams paired with 4 Ju 288s (= full uptier) and had similar experiences.

  • 1 win and 1 ticket defeat - the win was pure luck (sole survivor) based on “ass sniffing” US fighters and an F8F/premium Spit combo that that thought fighting at around 8 km alt vs a single P-47 with altitude advantage is a good idea.

  • The ticket defeat was the result of 2 well coordinated UK fighters (LF Mk 9 and Tempest), despite i critted the Spit he stayed in the fight (i watched both replays) and covered the Tempest - so even as i had the opportunity to pull them up to 9km and pushed them later low to tree top level i was unable to avoid the auto ticket defeat (as a result of ai capturing the small island).

It boils down that most players never played there and as an axis player you suffer from 4 Ju 288s and untrained axis fighters.

Despite losing the 2nd match it was a very good fight vs very good pilots (both UK pilots had ~ 100d fighter experience) - having the small chance to have such matches from time to time is the main reason why i still play WT.


Well sometimes you need to find you own ways of enjoyment if you still want to play this game it can be anything like bombing base farming grounds get yourself much kill as possible or watching teammate die due to their incompetent and laugh.


It’s not about the games or their mechanic, it’s about the behavior of the players and the system of the servers.

He was talking about wrong choices and your are talking about wrong behavior which are different things, I think you have the possibility to report players for team killing etc but it was not the subject of this topic.

They are already struggling to comprehend and you want to ban them! I would not like to have you as a teacher or coach!

There are simple leverages to help people improve their skills in general like trainings, practice, have clear objectives that leads to a final goal… These apply to anything.

I am with you with your “no clue” assessment - but not entirely with the “to guide” part.

Yes, this game lacks of tutorials embedded in the UI - but how far you want to go with this?

Everybody who is able to download wt is able to educate himself about the game modes, vehicles, tactics and strategy within wt and aerial warfare in general.

But it seems to me that this is too much effort for the overwhelming majority of players - so the OP is fully right that the quality of the players in general is killing any serious attempts of long-time players to enjoy Air RB.

If you are out of any grinding goals and want to play for fun only, this mess forces you to find niches which will allow you to circumvent the massive obstacles of clueless players, 16 vs 16, bots, op premiums etc.

My goal whilst playing Air RB is quite simple: Playing for the perfect match.

This means to have tight matches with equally skilled opponents and maybe winning with a mix of skill, luck and right decision making.

Nothing better than taking off in a hopeless ticket disadvantage, playing 1 vs 3 in my B7A2 outclimbing/evading a Spit on my way to the last base, killing it to turn the tickets, leaving an I-185 in the dust and secure a last minute victory…


People are there for their own game how they enjoy it, not for your game. Play for yourself. You play this game as if it’s you vs 16.

Sing it with me ‘S Q U A D, you ain’t got no alibi!’…

Honestly though, squading removes a lot of the issue. Full squad, 2 and 2 makes for 2 objectives to cover.

  • Edit -

Also, calling for the team to do things, like, as silly as it is, calling for players to attack the D point and stuff get a team ‘functional’ or at least meldable.

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Yeah my 3rd game in the mig29SMT someone very purposely rammed the back of my jet right after takeoff, sent me straight into the ground and gave me the TK. I’m now 22k poorer and I got my first death in the plane

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Should highlight that to someone, either through a bug report, or a report to the GMs about it.

That’s pretty significant.

I absolutely refuse to play anything resembling “proper” in ARB. Most games your team is 90% base runners grinding the arduous RP/SL grind in this game and I don’t blame them for picking the easiest thing in the game to progress while watching TV or something else. Gaijin structured the game this way because they wanted you to buy things, not play until they’re free, so the game is painful by design in that regard.

On top of that, the fighters are all out for themselves, as they should be, and as likely to cooperate with you are they are to sell your soul to the devil for a single GE. Anything resembling cooperating in WT is actually just two pianos falling down the stairs, creating harmony entirely by random chance and on few occasions.

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I don’t say you are wrong, I think people who want to play for themselves should not be forced to coop.

Gaijin should copy what is working well out there, like having a deathmatch all-vs-all mode without teams/nations like in most shooting games. When you want to shoot at everything, you choose that.

And then a coop mode with teams/nations and coop objectives.

There are plenty of players now to do this kind of things.

Edit : someone has raised an interesting idea of a coop mode in the suggestions yesterday, something like 4vs4, which would lower wait time also.

Because some players dont have enough attention span to climb into 5000m just to protect bomber that will get killed in head on by Pfeil or other cannon interceptor. Not to mention games are not long enough to make this worth.

If you want to protect bombers you can try in simulator battles.

I will try sim next time, thanks for the advice. I do not have any joystick, is it okay to play mouse-js?



Good luck preaching the good practice to all the players of the community!

Just trying to provide a perspective outside of their narrow one.