Team kills by accident

please turn off team killing at higher Br Missiles will Pitt bull for a Better radar or IR signature i just locked 2 different enemys and both of my Aim-9L’s pittbulled too friendlys i dont wanna get banned but i wish Gaijin would turn off that ability whys it even a feature do they want you to team kill?

I think they want you to be more careful about using your missiles recklessly…


you cant tell your missile not to Pittbull

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But you can be sure to fire it away from your face… And away from others that are on your team…


thats till they decide to fly in front of you with there burner on

Cool, then make sure you don’t have anyone flying in front of you with burners on…


its warthunder dude what am i to do this community is Toxic they dont care and till a accidental TK happens then they get salty you cant control it

It’s not toxic when you’re actually advised on something…

It’s toxic when you don’t engage and you keep repeating the same ‘issue’ over and over.

If you think that it’s a problem, and it shouldn’t be happening, then report it as a bug… But if you can’t designate on how it shouldn’t happen, then you’ll just have to be more careful.

It’s not ‘toxic’ to oppose your statements.

ive been killed for marking a base and dude stays silent doesnt mark a base or anything and before i drop my bombs the dude kills me and laughs about it this community is randomly toxic ive got called out before just for being in a F5C or the A10 or the Premium Leopard

What does that have to do with anything here…

(Edit - Like, ignore those who are genuinely upset, as they’re likely always that way… Especially if they are all septic over your choice of vehicle.

Try be more careful with your missiles, apologize if you do get someone, try and communicate with the team earlier to form up into pairs or wings, and try be more aware as such of those about you.

There is a lot of angst in the game and I feel it’s been let go for so long that people ingame and ‘in top teir’ have stopped giving a rats about anyone other than themselves because they are top teir, but because of this they often end up blaming others…

Just chuck some music on, and go throw down a few missiles on those enemies and try get some more solid hits on them.)

I mean, why wouldn’t they be salty?

And honestly, with exceptionally few exceptions, its is the one who fires the missile who is at fault. They should know the risks of firing the missile. Because you very much do control that aspect.

the way it is currently leads to good gameplay. Just learn to not launch in risky situations. You need to look around for enemy ordenance anyways so you might aswell check for friendlies

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Also, assists are often worth more than kills, stick around that green guy he needs all the help he can get.

wouldent it just be better if Gaijin was too turn off team kills

and i just got team killed for bombing a base i marked at top tier in a F16 please turn off the ability to team kill just turn it off

yea in ground realistic battle we cant teamkill friendly tank, i think same thing should apply that we cant teamkill friendly plane in air battle.

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i hope gaijin looks at this fourm post

Start using fox calls. Let people know you’re firing a missile. That or just don’t fire into the furball.

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Report them. There’s no need to remove the friendly fire.

Its in the missils design hence you can counter them, there not foolproof

if i get banned im not going to be happy