Team killing policy - follow up thread

War Thunder community is one of the worst, full of “garbage people”

I stopped reading at this point because the author lacks the insight to recognise that he is part of the community.

Imho there is a large difference between “full of” and “consisting entirely of”. The first part does not include all players. The majority wants to have a decent time, fun and wants to enjoy the game, but the number of players having fun by ruining the game play of others is higher than i have seen anywhere else.

You provided a perfect example of such “players” in your post # 28.

I found the post of the fellow player rather interesting, despite he could have used paragraphs to make the content more “readable”.

I fully agree, all shooters have issues with such players. I just came out of a match of a “real” FPS - there is always a strong connection between toxic game play and the usage of cheats/glitches.

For a BBQ? Just kidding, was too tempting :-)

I thought his statement was a bit too generalised and that always makes me a bit angry. Every now and then I get a bit carried away.
I then thought again about my post that you showed me.
It’s almost a month old now and I’ve been working hard on my inner calm and since then I’ve only seen an incident like this once with someone else. I then helped to get the poor devil free.
So I have to admit that my posting from back then is a bit generalised and I let my emotions get the better of me a bit too much.
And so I have to admit that my reaction to his posting wasn’t exactly the most glorious either.

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Suggestion 1: in Air RB: Someone killing a friendly (by ramming so he crashes or shooting them so it shows up in the battle log as blue shot down blue) is immediately red to both teams for the remainder of the game, and can be killed by anyone without any negative consequences. While they themselves would still get the penalty for killing more teammates. Would create some fun dynamics, no?

Suggestion 2: in AirRB, the crew of a teamkiller is locked for 24 hours

Suggestion 3: each confirmed TKs on the account is like “a third of a ban” (or maybe “half of a ban”) for a week (expires after 7x24 hours). As long as the sum of those bans exceeds one, before they expire, the account is on hold. Once that threshold is no longer reached, the account is active again. But it is recalculated AFTER EACH BATTLE.

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Im tired of this in here, cause is incredible the ammount of players with lower levels who purchased premium stuff and they get into RB and SB start to kill temamates with not remorse

Gaijin have to do something about this very quick, cause this usually lower your battle rating and had a bad taste in you gamepaly

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The real question, is why are we allowing for Teamkilling in the first place? You can’t kill other friendly tanks in Ground RB, so why should you be able to in air?

How do you automatically determine whether or not a teamkill was intentional? People can and do fly in front of their teammates guns in attempt to get a kill. How about missiles? How do you determine whether or not the missile was intended for a teammate?
Why are we worried about penalties for TKing when the solution is right in front of us? Just disable it.

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Sometimes happen when people fired their guns during take off, they do a cosmetic damage but just that, but after you gear is off ground any damaged done to you can be deadly, the players knows and they keep doing it, …so it’s intentionally

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Coming out of 2 matches in a row with multiple teamkills - i am tired that match results in prop tier games tend to depend more and more to the random factor how many players (with severe disorders) on which side are going for friendlies; in the majority of cases the outcome of games are massively altered.

The last match was a prime example - i played 1 vs 3 after 9 minutes on Frontline Mozdok. The enemy had a ticket disadvantage, but a T-18B (57mm), an ITP with a 37mm and a Spit Mk IX.

  • All they had to do was to kill a few tanks, stick together and keep me busy. But the T-18B killed his squadmate in a Spit and got kicked as this was his second teamkill, and now the poor guy in an ITP had the option trying to outclimb me or to kill ground and get jumped; he went for ground and got killed.

  • This was a totally undeserved win - just due to the enemy team killer. This simply de-validates every fair and square victory. If you watch the replay right from the start of the match with the option 2 (player view) you see that the team kills of the T-18B were no accident; they were fully intended.

How shall we enjoy a game if such behaviour is not severely punished?

In arcade tank battles they removed friendly fire from bombs, but you can still team kill with artillery which doesn’t make sense.


GRB … followed me with smoke on … thought he wanted to look cool …


The moment I realized something is wrong and pulled up.

a second later …


So when I don’t report him he can keep up with this or? Because the system cannot see that this wasn’t an accident?
And as a small bonus …


Btw … first time I didn’t get mad about this ^^ Watch the replay. We won this epic ^^

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Stealing kills, ain’t my big problem now.

My problem are Noobs. Who drive into an area where artillery is about to be dropped. The smoke gives it away, ain’t it.

Same after i drop a bomb. The screen regular says (do not stand next to the bomb). That also means do not drive towards it.

But i get the penalty and the warning. And a kick.

Another blatant runway TK:

P-47 fired at some team mate at spawn, attacked me at 0:57 and 1:18, attacked another player at 1:39 and 1:45, attacked a FOURTH player at 2:16, so I finally stopped him at 2:24 for good.

Teamkillers are cowards who do not have the spine to attack enemies who shoot back, but instead shoot friendlies in the back.

And yes, with three fighters (2 dead victims, and the TK’er himself) out of the picture, the match was a lost cause. This TK has to incur MUCH MORE SEVERE penalties.

And friendly killing the TK’er should not be punished in my eyes.

– Etaski


I agree, as I said before (which was yeeted from the thread) there are times when there is an excuse.

People also fly in front of a firing aircraft, missiles go rogue and IFF doesn’t always work.

It’s one thing to kick people from a game automatically but there should be no automatic ban for TKs based on numbers alone - a human needs to review and the player needs an option for appeal.

@OrsonES and @Schindibee

If you have 2 minutes time: Check this replay - a fully intended teamkill after 6:10 min without any provocation or reason.

The teamkilling Yak-3 and his squadded 109 mate openly admitted griefing “we don’t want to interfere in our trolling” in the chat - so we have coordinated griefing.

Of course we lost this match - as the teamkilling Yak-3 and his retarded 109 mate are absolute trash pilots…

I kindly ask you to check out if you can do something on top of your auto-ban system. Btw - i can’t even block / ignore these scumbags as i have already 100 players on this “ignore list” - i can not remember random gamertags - pls increase the number to 200. Thx in advance!

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It’s amazing that he declares the whole thing as “warning shots”.
Seems like he needs a “warning shot” in the sense of a break.

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Got another ugly TK. I wasn’t the victim … GRB
The perpetrator simply flew towards an allied aircraft taking off and shot it down. He didn’t even have a chance to defend himself.
Justification. He was Russian.
I just replied that these stupid team kills would ruin the match. He just said “stupid Russian” again, “they’re not even people”.
If it were up to me, such comments would result in a perma-ban.
Teamkill ok … but the dehumanisation as a justification is simply disgusting.

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People are just sociopathic in this game. Kids.

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