Team killing policy - follow up thread


I was too lazy to read through it all. I’ve read most of it, but that was awhile ago. The match was about to end so there was no point in fighting back, and like I said I really didn’t want to run the risk of getting reported.


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Today 9 TKed newbies, and usual 24hr ban.

I think the outcome is pretty cliear - Gaijin never applyes any punishment except pathetic 24hr bans, and very, very seldom 7-days ban, for any amount of TKs.

So if you are OK with playing 10-15 minutes per day, having fun from surprise-killing unsuspecting teammates - you can do it infinitely :)

Well, from my side, since Gaijin is fine with it - i’ll continue playing in that way - because it actually works for me:

  • no risk of being carried away for several hours by game, because ban always arraives in 10-15 minutes
  • TK carnage in team initiated by your actions is quite fun

Why not, why not )


When taking off from 10.0-12.3 always watch what happens especially around A-10s, F-4S phantoms or Su-25’s. There’s always teamkilling

better smarter only need 1 and all solved problems: TURN OFF TEAM KILL

The game master tells me that i’ve teamkilling someone (and give ‘[T] Apologize to allies’ pop up) when i’m not do any damage to my ally, i don’t even in their back side to do any shot/ram damage.

I rewatched both client and server replay and both give same summary :
His wing was shot off by the other teammate and my account who takes the penalty

I’ve uploaded the video shows both normal and sensor preview as proof on Youtube

Server match replay :

Client replay :

Server replay :

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That doesn’t solve anything…

Almost feels like that should be reported as a bug. It needs literal urgency put forth as I don’t even think you can ricochet off a plane to make that kind of hit even happen.

Someone needs to really get into that replay and analyse it absolutely to figure out how that even happened.

Very unfortunate issue.

The question is: What is your goal with the creation of this post?

  1. To inform other players that wt has some rather sinister stuff in their matches?
  2. To ask for a refund of the team-killing fee?

Based on own experiences the whole issue looks like a sync/lag issue.

I have this quite often (so once in a month or so) that i got killed by shots which were clear missing my aircraft (in game it looks like they are passing 5 meters away) and in the replay it looks like they are missing me very close (=< 1 meter) but i still got killed. Happens mostly in stall fights.

The only logical explanation is that both replays do not reflect the actual circumstances due to lags - and that the game tries to fill those connection gaps with guessing. So as none of your bullets hit the friendly behind you, the game assumes a contact of your planes. If somebody is ramming you and crashes - the guy who was rammed is blamed as teamkiller.

You find countless unprocessed bug reports dealing with this issue.

If you are looking for a refund for the team killing fee: Contact support, add those vids - it will take a few days, but i see a high chance for a refund…

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Thing is, one of them is the server replay which should be accurate entirely, which leads me to believe something else is going on.

And this was thier original thread…

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Yeah, I’ve contacted the support

Just want to know about others opinion and discussing about my problem since the original thread was closed by the community manager and forwarded to this thread instead

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Here we go mate, There s a some proof i got teamkilled, I reported them in the game but nothing just happened

Forum mods warned you about this. If you dont want to get banned then stop posting it. Use the in game reporting function in case of a team killing incident.
If its punishable game masters will surely take action but you dont have to spam the same thing again and again.


Thank you informing, i just wanted show mate best regards

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Sry man - but repeating this nonsense over and over again makes it simply not true. Manual reporting of teamkillers (via server replay site) is useless, as:

  1. Game Masters have admitted various times that they do not interfere with the “auto-ban” system - this system is setup to track friendly fire automatically.
  2. You find a few posts above the reality of the auto-ban system - a guy killing dozens of friendlies within a very short time frame is still active - all he had was a few temp bans…

So despite that all of this can be found in this thread - i do not understand why you post such statements…

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He made a post a few hours ago. That turned into a forum war between two squadrons. Because of that Forum mods warned him about this incident.

Dude - i was referring to the advice “reporting” and nothing else…

Reporting to game masters barely did anything in my experience. Posting it on the forum almost always goes unnoticed by the game masters. So its better to report them using the in game function.

But in this case sending a DM to a game master will help. Since this has turned into a Team killing war between two squadrons.

I see your point, but imho the underlying issue (“reporting of team killers is useless”) is not affected by this.

  • The GMs are not banning players, this is done by “real” gaijin staff, the GMs don’t even know these gaijin employees.

  • GMs are passionate players like you and me acting as volunteers for gaijin in their spare time - and they are cleaning up the mess in the game chat, not more not less.

  • So there might be some chat-bans resulting out of this - but as long as the treshhold of the auto-ban (=temp ban) is not met, nothing will happen.

  • I do agree that posting screenshots with names is rather a critical issue, but you can post just the server replay link and give a hint what happened there - same effect, but fine with the rules…

Have a good one!

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