Task awakening the volcano

Awakening the volcano task not counting in arcade air battles. Anyone else having this problem or am i doing something wrong

there may be two reasons:

1: are you using a vehicle of Rank 3 or above to complete the tasks?

2: the task unlocks at BP level 60, are you sure you have actually unlocked the task in the first place?

Yeah I’m using rank 4 aircraft and i have done the part with ground vehicles

only other thing I can say is to check your activity for each game, you need a minimum of 70% activity for the match to register

That could be the case cause I’m using israel and only have 1 aircraft so i might not be reaching 70% activity

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So it’s not the activity. I had two capture zones 7 kills and 89% activity still didn’t count

Hmm, no idea then, only thing i can think of is that the task maybe isnt meant to be completed yet, its still relatively early in the BP season and level 60 is quite far ahead, you would need to have been getting a level a day, plus completing all the tasks, plus buying the 150 progress points with the BP to get close to that level yet

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I think i know what it was i wasn’t destroying the ground targets. I thought u only had to cap and get a kill

Dunno if it’s the wording or I’m just dumb :D i read the task again and i think u need to do all 3 things. Cap, kill aircraft and a ground unit


I’m about to work on this tomorrow. Does this mean you can only do it on airfield domination maps where you can capture airfields by landing? So you have to play a lot to cycle to domination maps? Air domination has no vehicles. Ground strike maps has no points to capture.

Yup u have to do it in air ab. And it has to be a domination map. Maybe 2 out of 10 matches u get are domination which sucks for this task. The way i did it was land and cap the field first thing and then go for light armour ground targets like aa trucks which u have a few on the map. When landing slow down a bit let the landing gear touch the airfield without stopping when it’s capped u go straight for ground targets before the soft targets are gone.

Btw i finished the whole task now. ground was the easiest and naval was the hardest to do. with naval, i would get a boat go straight for the cap after that try to get a kill with a boat. if not just jump into a destroyer and try to get kills that way and when the planes show up jump in a plane and try to score an aircraft kill before the match ends.

Been at it all day in the air, only had 2 maps with a domination variable. Managed to get it both times. Naval does seem like the most difficult, but at least the chances are there every match. I mainly play tanks, so I’ll save that for last. Already have 2 or 3 anyway.

I’m about to start leaving matches. I took a short break but still haven’t seen another domination match.

Don’t do this task if you value your sanity.

We had this exact same task a year ago and it drove me mad. In order to complete the air portion of the task, you have to:

  • Play a rank 3 plane, or higher
  • Kill at least 1 enemy plane
  • Kill at least 1 ground target
  • Capture at least one point

Domination maps are quite rare in Air AB compared to ground strike when it comes to the rotation and every match some asshole will kill all the ground targets, leaving you without a way to accomplish the task.

Don’t do it. It’s not worth your time.

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Luckily I’ve had 3 domination matches today and gotten a vehicle and a cap each time. As long as you can get to a vehicle by the time your first or second plane can, it’s usually fine. Bomber will take a while to get over there. I recommend a strike fighter with some bombs or a fighter with some bombs.

It’s ultimately a bad challenge because I’m now fed up with the map rotation and leaving ground strike matches after loading into them. It shouldn’t take me 12 hours of queues to not even be able to complete it, and it should definitely not encourage leaving matches.


Finally got 4/5. We dominated so hard, I almost didn’t get a plane kill.

Yep naval is shaping up to be difficult. There’s also naval matches where there are no points to cap, unless they happen toward the end. I forget the map type name, but there’s no center neutral points. On maps I’m able to cap, we dominate, and I get no chance at planes. Hunting in a fighter should be easy given the right amount of time.

This whole challenge is absolutely ridiculous, whoever thought it was a good idea should be fired.


I rarely got matches in naval with a big circle. Try the lower br’s in rank 3. 9 out of 10 matches i got were with 3 caps