Task awakening the volcano

Yeah the task is very conditional it’s stupid that u have to rely on getting certain map modes and u can’t just do it every match

I think I’m at 4.7, and it’s 50/50 Domination/Encounter.
Encounter appears to have two capture points, but I think tickets just run out from long, slow, long range battles.

I was at the same br. I was playing arcade are u on realistic?

Arcade. Maybe I should veto an Encounter map.

Edit: ok just banning one Encounter map solves the problem a lot. Now it’s just a matter of getting it done. It’s like 1 in 3 match attempts to get it. Maybe more. Sometimes I die at 85% on the point before capturing, or I get an assist on a plane kill.

Some dominations are practically impossible to get it on because of how dense some control points work, funneling a lot of AA into the middle of the map. Heavy island maps also make it hard to get a kill because you never see anyone for the whole match long enough to do sustained damage.

I’ve failed so many times. There really only seems to be one map this is doable on in any consistent way that isn’t dumb luck of getting an auto-turret plane kill. Closest I can get is an assist on a plane after having done the other things. I’m stuck at 4/5 Naval. It’s very hard to get a plane kill when they are gobbled up by a sea of random ship spray fire while getting pelted the whole time.

Finally got 5/5 because enemy team got into like 10 planes. I think I got it.

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Now tanks are seemingly impossible. Every map has been 3 mid or 1 point. Impossible to get a cap while covering each angle.

Anyway… got volcano done. Took about 3 days of relatively on and off playing. I hope I never have to do that again, but I’m afraid of some other challenges later on down the road.

Yes - it means exactly that.

It’s been in previous BP’s, and I’m sure it will be in more.

Gaijin’s challenges are designed by those who either don’t play the game at all or play so much that they have lost touch with reality in terms of what is possible for the average player. Less than 10% of the population who are even willing to reach level 60 BP will be able to complete this challenge and it will take an extremely long time investment to do so.

The biggest problem is the map rotations are unreliable and this challenge is just going to encourage achievement-seeking players to quit before the match starts because it’s not the rotation they are seeking, which has a detrimental impact on game balance for the rest of the match for those that do not quit.


Unfortunately yes, I stooped to this. I played air for about 10 hours and only got I believe 3/5. That’s without mistakes during domination. That was just the total number of domination matches I queued into between lunch and distractions. I had to just start leaving matches and waiting down the clock while I did something else. Did this with Naval too once I learned how Encounter worked. Normally I would not do this, but I get stressed out by pending tasks.

I don’t blame you or anyone else - most people have limited time to play so if Gaijin creates challenges with strict requirements, they can’t expect players to leave matches if they aren’t the right game mode. I have 8 nations with rank 3 vehicles so I will also taking full advantage of that.

This should be nominated for worst task ever, especially AIR is so random that if you want your health you need to guit - quit quit until you get the rotation and then again mayebe.

AIR battles should be capture or destroy a base


I really tried but no thx. This is really the worst challenge … I don’t wanna quit to the hangar just because I don’t get the right map for the challenge. I just don’t want to get it in my ship-ass by some RU SKR ships who tend to wait on the caps …
I spend really too much time in this game but even this seems not enough. (I play now for 152 days and got almost 5000 battles)


Don’t ask how … 1st and last time for such bullshit …

I am finding that Naval is far, far worse because there is simply not enough people playing it. Getting the air kill is difficult because there are few battles where I even see anyone in a plane, let alone getting an air kill. Not to mention the 70% battle activity has burned me twice so far - after waiting in more than 1 hour of queues for 7 games, I haven’t even completed a single one yet with the requirements.

The fact that Gaijin will not admit they made a huge mistake and fix it just shows you what kind of company they are. Some of these challenges are designed to try to revitalize Naval, but the game mode is colossal failure and they somehow think forcing us to play it is going to save it? It has the opposite effect of just making us hate it even more.

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Yea in naval is really time consuming but try coastial, they are faster so you can take points and planes are more common.

Any suggestions for AIR battles?

ngl, naval isn’t that hard. A fast destroyer will easily cap and kill, and during primetime every game I play is full with a less than 1m queue time on NA. Air kills are also pretty easy, I average about 1 per game over the last hundredish games I’ve played in my Knox, which has search and track radar. All the rank 3 Soviet DDs have similar equipment, as do many of their higher tier coastal vessels.

A player from China has now given up on this mission, and it is impossible for me to complete air and naval battles, so I can only give up, and if he can come up with such a bad activity, then he will definitely not play this game at all

On Air I used the Do335 for the fast cap and with luck you can bomb afterwards a groundtarget. Otherwise I spawned again in a M410 and did that. Do we need to talk how to kill a plane?
You can use the up and downvote function to get a little bit higher chance for an domination map.

So far, the air part was easy, I got a credit every time I got a domination map.

I suggest to do it when you also have a kill bases task. You either kill bases or you work on vulcano.

Edit: I just completed it. 5 battles with domination. Just cap first.

If you don’t get dom maps, just load your best bombers, THEN you will get dom maps.