Talisman = Premium Vehicle

Hi. I think it would be awesome if talisman made our vehicles just like the premium ones, not only you have to first unlock the vehicle but also its not like a free upgrade, so why not?

Why only rich people can benefit from SL boost? :(


Im not saying definetively no (yet), but what would that solve?

I see numerous issues with this.

while i have MANY issues with top tier premiums, its the mode gaijin choose to finance itself and the game.
Gaijin still needs to pay its employees and server costs, licenses etc. selling premiums, while not perfect, helps to keep the game running.

With TT vehicles being turned into premiums with help of talisman, at least argument can be made that you need to unlock them first. But if you could just talisman a squadron vehicle and turn it into premium for fraction of the price, who would ever buy top tier premium again?

Also, while the economy is still long way from being fixed, its in much better state than it was before. Making SL isnt exactly hard now, or is it?

I disagree because if gaijin make talisman equal to premium vehicule, they also gonna increase the price of every talisman !


Talisam still costs money. Many people probably dont want to buy premium vehicle because its too expensive, talisman is a great alternative, but still you would have to first unlock it … and by unlock i mean like light years of grinding which can be painful.

Wouldnt buying talismans help with that?

Premium would still be worth it, as you dont have to grind anything, you get access to certain tier right away, that one vehicle can unlock the whole tech tree while normal vehicle cant, there is a range of effective progress, Tier 4 vehicle can effectively unlock from tier 3 to tier 5, premium vehicles dont have that limit and theyre unique type of vehicles.

It can be, if you dont have any premium booster its hard.

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I suppose Talismans could be upgraded by removing research penalty for all tiers below talismaned vehicle and that would already be a huge change raising value of having a talisman.


Also add SL talisman.

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You forget how painful the grinding can be, its easy to say “im gonna talisman my abrams once i unlock it” but that can take years … atleast for me as i dont play that much anymore, i guess some people can grind the whole day without getting tired. Once you unlock a certain tier, the research penalty its not a problem anymore, the higher you go the more expensive everything gets, the SL boost in premium vehicles can really come in handy and it would feel kinda rewarding when you unlock something and then you can make that vehicle special, like premium one, that would be great.

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they could make it so when you buy a Talisman you can upgrade it for more GE and make the vehicle a full premium

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Yep, same with people wanting more use of CRP. Grind is controlled by Gaijin so anything cheapening this process (SL for this) will be adjusted elsewhere.

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Talismans are cheaper.

You just said in the original post that talismaning the vehicle would make it premium and thus it would have ability to effectively research loewer tiers. Or have i missed something?

Since July incident I have no issue making SL andi bought premium time once for a week during christmas to spade 2A7, not to grind SL.


That offers too little information to pass any judgment.

Theyre not that much cheaper, they still cost money. And still you have to unlock the vehicle first.

Alright, i meant mostly adding SL boost, the research penalty could stay, it wouldnt really matter that much honestly.

Maybe youre just better player, im kinda struggling. From 10 rounds maybe 1 is good for me, 3 mediocre and the rest i just blow up constantly unable to do anything …

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Thats from a Talismanned Jaguar A game without any research boosters that im aware of.

Main point is that it illustrates why Talisman vehicles kinda suck. Research progress is faster than credit earning.


Yes, and you probably spend years to unlock that Jet. It would feel great if Talisman made it Premium alike wouldnt it ?

But players are mostly bottlenecked by RP, not SL.

Especially since the June incident. I know how much money i can pump out on 11.7 lineup without premium vehicles or account.

I can only speculate because i faced SL bottleneck ONCE but that was almost 4 years ago by now.

AFAIK talisman costs 2.5 GE. Thats what, 16 euros?

TURMS costs 60 euros.

Bot are not accounting for sales or other special offers.

There are numerous ways to bypass the grind even without buying hightier premiums. Event vehicles, and squadron vehicles.

Well then people have proposed such SL talismans in the past, im sure you could find their posts on the forums with little bit of digging.

Even with premiums you need to make action so that SL multipliers from vehicle being premium could apply in the first place. sounds like SL talisman wouldnt help you in the first place.

And its been the opposite when you have a talisman vehicle as demonstrated by the image.

I really play for fun rather than grinding a specific vehicle. It’s a game where you can go two paths - free2play, so you take time to reach a vehicle that’s interesting for you or you can do pay2progress which speaks for itself.
Personally I have no problem paying for premium time, premium vehicles (at least unique ones or once-unique ones) or simply buying out tech tree vehicles to the one that really interests me, it’s a reward for the developers for a job they did.

My only wish regarding talismans is that Gaijin removed the research penalty below vehicle’s rank, just like premium vehicles.

Now, if you struggle to make SL with premium account - literally go play planes or helicopter battles (if you have any unlocked), you make way more SL than RP there in much shorter time than tanks. As for any battles, currently you can not go on a minus score with SL with premium account, so if you don’t buy every single vehicle you research, don’t waste SL on magic snowmen and carrots, then you should pretty much never struggle with low SL.

60 euro for TURMS and youre ready to go. 16 euro for Talisman but you have to grind first.
Thats pretty huge difference.