T44 brs for realistic

bro the t25 is 6.3 while being worse than every panther, the su 100p is also 6.3 i think, while dieing to 50 cals across the map

I haven’t played the T25 myself, and I don’t encounter it very often on the battlefield, so it’s hard for me to say. But, let us say for the sake of the argument that it is worse than every single Panther in the game. That would simply mean you think the T25 is overtiered. It doesn’t really conflict with what I’ve said about Panthers. So I don’t really see the point of bringing this up.

I recognise that I might be wrong, btw. Maybe I just have a L2P issue with the Panther F that I don’t have with the Panther A, for whatever reason. But if you ask me my opinion right now, I think the A is much better, and is the one that should be 6.0, out of the two. And I’ve cited the hard performance metrics that make me think that.

In any case, Gaijin doesn’t balance vehicles on their technical characteristics, it balances them on player performance, as we both know.

It also has a very good gun, with very good ammunition, AND very good speed.

Being killed by 50cals is the plight of every open topped vehicle in the game. However, if you compare it to say the Sturer Emil for example - that vehicle is a lot more one dimensional. Like the Su 100 P it has a great gun and it dies to 50 cals, but the reload is much worse, the vehicle is atrociously slow, and there is obviously an issue in horizontal traverse.

Some Soviet vehicles are overtiered. I don’t think this (or the T-44) is one of them.

Su-100P still acts as if its stabilized because they refuse to fix the suspension on it.

.50 cals being a free bonus weapon to primarily US tanks I still think is nonsense, especially if Gaijin continues to model crew as if they’re on holiday opposed to being in a warzone.


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To be fair, that did allow me to arrange the funniest Christmas gnome placement of all time:

Sixth crew member right there. Best friends forever!

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nothing to do with your german bias non-sense argument. Has everything to do with the tanks having screwy armor that bounces a LOT that it shouldn’t + great mobility with good guns

leo1 has never been the best MBT at its BR when it was 7.7


You don’t have stats on the Leo1

Yeah, pretty sure I do…
Regardless, doesn’t change the facts it’s’ completely outclassed at 8.0 or the gap left at 7.3.


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Like the panther?

Nice language comprehension

and do tell where this is “from”?

Yes… like the Panther… who the hell cares about the Panther? This is a thread on the T-44

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Change your name then to 1_sided_balanced_game

jackass, I literally just told you the Panther is the same way.

I said, again, and I’ll repeat it for you since you’re so slow, that the Leopard 1, at the time it was 7.7, was not considered the best MBT.

Yeah, I wonder where it could be from.

You’re acting like this is some global stat, meaning it’s from TS, meaning it’s utterly useless.

Yeah, we should take your word for things instead.

The Panther’s gun mantlet (for VK, D, A, and G, but NOT for the F version) is a notorious hellhole for volumetric. Then again so are T-34 optics so it’s hardly an issue unique to this vehicle.

However, the comparison you’re making is still incorrect even in terms of protection. The Panther’s UFP is strong, but not as strong as the T-44’s versus kinetic ammo commonly found at their respective BRs. I will repeat, since maybe this fact got lost the first time I said it: the IS-2 lolpens the Panther’s UFP. The Jagdtiger cannot pen the T-44’s UFP unless it is completely unangled and at a lower elevation than it.

Similar calibers, similar vehicles involved, different levels of protection, different playstyles.

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Never said it was the best, it was one of the best. And lol, was there even another mbt at 7.7