T-series, CAS and Pansier overpeforming

Gaijn on their way to nuke an aircrafts FM because of people’s skill issues:

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why are you talking about sweeden here? 80% of games is with USSR and germany anyways. Those 3 nations are meta now.

Their aircraft ingame massively underperform, specifically the Draken. Gaijn gutted its FM a while back so it cant even do a cobra.

This isn’t a thing…
Flight models are only ever changed due to new information from source documents.

There’s no such thing as nation meta in ground battles.
There are cool lineups, and that’s about it.

It is, only for the draken.

They nerfed its FM because people kept pulling too hard and flatspinning.

Yeah, 8.7 “is Meta” sure…

massive skill issues.

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9.3 is hilariously strong in WT and would decimate VIDAR, but people aren’t yet aware of how insanely powerful 9.3 is.

Clearly I should buy a draken for $250,000 and go pester gaijn about it

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Yeah, it’s great; but when me and rinky 40mm plated Alternate S decimate 9.3 Russia, it makes me happy and warm inside. It’s great SL grinding too; made almost 300k in two hours this morning. (No premium, and played a bit of 6.7 Germany too)


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Without context this sounds odd, but…


NERA Strv 103 D

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Didnt it get thermals, too?


Honestly would be cool at 9.3 or something, we have a good lineup there.

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I am a weird player because the russians are my favorite high tier tanks to fight.

Top three easiest to fight imo
1: Russia
2: China
3: US