T-series, CAS and Pansier overpeforming

Gaijin haven’t you had enough of Russian clapping every nation at top tier? Your T series tanks over perform in every aspect. 49 ton tank, with more armor than 62 ton tanks? come on how do you explain that? I wonder if the new autoloader when it gets damage will also slow your reload rate or russian crew is also a subject matter expert in preparing those too? I mean all russian helicopters overpeform in every aspect. They tank shots like nothing happened. I have instances of hitting ka50 death on 3 times with adats and thing still kills me. Come on, when is enough, enough fo you guys? are you guys trying to create a fracking game or just a newspaper for russia propaganda? You need to fire whoever is in charge of sabotaging US, UK, and Israel on this game. Top tier is out of hand. Why do you keep putting USSR, GERM and Sweeden together? one nation with spall liner is not enough? they already don’t have good win rate? Why is the ADATS so nerf? You guys have no freackin shame… What is it going to take another steam review strike for you guys to fix the “game”?


Soviets do not clap other nations.
Source: I play all the other nations.

Soviet autoloaders under-perform in War Thunder.
Soviet helicopters do not over-perform anymore than all other helicopters.

Keep peddling Russian propaganda that Soviets are the best in the world/War Thunder when they aren’t, Troop.


Your Abrams and black night literally has sub 2.5 KDR but your T-72AV is 1.0? if they are overperforming then I expect it to have 3.5/4.0 KDR since all your non-performing vehicles can do 2.3 lol


What tf wrong with you really? what your problem?
do any people that complain about this need to be on Russian propaganda or something?

not only you mister “oh i know it all because i play all nation!!”

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I do play all the other nation, as a matter of fact I have over 5 nations top tier. CUT the BS and go to a russian channel if you want to spread your soviet propaganda here. I have over 77 days of ground on this game. 3k deaths on sep to 7k kills on it. EVERYTHING ABOUT RUSSIA OVERPEFORMS ON THIS GAME> STOP BEING PART OF THE FREACKIN PROBLEM>

lol Enjoy the Russian forums then. I don’t speak your Russian language as I’m from America and I never cared about Russia, and that’s okay.

The dude straight up just admitted to being Russian and only here to spread Soviet propaganda.

Obviously you replace every time he uses “you” with “I” to get his actual beliefs.

Dude claims NATO fans are the problem, obvious xenophobia against NATO which makes sense.

My problem is I don’t tolerate Soviet/Russian propaganda… according to many people.
Weird of you to claim to know it all…

well is fuking sad that you speak English call urself American yet put up with nonsense on this game. Might as well go get a russian visa. One thing is being a fan of a Nation that would nuke your in an instant if it had a chance another is trying to balance a fuckin game with over 6 years of USRR supremacy at top tier with no hopes of changes.

War Thunder treats USA with the upmost respect, as respectful as all other simulators including DCS and Steel Beasts.

In some ways War Thunder treats USA better than Steel Beasts.

USSR never had top ground supremacy in War Thunder since I mained the game since late 2018.
I got Type 90 first, and USSR was at best on-par with Japan. Then they exceeded Japan, but was still on-par with USA, then USA surpassed Soviets and retained that position until T-90M was added where USSR became on-par with USA again since T-90M is M1A2 SEP equivalent.

NATO CAS has been OP for 2 years now, and Soviets caught up with Su-25SM3, and we’ve still needed SPAA better than Pantsir for over a year.

Not sure why you think USA would nuke itself…

I’ll always defend NATO against defamation like “USSR is better” when that’s not the case.
USSR has a worse round, slower tanks, inferior CAS, and the only saving grace for T-90M is its armor and looking cool.
Su-25SM3’s “saving grace” is the lack of SPAA; NATO CAS that I’ve been playing for the last 18ish months never dying to SPAA have supersonic speeds as well.
Which to reiterate, is why all 10 tech trees need new SPAA better than Pantsir.

Edit: Yes, there are flaws; however almost all of the flaws are universal in the genre as they’re flaws of information accessibility.

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This just made me imagine a bunch of icbms popping out of silos and doing a u turn while the guy watching the radar has his jaw dropped wide eyed holding a big Mac to his mouth and he’s just frozen in his chair watching

I need to sleep


cry me a river, l2p issue

Russian helis are just a problem because they get a decent one as a premium, most players aren’t touching the heli grind because its awful, or costs your tank grind + you have to spend ~15$ to make it usable buying mods (no one is doing fucking rocket runs 100 games in a row at top tier or doing heli pve to buy mods).

Russian tanks handhold noobs better because they have armor that works places other than the turret face and when a lvl 50 timmy buys an 11.3 tank hes going to just do better in a t80 than he is an ambrams. Doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, just that new players don’t understand how to play nato tanks, as its not intuitive and is more “boring” than just holding W.

The only problem is pantsir, which for 2 years now has been outrageously OP, and makes their subpar CAS lineup seem much better than it is because they don’t have to fly against pantsir.

Dude you need to bounce out of here. Your are talking non sense non-stop get out of here… 2018 okay I been playing this game since 2012. Get out of here. You don’t even have US, for real for find another place to try to make sense out of your delusional nonsense. Nothing you talk about makes a sense. Nato CAS op freackin hate responding to you but this would be the last time. NATO CAS WHAT??? HELLFIRES? 8 SHOTS FOR T Series tanks? 20 sec travel, wait a small tree is on the way… OH lets talk about mavericks, HITS HITS HITS LOSE TRACK< SELF EXPLOTES> but according to you 2 years of CAS dominance GET OUT OF HERE> fo real.

As a US main with positive K/D over 6k kills on sep1 and still playing despite losing 12 games in a row with an average of 9kills per game. I cannot solely blame the player base for the lack of performance of US at top tier. There are countless ways you can destroy an abrams, I mean countless, Its literally a one shot machine which is unforgiving. Even when you make your moves right, there is a 70% that a spall liner or ammo will suck up all your damage and since 80% of maps are CQB despite you doing everything right you pay the price of game mechanics. Moreover, people bring CAS as an attractive option for US until you realized that the ADATS is literally useless at this point and everything you bring CAS you don’t only have to fight their CAS which usually 2-3 SU27s and SU25 or MIGs23 that actually kill ground in one shot unlike “MAVERICKS” but you also have to fight their 2-3 Pansiers or german SPAA which are viable options and people actually bring consisntely unlike the ADATS. It gets worse when you play heli as CAS, a tree on the way hellfire loses track, most of the time 3-5 hellfires for tanks if you manage to hit anything. The difference is that now you not only trying to guide your slow and unreliable missiles but now you are also trying to survive their air, their SPAAs and also the KA50s that literally spawn on their heli pad and can reliably snipe you from across the map without you being able to do anything in response. Please stop blaming the lack of performance on the players, its not fair gameplay at all. Abrams thickest turret armor is around 680mm and that’s only when you shot straight at it, if you angle slightly there is not armor. Any leo2 side turret armor has the same value as the strongest armor in the abrams. Any armor buff given to the abrams is better than none, it gives people less places to shot and disable you. No one asked for a 5sec reload, specially when 90% of the tank it faces use spall liners and you have to shot it 2-3 times on weak spots. By the way why is literally the most OP nations playing together constaly? USSR, GERM, and Sweeden.
Solution: stop pretending that you care about realism! You dont have and will not have actual values of irl tanks (is classified) instead focus on actual (GAME BALANCED) and stop picking out of whats good iRL or not because yes. They tend to pick usually for some nations things that were never into production and place it on the game “for realism” but yet for others they want literally hard prove.
Just balance the game, its all the community wants. BUFF the abrams armor and survivability, either buff the adats, give US a good spaa or nerf all of the other spaas to the adats standard. Give everyone spall liners or take out spall liners from the game or even better a penetration shot should guarantee a tank kills regardless. 3 main nations dictates the balance of the game and the majority of players like it or not with skills or without it play USA, so yes a big portion of the community that plays top tier is being affected.

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Besides, he doesn’t.

He calls “plying all nations” to having a bunch of low tier matches or playing their air trees.


Pantsir isn’t even that hard to deal with, just requires smarter play. Really all SPAA should be at the same level as it at top tier.

Also why didn’t you answer the guys question who was asking you why you perform the same as if not worse in russian T-series tanks near top tier than NATO ones if they are so broken? Guy asked you a totally valid question and you just blanked him.


You claim to have played the game recently but are unaware of GBUs, Mavericks, etc?
You can’t even find my statcard?
Here, I’ll help you out.
Some USA stats:


Trying to gaslight me won’t work, my mind is too strong for such attempts.
As for 8 shots on a tank? The most shots I ever did on a T-series tank using an American tank was 3.
It’s higher on others, and Abrams is higher using other too.
HSTV-L holds the 3 shots to frag a T-series tank. 5 for a Leopard 2 cause I was wiffing hilariously.

Also you have my KDR in the M1A2. I don’t care about amount of battles, you learn the tank in less than 30 once a veteran at the game. After that is repetition.

I stopped bringing SPAA into ground battles in 2022.

Also @SPANISH_AVENGER … you have to stop having posts of lies.
A quick search of my name in-game would have you see 137 rank 7 and 8 vehicles in RB mode accounting for well over a thousand hours of gameplay.


Another amount for simulator:


You have 74 rank 7 and 8 vehicles played, and you choose to play more War Thunder than I.

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So what? That’s besides my point- I merely said that you don’t play all nations in ground top tier, which you don’t, and which is perfectly normal.

Speaking of your MBTs, you have <160 matches with every MBT you have, around 80 on average (20-50 on many cases). Again, nothing wrong with that; but there’s really no need to inflate it.

The difference is that most of my 74 Rank 7-8 vehicles are actually ground vehicles from across 8 nations, which is what matters when talking about ground battles. I have thousands of matches with ground vehicles just in Rank VII-VIII across 8 nations, I would say that’s kinda more valuable regarding top tier ground first hand knowledge than having 20-50 matches with a handful of tanks and up to 160 at best with the main ones. It is evident you spend way more time on air battles than on ground battles. Which again, is fine.

But I find unnecessary how you claimed the other day, for example, to be an “Israel ground main knowledgeable on the Merkavas” when you only have the first few starting tanks on the tree, xd.


…and, as always, Alvis making the weirdest statements.

OP complaining about Russia being OP (over some dubious reasons at that, IMO) and stating that it should be nerfed, and you somehow… turn it into OP “peddling Russian propaganda”…?

Like, what? You always do that and it’s so weird.

OP: “Russia is OP, they must be nerfed!”
Alvis: “You are a Russian fan spreading propaganda because you love Russia so much.”

OP: “NATO is underperforming, it needs a buff.”
Alvis: “OP is an anti-NATO Russian troll trying to defame NATO’s image.”

Like, come on… it’s very clear OP here doesn’t exactly hold Russia in a positive light. It’s like you purposefully twist these things in an attempt at “getting back at people” by making it sound as absurd as possible.


This also isn’t true. All video evidence and data show that Russian autoloaders in War Thunder function at their technical peak.

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Oh. My bad if I misread.
Dealing with antagonism ain’t fun, and you should know.
160 battles is also at least 10 hours 40 minutes at 4 minutes alive per battle… that’s a full game in many cases.

Yes, you primarily play War Thunder, likely more than I.
Battles is a stat, and increasing battles in a manner could be stat padding as well.
I don’t aim for battles, I just aim to experience the tanks for as long as possible in matches.

Also omitting the fact that Israel starts at rank for and takes longer to research from the get-go.

As for your 2nd post…
There are two types of position you can come from: Love or malice.
I tend to start with positive views over negative views personally.
I won’t assume someone has malice for a vehicle they are indirectly or directly praising.
So instead, I’ll take their words for what they are: Praise.
Saying something is OP is praise. Wanting that thing nerfed is a request that can have many reasons.

I think Jagdpanzer IV is OP. I praise the thing for its performance.
I want it nerfed to 4.7 where I think it will be more fair, my reasoning is out of endearment for the tank, no malice.

I am tempted to think T-90A is the 2nd most over-rated MBT in the game.
I am tempted to want T-90A reduced in BR due to my experience in and against it, but that’s from a place of malice. I despise the tank like no other. They are handily the easiest to frag, and the easiest to die in… despite it being a T-72B with thermals and 3BM60… makes no sense.