T-2 and F-1 countermeasures pods and more weaponry still not added since their introductions

these jets specialy the T-2 didnt age well with the changes of meta and newer jets with better avionics, 9.7 its a cesspool that will always drag you to 10.x games where everything just haves 2x of the stuff you currently have.

im going to repost a compilation of sources and proof that these 2 could carry some equipment that clearly didnt get (thanks to user u/BoeingB747)

NOTE: some images are not longer available (which i already pointed out so i would be great if anyone could get the images) but i will leave the contributors intact.


Miki_Hoshii, for his incredibly detailed Forum post on the T-2. Link here: Mitsubishi T-2 - Japan - War Thunder - Official Forum
u/Affectionate_log_296 , for his incredibly useful comment on the GCS-1 Link here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/qc1k2a/comment/hhfbjq8/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

There are many other people who helped me gain this info, and the list could go forever. I just want to say thankyou to you all for bringing some awareness to this incredible aircraft


I struggled to get any information on these bombs, but this is the best I can put together. During somewhere in the 1980s, the JASDF implemented the GCS conversion kit to both the Mk82 and JM117. These kits allowed the bombs to be fitted with a IR like seeker that would track the Infa-red rays reflected by an incoming Landing craft or ship. The bombs were featured on only the JASDF’s T-2, F-1 and F-4EJ Kai. The conversion kit would change nothing to the aircraft, and could be fitted singularly on the 4 underwing pylons.The aircraft carrying these bombs would use its CCRP/IP to drop them, and the bombs would guide themselves to the target.

Edit: A user by the name of u/Crez911 sent me a forum post discussing about how the GCS kit could also hit North Korean ICBM launchers, meaning ground targets can be hit: Mitsubishi F-4EJ Kai Super Phantom - Page 28 - Japan - War Thunder - Official Forum

In War Thunder, i think a TV guided bomb system would be best for these weapons, just like the AGM-62 Walleye, giving Japan a good CAS aircraft before 12.0

https://www.vaq136.com/misawa/misawa-260b.jpg GCS-Type II JM117 750lb and GCS Type I Mk82 500lb bombs sitting in front of a F-1
(there was supposed to be a discord image describing the GCS-1 but sadly the image is no longer available)
“Type 91 Bomb Guidance Device (GCS-1) Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Electric Type 91 Bomb Guidance Device is attached to a 500-pound ordinary bomb and used as a guided bomb for high-precision bombing of invading ships. Infrared rays radiated from the target are detected by the guidance control device, processed, and the target is determined. The target is locked on, the rear stabiliser is deployed, and the target is controlled. Stabilisation wing Suspension adapter Guidance control unit Fuze Fuze Steering wing Overall length 2873 mm Diameter 380 Overall width 9”

IMAGE 2. T-2 CARRYING AN/ALE-42K Countermeasure Pods.

Even though the T-2 lacked an RWR (excluding the FS T-2) and internal countermeasure dispensers, it could be fitted with external AN/ALE-42K Pods. These pods ONLY CARRIED chaff, but i think it would be fair if they were given the capability to carry flares. I am unable to find information on how many dispensers the pods carried, but I think 15 each pod would be fair. These pods would only be able to be carried on the outer pylons under the wings. Both pods would have to be brought if used, and would impact the T-2s performance, similarly to 2 JM117s.

https://i.imgur.com/57vbTai.jpg A T-2 in flight carrying 2 AN/ALE-42K ECM pods on each outer pylons. Credit to Miki_Hoshii for the image.

IMAGE 3. T-2 Carrying 4x AIM-9Ps

On June 3rd, 1975, the first of two FS T-2 Kai’s took flight. A variety of things changed between the T-2K and T-2 Kai. Mainly the removal of the rear seat, an RWR and the capability for 4 AIM-9s. The T-2 Kai could now carry 2 AIM 9s on the underwing pylons, which was an upgrade to just the previous two on the wingtips. The T-2 Kai soon became the F-1, and these upgrades became normal within the F-1 series.

In the game, I see 2 options. Either keep the only 2 missiles, but upgrade them from 9E’s to 9Ps ( Which the T-2 was capable of using), or give the T-2 the capability to carry 2 more AIM-9Es on the underwing pylons.

(same discord image issue so its not available)


If these changes are implemented, Japan will get an excellent multirole fighter. It will fill the gap for CAS, as well as give Japan a dominant fighter at the 9.7-10.0 BR range.


If the T-2 receives all of the modifications, i see it fair to go up to 10.0

If the T-2 doesn’t receive its flare pods or 4x AIM-9s, I believe it fair to keep it at 9.7.


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thanks for the advice, im going to fix it real quick

If the bomb used IR, it should use IR.

If it only had chaff, it should only get chaff.

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Things like Flare only and chaff only pods I think might actually make an appearance in June with the Split CMs annoucned on the road map. currently they refuse to add these systems or add the full CM count on aircraft we have, if they are significantly assymetrical. But with the seperation of flares and chaff, CM pods like this could be added with total ease.

Im personally waiting for the extra 600 chaff per BOZ pod on the Tornado or the Phimat Chaff pod for the Jaguar to name a few.

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We already have chaff only pods in game. F105 has it and i think one or two other planes do

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Hmmm… last I heard, they tried adding chaff only pods to the Jaguar and it just caused CTDs so they gave up.

Odd. I know for fact that the F105 has chaff only pods.

Maybe it was internal flares/mixed + chaff only external pods that was the problem. Either way, Im hoping for things like that to be overhauled in the CM overhaul update

That would make sense. The F105 only has the chaff only pods. The mix I could see causing problems under the current system.

As much as I am looking forward to the split, I am assuming that I will have to bind yet another key.

Possibly more

Could have

Drop both
Drop flare
Drop Chaff
Periodic Flare
Periodic Chaff

Though I assume like a lot of things, you could just bind things to the same key if you didnt want to use the split CMs.

But im quite looking forward to sticking on Periodic chaff whenever anything locks me in the Tornado and cause a small ecological disaster with the amount of chaff dropped

In the game, I see 2 options. Either keep the only 2 missiles, but upgrade them from 9E’s to 9Ps ( Which the T-2 was capable of using), or give the T-2 the capability to carry 2 more AIM-9Es on the underwing pylons.

The T-2 already received the AIM-9Ps in game. It helps it a lot. I find 9.7 to be quite nice in the T-2, it has a lot of killing power between the 9Ps and the vulcan. In a downtier (which I found to be quite common) you’re a total monster in it.

I don’t really do A2G but I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to it getting the JDAMs, they seem neat and remind me of using the F-1 in Wargame.

The chaff pod I don’t think would be that useful since you’ll never see a better radar missile than an R-3R or 7D, and the amount of F-4Cs that actually bother to carry the 7D in my experience is very low. It’d be fun to mess with the MiG-21S guys who always want to push the high alt headon, I suppose. Maybe more useful in GRB? I wouldn’t know

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Would be handy vs any radar guided SPAA at that BR.

Pods like this were physically incapable of carrying flares, they didn’t use cartridges like other countermeasures dispensers but rather rolls of chaff. The amount dispensed per launch would be determined prior to take-off.

gaijin could ignore some historical stuff for the sake of balance if they did it with the F-5C RIGHT :)?

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better than nothing to be honest, i’d rather have that than being just a sitting duck with both IR and radar missiles in uptiers.

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this is fully possible, but sadly it wont get them since its a tech tree jet and not a premium (i dont know about the T-2 early but IF gaijin added it to that thing it would be something else)

I highly recommend carrying a couple Zuni pods. I’ve had great success using them as impromptu flares in rear and front aspect. I initially used a single FFAR pod which gives you roughly the same pops as the two Zuni pods at much less weight, but I don’t think I ever had them save me from a missile fired from rear aspect.
I started using the Zunis after I saw a player named Okneve dodge no less than 3 R-60s and some type of Sidewinder with them in one match. Shoutouts to that guy for showing me the light. He used all 4 pods though which is overkill imo.

I can second this statement, zunis work wonders as impromptu flares especially since you share the air space with the A-10 and the Su-25.

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3rd that lol though would help a lot if Chaffs are added. Can use Zunis and Chaff combo which will help a lot against IR and Radar.