Sweden ground tree

are there gonna be more swedish tanks excluding the kungstiger?

Yes, I’ll find a link to passed to devs Swedish ground equipment, I can tell you the funny Recoiless rifle car 1111 is coming.

It will be under the “Considered” section.

I know the KRV will probably come, sadly, probably as an event vehicle. The Strv 102R needs to be added to TT to replace the 101, as the 101 really isn’t 8.0 material compared to other Swedish equipment.

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I hope for the AT-cars!! Italy should not be the only nation with cars

The PGTB 1111 is already in the files btw.

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Huh?? It is?? My dreams are coming true!

Even if its just hope thx!

Nah, like, it’s legit in the files, with a 3D model.

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How finished is it?

I haven’t seen it myself, but I saw a video on it, it’s got rough shape, low poly texture, and no crew models.

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I really hope sweden gets it or something like it

In july

Yeah, why wouldn’t there be?

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There are s ton of armoured cars with 20mm autocannons

i do not care if it is an event vehicle I will get it to matter what