Strv 102R - Sniper Centurion

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Note: I’m not good at English. There may be some grammatical errors.

I. Introduction
Since the first Centurion Mk.3s had arrived in Sweden in 1953, Sweden had used three variants of Centurion- Strv 81 (Mk.3/5) and Strv 101 (Mk.10). In the 1960s, in order to bring Strv 81 up to the same level as Strv 101, a modernization program was carried out. The upgrade primarily involved replacement of 20 pdr guns on the Strv 81 with L7 105mm guns and new ammunition rack. And the radio equipment was also replaced-two Ra 421 were placed in all carriages (also in Strv 101). At the same time tele helmets were also introduced. The modified Strv 81equipped with the 105mm L7 were given the new designation Stridsvagn 102.

In 1973 a new program began to extend the service life of the Centurion tanks. This program on Strv 102 was completed in 1977, and the service life had been extended to 1985. The renovation of Strv 101 was finished in 1983, and this had extended the service life to 1990. However, this was not enough for the mechanization of the army.
This resulted in another life extension of the tanks needing to be done. From 1983 to 1987, Strv 101/102 therefore underwent a further upgrade called torn-REMO (torn means turret and REMO is short for REnovering och MOdifiering, renovation and modernization). This program primarily concerned the aiming machinery. It included night vision equipments, new targeting systems, laser range finders, improved gun stabilization. Two Lyran flare launchers were also added.

After this modification, the tanks’ designation was changed to Strv 101R and Strv 102R. Thus, the service life had been extended to 1995.
Around the same time, the oldest Strv 102s that were most worn off were also upgraded. This upgraded Strv 102 were given the new designation Strisvagn 104.

In a nutshell, Strv 102R is basically Strv 81 with a 105mm L7 and LRF.


II. In Warthuder
Strv 102R can be added in front of Strv 104. As 102R’s powerpack hadn’t been reinforced, the power is still 650hp. This makes the mobility of 102R very slow. But, since Strv 102R and Strv 104 had been operated same time in history, 102R should be able to fire APFSDS shell with laser range finder. I hope BR 8.0 will be the best for the battle rating of this vehicle.

III. Suggested Stats and Features
Mass: 50 tons~
Engine Power: 650 hp
Engine: Rolls-Royce Meteor MK 4B
Transmission: Merrit-Brown Z51R Mk F
Max Speed: forward 35 km/h, reverse 11.9 km/h
Main Armament: 105mm L7
Secondary Armament: 2 x 7.62mm ksp m/39 (coaxial and commander’s machine guns)
12 x smoke grenade launchers
Night vision equipment (gunner, commander and driver)
-gunner: 8.0x
-commander: 10.0x
Suggested Ammunitions

  • slpprj m/66 APDS
  • slpprj m/80 APFSDS
  • slsgr m/61A HE
  • slspgr m/61 HESH
  • rokgr m/61 Smoke

IV. Design
The appearance of Strv 102R will be almost Strv 104 without ERA and barrel thermal sleeve. But that of back side is like Strv 81 because of the Meteor engine. The inside layout of crew room is expected to be same as Strv 104.



Strv 102R

無題 2023-07-26 15-43-53

Strv 104 (in game)


Strv 102R (from the rear)

無題 2023-07-26 15-50-14

Strv 104

無題 2023-07-26 15-50-17

Strv 81

無題 2023-07-26 15-52-34

Strv 104 (X-ray)

More detailed pictures:

V. Interesting Topics (I don’t include these vehicles in this suggestion!)
In the upgrade program in the 1980s, the Strv 102 received reinforced front hull armor so that the protection level became equal to the Strv 101. (I couldn’t find this picture.)
As a further protection-enhancing measure, all Centurions were fitted with explosive reactive armor on the chassis and turret. Sweden thus became one of the first countries in the world to adopt ERAs.
In the future,these variants can be also added in Warthunder as an event vehicle or etc.
*Strv 102R with ERA: Looking at the engine room (this is Meteor engine), you can see that this tank is Strv 102R. In this photo, it can be seen that ERAs are placed on side armor.

VI. Sources


I think it is most suitable as an event vehicle
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