CV90120-T Model 2007 (Hard-kill APS): Fast but Well Protected

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  • Description:
    • This suggestion is to incorporate the 2007 model of the CV90120-T (or AMAP-ADS and 12.7mm Remote Weapon System [RWS]) as a modification to the existing CV90120-T in-game. All other stats remain the same with the exception of the changes listed below.
    • The CV90120-T is a light tank designed in the mid-1990’s by BAR Hagglunds. It was designed as a private venture to provide military’s (mainly foreign) a choice between a light tank that had the capabilities of a main battle tank, or a significantly heavier Main Battle Tank (MBT). There has been no customer for the CV90120-T, however BAE continues to upgrade the vehicle to present the CV90-series as a modular, multi-mission platform capable of mounting an autocannon for an IFV role, or a 105mm or 120mm main gun for a direct-fire role. Some of these upgrades include more advanced fire control systems, Laser Warning Systems (LWS), different turrets, or even thermal technology to change the thermal look of the entire vehicle. One upgrade, shown in 2007 (dubbed CV90120-T model 2007 for this suggestion) at the MSPO includes a hard-kill APS system known as AMAP-ADS, or ADS Gesellschaft für aktive Schutzsysteme which is a 360-degree hard-kill active protection system produced by the companies Rheinmetall and IBD Deisenroth Engineering. The system contains several IR sensors that sense incoming targets and for every sensor, features a discharger to engage the target with what is likely using a fine metal powder that can be discharged at the incoming target but fine enough that it will not injure personnel operating around the vehicle. This system has three main features that separate it from most APS systems, the first is that it is the fastest reacting system in the world clocking in at ~500-560 microseconds, and the second is its capability to not only target incoming missiles/ATGM’s, but it can also target incoming APFSDS rounds, and third it can target multiple targets at the sane time. One note to take is that it may not stop the incoming APFSDS round but will slow its kinetic energy, providing the crew increased chances of survivability and one of the reasons that the CV90120 still features decent armor. Other features to this model are the addition of a 12.7mm M2HB Remote Weapon Station (RWS) in place of the Commander’s Sight, allowing the CV90120-T model 2007 to engage in infantry, light vehicles, and low-flying helicopters. The 2007-model of the CV90120-T is a well-protected vehicle that continues to maintain a strong balance of offensive and defensive power.
  • In-game:
    • I am introducing this suggestion primarily as a modification with the option in the poll to have it as a standalone vehicle.
    • This vehicle would perform exactly the same as the in-game CV90120-T with two additional features being the AMAP-ADS and RWS.
    • Allowing this modification will allow the CV90120-T to differentiate itself from other light tanks completely with enhanced protection against incoming rounds due to the APS, and the ability to target light aircraft/helicopters with its new RWS. Will require a BR increase to 11.0-11.3.
    • With the APS, it will allow the Swedish Ground Forces Tree access to an Active Protection System which other nations will be receiving.
  • Specifications:
    • Armament:
      • Primary: RUAG 120mm L/50 CTG High Pressure Gun
        • Elevation: -8/22 degrees
        • Ammunition:
          • slpprj m/95 APFSDS-T
          • slsgr m/95 HE
      • Secondary: KSP 88 12.7mm Coaxial Machine Gun
      • Tertiary: KSP 88 Remote Weapon Station (RWS)
    • Mobility:
      • Weight: ~35 tons
      • Length: 9 m (6.5 m w/o Gun)
      • Width: 3.2 m
      • Height: 2.6 m
      • Engine: 800hp-Scania DC16 V8 Diesel Engine
    • Crew (3x)
  • Features:
    • AMAP-ADS Hardkill Active Protection System
    • Remote Weapon Station (RWS)
      • 12.7mm KSP 88 featuring 3rd-generation Thermal Imager (Replaces Commander Sight).
      • The CV90120-T model 2007 will still feature the coaxial KSP 88 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun found in-game on top of the RWS.
    • 16x Smoke Grenades
    • Laser Warning System (LWS)
  • Sources:

CV90120-T 2007 model during manuevers.


2007 model of the CV90120-T with RWS and AMAP-ADS.


CV90120 2007 model on display.


+1 Seperate vehicle so players have a good light tank lineup and dont have to force an uptier

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Man still waiting for this bad boy as Sweden still doesn’t have hard-APS or even any jammers against missiles

But does anyone know which RWS it is? is it the Kongsberg one or possibly a swedish one like Saab Trackfire or Bofors Lemur

Incase anyone was curious, it did end up being the SAAB Trackfire


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.