Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 1111 (Pvpjtgb 1111)

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Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 1111
(Pvpjtgb 1111)

The Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 1111 (Pvpjtgb 1111) was an open-top unarmoured tank hunter introduced in the Swedish Army in the 1970s to replace the Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 9031 (Pvpjtgb 9031). It is armed with a single 9 cm Pansarvärnspjäs 1110 recoilless rifle fitted with a 7,62 mm inskjutningsvapen 5110 spotting rifle.

The vehicle was most commonly found in the infantry brigades organized in central Sweden at a quantity of two per IB77 infantry battalion and 6 per brigade anti-tank company.

When the vehicle was finally phased out in the 1990s, a small number were upgraded to carry the RBS 56 BILL ATGM under the designation Pansarvärnsrobotterrängbil B RBS 56 BILL (Pvrbtgb B RBS 56) for a short time until the mid-2000s.

The Pvpjtgb 1111 features a near-unique ability to raise and lower the main weapon system above the chassis of the vehicle during firing. It shares this ability with the Pvbv 2062, but not with its predecessor, the Pvpjtgb 9031.

Pvpjtgb 1111

The Pvpjtgb 1111 carried an unknown amount of ammunition distributed between 3 compartments; 2 dedicated ammunition compartments, 1 auxiliary compartment.

Pvpjtgb 1111 Ammunition Compartments

Between the driver and commander there was also a specific metal box for smoke grenades capable of holding up to 8 smoke grenades.

Pvpjtgb 1111 Smoke Grenade Box

Pvpjtgb 1111
Weight, total: 3500 kg
Length: 439 cm
Width: 207,8 cm
Height, transport: 222 cm
Height, combat: 239 cm
Clearance: 38 cm
Max wading depth: 70 cm
Max incline: 60% (31 degrees)
Max tilt: 40% (22 degrees)
Crew: 3-4
Armor: Unarmoured
Engine: Volvo B 30 A
Max speed: 70 km/h (peace-time)
Armament: 9 cm Pansarvärnspjäs 1110 (90x760R mm)
7,62 mm inskjutningsvapen 5110 (7.62x51 mm)
Ammunition: Spårljuspansarspränggranat m/62 (380 mm RHA)
Spårljuspansarspränggranat m/77 (500 mm RHA)
Spårljuspansarspränggranat m/84 (800 mm RHA)
Rate of Fire: 6-8 rounds per minute


Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 1111 Instruktionsbok (1988, Swedish, official manual)

9 cm pvpjäs 1110 Beskrivning (1972, Swedish, official manual)

Arméhandbok Del 1 Organisation Infanteribrigadens förband IB77 (1980, Swedish, official TO&E)


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125 km/h according to wikipedia.

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Here is some detailed pics of the cannon:

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