Support for a No CAS Game option for GRB Poll

You’re the one that brought up ‘skill’ though, by mentioning his stats?

As if having better stats makes your opinion more valid.

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If someone is saying that “SPAA” are effective, his stats should by any means show that.

If someone is saying that I’m just not good with air thus I have the issue, I will always show that I’m good with the air and I know what it is capable of.

If a person says that vechicle ‘A’ is good against vechicle ‘B’, his stats should show that.


That’s an incredibly basic take. People can’t have an opinion unless their individual stats back it up?
Aside from the fact that a single data-point is about as anecdotal as you can get, do you also think people who work in sport analysis have no clue what they are talking about, just because they aren’t professional athletes themselves?


A little OT but I am surprised Warthunder allow a players stats to be seen on the forum or even in public at all.Considering how they are used to derail a topic and how they are used to bully and shame people.

They also have an impact on the fun nature of the game.Intermediate players even restarting their accounts to show better stats.

I say this as someone who is open with combined arms being a thing and being fixed over time: whenever anybody mentions anything even remotely negative about the balance of CAS and ground units in game, one of the most common answers is always “skill issue” or “learn to play SPAA and planes”.

That is much harder to tell to a really good player like ULQ. Especially because as it so happens, he does use planes, too, and very effectively at that. One look at his profile will tell anyone as much.

You’re right that stat shaming can get very toxic at times but respectfully, I think you’re missing the point here. If someone who is great at ground and CAS, nonetheless thinks that CAS has a balance problem, it completely short-circuits the lazy arguments used by some to delegitimise the discussion about balance from the get go. In that, it has value.


Absolutely blows my mind that people care that much about their stats in a non-competitive game like WT.


This the society we have today.


It’s the opposite though? Someone said “another topic of complaining about CAS because I don’t want to deal with it” and ULQ’s response was essentially “your opinion is invalid because I have better stats than you”.


People can have their opinion, but opinion on forum always needs something to be backed up with.

People have opinion that earth is flat, that lizards control the government etc, but for valid discussion we need something more than words.

And how did You get that conclusion? From the take that if someone is saying that SPAA are effective against the Air he should be able to prove it?

Sorry but if someonens take is ‘you don’t want to deal with it’ he should be able to show that it can be dealt with.

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You literally just said that people have to have the stats to back up their opinions. There are plenty of football analysts who have never kicked a ball professionally, but probably earn more in a year than you will earn in your entire life. Clearly you don’t need to be skilled to be knowledgeable about a topic.

It’s bad enough that you consider stats from one person good enough as evidence. The fact that you think evidence is required to take part in an internet forum is another level.
I could show you Gunjob’s stats and claim the Tornado F.3 is OP. It wouldn’t make it true.

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Sorry but the comparison is not remotely sensible. If one is saying ‘SPAA is effective against the air’ and his stats show something totally different, then Your conclusion would be to obviously trust him?


That’s like someone complains tank X is OP and tank Y is pure garbage, then you look at his performances in both, and they’re almost identical.
I mean, how do you even reach that conclusion then ?

It’s “just spawn aircraft bro” now, since it’s already been debunked many SPAAs can’t even perform their job effectively.

That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

I think the issue here is not so much what is said IE: the showing of stats but how it is said.Very hard in writing only.

ULQ’s stats show a position that is important to his argument that after years of playing tanks and CAS he has aririved at the conclusion that CAS can be a destructive game killer and he can evidence his experience with statistics to show he is not blowing off hot air.That is all.

I can see that somebody saying"Hey you only have six months in the game come back when you have a year in or ten".So I have to admit I can see the use for stats here.Our opinions change the longer we are in the game.
It also depends on how you interpret stats.I have been playing Video games since the 70s when they first came out,I don’t need stats to tell me a game is faulted to breaking point or why it isn’t fun.

You two comments ago:

Talk about awful comparisons.

The person you replied to didn’t even mention SPAA.

Anyone with common sense would have the conclusion that people have a variety opinions, which they are entitled to. Especially in a non-competitive online multiplayer game. I certainly wouldn’t go searching for his playercard to judge the efficacy of his argument.

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Not in this topic. He attacked the creator and people who think like that which obiously come from what I have pointed out.

So if one is saying that SPAA is effective against the Air and other is saying that it is not, how will You decide which is telling the truth? Both of them present arguments that exclude each other, so how will You know which opinion is closer to the truth?

You can just see how players play the game and see which has experience in what he is talking about and which doesn’t. Would You trust football analyst who have been wrong about everything he has said or the one who showed many times that his words are covered in reality?


You would look at how those vehicles are performing on the population level. Unfortunately GJN doesn’t make that kind of information publicly available, however there are certain proxies we can use, like Thunderskill.

You’re essentially just attacking his argument and calling him a liar at this point. I’ve only just unlocked the Pantsir, so I can’t comment too much on it, but it seems pretty strong from what I’ve seen so far.



Did they really tried to flag you ^^ pathetic


I would probably never play a no-CAS mode. In my opinion, CAS is a critical part of ground gameplay, being the “great equalizer”. Often, CAS is the only way to dig out campers or deal with the heaviest vehicles at an uptier. Without CAS, GRB would be a much different, much worse place.

HOWEVER! I am for a no-CAS mode. I disagree with people who oppose CAS , but their opinions still matter. If they want a mode without CAS, let them, so long as the rest of us still have a mode with CAS. If anything, maybe it’ll remove those same campers that cause far more harm to the game than the CAS they hate.


Oh yes, CAS is good against spawn camping…

Yeah, all these craters were made by spawncamping tanks…