Suggestions on grinding air and how to get better

Hey everyone I would like to start off and say I appreciate your time reading this, and thanks for your help.

So Ive been playing war thunder on and off for about a year now, and I’ve always noticed RP from one game for me is about 2985 on average, and I know there’s probably someone who’s going to say I suck ( which I admit I do) but with premium time, a MiG 23ml prem, how can I speed this up, when I originally joined this game the week 29 was the play I was opting to grind for, then there’s some tea came out, so I was still going down that line then the Sukhoi 27 came out So now I’m grinding for the 27, is there any advice on how I can get better and how I can make this more efficient and easier way to grind?
And if y’all were gonna spend money, I already have a lot of money.
Thank you for your time


Stick to a specific grinding plane, find ones with the highest modifier for each rank, grind the I, II, and III ranks with non-premium aircraft, as they work perfectly fine. Premium (vehicle) grinding is most important post rank V, but can start by Rank IV and further. I had no issue grinding Sweden, and got to Rank VII with minimal issue within a month of only playing on the weekends. For Sweden it’s easier, as all the equipment is made by SAAB, and a large portion use the same guns, so it’s learn one well, learn all well Going from the Hispano, to the Adens. Don’t get discouraged, and take criticism to learn to play better. Air gameplay is less forgiving than ground, but also has higher rewards for SL and RP.


Grinding and getting better are usually counter productive to each other.

If you want to improve, work your way down the air tree, taking your time to learn along the way. Watch youtube videos on energy management, BFM, relevant weapon systems, etc.

The Grind will work itself out as you learn to play your aircraft effectively.


Honestly, take your time, top tier isn’t that fun anyway. With the French aircraft I have the most fun with the Mirage IIIe (I even bought a Talisman for it to grind rank 8). Sure the Mirage 4000 can be glorious sometimes but honestly top isn’t where I enjoy the game the most.
The idea is to find a way for you to grind in a enjoyable manner.

Also I learned ARB with someone very good back when I started the game, and more recently I learned radar with YouTube. So consume a bit of content to help you around the game.

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I learned radar a while ago and the 24r is VERY powerful, if you lock into chaff it still tracks, idk if it’s a bug but it’s funny sometimes

I’m not that good at ground, I bought the T80uk but I suck lol

Sorry I meant to reply to stalker, this is my first time using a forum period lol

The T-80УК is not great, because it’s Shorta IRCM for beam riding missiles is usually just completely useless at the BR because all TOW missiles are, well TOW (Tube launched, Optically tracked, and Wire guided missile) so it doesn’t effect the Optical tracking and guidance. Also affects laser guided airial munitions I think. But it’s not in a horrible place because of its armor and round, kinda have to play it like a casemate though (keeping the heavy armor front keeps you safer) As for the MiG-23ML gameplay, use your speed to your advantage, get someone slow, and then speed off, coming into the battle, use the R-24R’s head on capabilies to your advantage, and learn your radar, run your R24R’s and the R-60M’s at the same time with CM pods. Also, when flaring a missile, remember to turn your afterburner off, and maneuver a good bit.

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I’ll do that, thanks

The grind is the hardest part of the game, especially if your wanting to play the latest and greatest that any nation has to offer. The Mig-23ML has an RP boost of 750% with a premium account so you will get good rp from getting kills. With that being said, bombing bases will get you the most RP and bonus if you can get air to air kill or take out ground targets. This is why you see so many strike aircraft going toward bases. Using rockets on bases gets you the most points/SL. Here is my game from last night in a SU-25K ( i’m currently grinding the USSR as well )

The air kill was a npc kill. You have to play different in subsonic planes through. using more of the map and taking your time to get to the base or waiting for base re-spawn. It doesnt always work out like this as there are many games i get shot down or my team kills everyone on the other team before i get to even pick off some ground targets. This would be the best way to grind the air tree. the su-39 would be the same thing and has the same RP bonus of the Mig-23ML. The difference between the 25k and 39 is $10 but the 25k is also at BR 10 so may be easier to grind. Plus you would be able to use the 25k or the 39 to do CAS with your USSR tanks.

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Ok, I’ll try to get either or next price drop

As Warpig_ said, the game is about the learning curve. It’s not a Game you come in for some hours and have success.
Without knowing to fly, no weaponary will help you.

Start with props, search a plane fitting to you and your playstyle, so you will have somewhat of fun. I never checked up multiplier or repair costs. I always fly the plane I have fun with.
Prop battles are slower so you have more time to think about what you want to do. Top tier battles are so fast, you have no time to think. Playing top tier is about flying subconsciously because you have to look around always, choose the right missiles, choose the right radar mode, watch radar, watch rwr

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Ok, I’m very comfortable with the 23, I love it , I did make a mistake buying the f5 but idc really.
Thanks for the advice

the F-5 is a good plane just takes time to get use to it. its very nimble and with some time you can really do damage with it.

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Very nimble, idk why I just for me it’s like nails on a chalkboard screeching.

And is it just me or the r24r is kinda broken

i can understand that, when i first got it i was frustrated. The more i learned how to use missiles and tactics with it i was ok with it. still its not my favorite to use and i dont think ive played it in months lol.

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Around 3k RP per match is not bad, but not the best either.
The best tip I can give you is: Stay alive as long as you can.
As you can see in the screenshot of Ravanos the most RP he got was from “Time Played”. The longer you survive in the match and the longer the match goes for you, the higher this reward. But this reward is directly linked to your in match activity, your actions and accomplishments in that match. It becomes more when you do more (like kills, assists, bombing bases). Just flying idle around all match doing nothing will give you nothing.

Now for the Grinding:

Disregarding any wish for getting better.
The Su-25K is a good grinder for the Russian Tree (as seen in the screenshot of Ravanos) by bombing bases. It has the strength on 10.0 of having all aspect missiles, so you could even get one or two kills on unsuspecting targets.
For Rank 8 you can then switch to a Tech Tree aircraft and talisman it or to your MiG 23.

For actually getting better:

Play the game from the ground up. Start in Arcade with the low tier planes to get a general feel for the game itself. Then when you feel ready and a bit better at the game switch to RB in the early rank 2 or 3 propeller aircraft and work your way up from there. Continue playing propeller aircraft until you learned the absolute basics like flying, aiming, maneuvering and dogfighting.
Also try as many planes as possible to find your specific playstyle, but beware, some planes have a higher skill needed than others.
These basics you learn during the Prop-age can be carried over to the jet-age as well.
You can also watch guides on YouTube or just watch good players play the game in general. A good YouTuber I recommend is Defyn. He does commentary over AirRB gameplay of his. Very insightful.
But the best way to get better is just to play.

On a sidenote:
I don’t know if you know, but the T-80UK is a Squadron vehicle, which means it doesn’t have the Premium advantage of researching all the way up from Rank 1. So you won’t get 100% of the RP you earned towards your vehicles. The T-72 TURMS and the 2S38 are viable alternatives for grinding the Russian Ground tree.
You can get the Squadron vehicles for free, just by playing the game while being in a squadron. The more active players a squadron has, the more RP you get for these vehicles.

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very broken my friend

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Seeing as you have T-80UK and Mig23ML but also 453 battles, Id advise you to go back to lower tiers first and learn basics there.

Dogfights and games last longer, mistakes arent so severly punished as in top tier, and while propeler craft dont have radar and BVR combat, things like positioning, energy conservation and general awarness can be learned there; and its these foundations you build upon further with BVR combat etc.

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