Suggestion to add more models and separate WVR and BVR

As we all know,in history,air combat mode in warthunder has air battle/realistic battle,and simulation battle.But most popular(most aircraft spent time on )is realistic battle.With the gradual increase of high-tech aircraft .The performance of body an level of invivdual players are increasingly unable to countrol the game.That’s the truth,we all know that,everyboby knows stay low to hide fox1 and always keep eyes on 6o’clock flare and chaff when fox2 come.Boring and no interest.So,i suggest that separate WVR and BVR,let those people who love WVR and those who love BVR part.In history,WVR and BVR are two equally important exerise subjects,but in wwarthunder,game conflate with WVR and BVR.As we all know,in BVR speed is life,without speed,without everything.But in WVR,keep suitable speed is important.You must know when speed up,when speed down to keep the best turning radius and turning rate.And if you want have good dogfight skill,you need to learn BFM,to let warthunder more worthy of research.I dont think it’s diffcult for Gaijin to makea distinction WVR and BVR.They had already independent propeller dogfight competition as special event and limited-time rewards.I think going further let the pire dogfight mode join in game,existing patterns "air realistic"can be as BVR mode.That will be extremely enrich the player experience.

Let more and more player who love pure WVR and BVR see this!noboby likeshot missle over 10km2,and one match win or lose on 5 or 8min.

And,for adding more models,i think first we should let those dogfight experience come back and weaken the impact of weakening ground vehicles on battle situation.As all air realistic player know,in warthunder,there has a map half of the map is ocean,half of map is desert,one side ground target is little pillbox,one side is panther,PZ.IV,this map is very common on propeller room,i forget this map’s name.In this map if you(ground target is little pillbox) dont kill enemy attacker fast,you will easily lose game on 5 min,when you just climb to 4000,game over.Seriously affecting the game experience.destory ground target seriously affecting win or lose,if gaijin want to embody attacker and bomber’s importance,i hope gaijin can increase fractional bar to make fighters have enough time to fight and gain enough exp on fighting,not fight with one enemy over 5 min but no kill or be killed,only get nothing or 135 exp.Thats really annoyed.

Except making fight more fun and exciting,i think more model should add,like bomber squad to remake bombing tokyo and bombing berlin.One side flying bomber(bombing berlin is lancaster.stirling,bombing tokyo is b25,b29 …history bomber)and squad with AI or player,and the member of bomber should over 20.One side fly 109g/k,190a8/190d,a6m,j2m ki61 history fighter intercept bomber,and bomber player must understand keep squad is the only way to alive that will improve player teamwork.And intercept fighters must understand the way to kill bomber fast.

And jet racing is a good mode i think,gaijin has lots of beautiful map,and different jets racing at those map.While enjoying the scenery and racing.Meanwhile,you can use everything you have to prevent other jets faster than you.And of course missle and guns are limited ammo,like air realistic,and no ammo reload on racing,so you must careful calculation and strict budgeting.Now i come up with these modes,i hope everyboby will work together to make air realistic more diversified and interesting

add some settings,for intercept fighters,they will have AA guns support if bomber lower than 3000m bomber will be attacked by AA,and intercept fighters mission is aviod bomber bomb bomb to the target fighters protect