Suggestion to limit F8U-2 g-load

Me too,30min and when your speed high than 900,and use kyboad to maneuvering,you will very easy to break wings,i think this is a bug of f8u2

I heard F8U-2 had weak wings in real life just like in game.

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Just fly it correctly and the wings won’t rip. No need to add false limitations just because a player wants to smash the S key.


Adding a G limit would significantly hinder it’s low speed dog fighting capability. It’s probably one of the very few jets that can reliably dog fight against nearly every jet of it’s BR.

irl F8 Crusader has reputation for breaking its wing when over G as others said.
The tip is that F8U-2 will have less wing breaking when you stay at high alt.
Use air break when you really need to do high G turn or watch your speed before turning
Also you don’t need G limit when you can just adjust your mouse or control sensitive.

Also watch IAS, ignore the other speed measurement. I’ve only ripped my wings twice, once you learn how to not do it, it’s a great plane.

Ok,i knew that,thank you

IAS is lower than TAS,m preety sure that i keep my speed down lower than 1000tas,but still break,if on history,f8u-2 didnt has g limited ,thats fine,i just want to know that f8u-2 can easily break wings like game

Hope you guys can support my old topic about suggestion gaijin add more modes on realistic!Thank you!

IAS will be lower than TAS unless youre going sea level in which theyll be the same. TAS is your true air speed but the plane doesnt care anout your true air speed. Think of IAS as how fast the plane feels like its going, not how fast it actually is. When you fly higher, IAS drops so you can maintain mach 1 but your IAS will be like 600-700 in which you can pull decently hard without your wings falling off.

To prevent breaking wings when IAS is above 800-100, I tap the keyboard, I never use mouse for maneuvers (until I start aiming) or hold down the keyboard. F8U maintains speed better than 90% of the planes youll meet, you dont need to turn fight them immediately. Youll out energy most people you face pretty quickly.

Very important, stay high. Going on the deck is a death sentence for the F8U, you dont go fast enough, you dont accelerate fast enough, and you dont turn hard enough when going fast to compete with all the delta wings down there. Stay high and you can fully use the planes capabilities

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If your speed is less than 950 km/h then your wings wont break

f8u-2 cant supersonic and if you uptier,you cant catch any plane you meet,the most jet you can see,like f5,mig21smt mf,you cant catch them,and um pretty sure on one match,i keep my speed at 950-1000kph at 1000m,and when i use my keyboad trn,i brike my wing

And hope you can support my suggestion about add more mode about airlistic

yes,i played f8u-2 more than 1000 time,i know,if speed lower than 1000 kph,it wont be break wings,but the truth is i break my wings when after kill 4 player and try to kill the last one,i keep my speed at 950-1000 and try to gain more angle of attack,i break my wings,and lost,so im here make a new topic to redetermination that gaijin give f8u-2 wings right intensity.And i hope you can support my earily topic about add more modes to are realistic

This whole thread is a skill issue

Everybobdy knows that keep low speed and wont break wings,but why mig21 can pull 11,12g supersonic no need worry about break wings but f8u-2 players need always look the speed,if this situation is consistent with history,i will shut up.and skill issue you say,it’s just a sense of superiority that you are better than me.

1# Don’t play with more than 20min of fuel on the Crusaders, kinda of dumb, the plane is essentially transonic, after you get near mach there’s no need to use the afterburner, or instead use it on low stages to be more efficient. Go full blast only on climbs and dogfighting if you’re doing 2 circle. The less weight the more g’s you can pull. If you prefer to climb all game and play with aim9c you can do 30min.

2# It is not that hard to not keep pressing “s” or whatever pitch up key you use whenever you start to see the G number rise from 11 to 12+, because it spikes up to 13g+ very fast and that’s when u brake wings.

3# The F8U-2 has weaker wings than the F-8E but is like 1000kg lighter, you can pull 1G less than the F-8E but you have better maneuverability and climb, only top speed is a bit worse. Acceleration is about the same because power to weight is almost identical with the F-8U2 having a lil bit more.

Do you like aim-9C? Play the F-8E, otherwise, the F-8u2 is overall better.

no i dont like f8e i played f8u-2 more than 1000 match,and i always take 30 min fuel ,20 min fuel isnt enough,sometime,wing break is without warning,esespecially supersonic,and im pretty sure that f8u-2 speed lower than 800 cant break wings,but low speed at 10.3 10.7 is fatal.

I have like 300 something matches on the f8u2 and I have no issues with it.
If you have more than 1000 matches and still don’t know how to avoid breaking wings, I don’t know what to tell you… Are you using rudder inputs on high G maneuvers to roll?

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no,use keyboad pull up or turn and use aileron to roll,no rudder,and i dont break wings always maybe 10 time ha 2 or 3 break wings,this topic i just want to know that why f8u-2 has weak wings cant follow my inclinations like other mig21’s /f5’s…