Suggestion and Feedback for Naval Enduring Confrontation

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since there were any official posts about Naval Enduring Confrontation, and I hope this one will eventually become official over time.

How to Join:
For players unfamiliar with joining this captivating game mode, navigate to Events and Tournaments, then select Enduring Confrontation.


Naval Enduring Confrontation is available only from Thursday 12:00 GMT+1 to Monday 12:00 GMT+1, with a game rotation between Semi-arcade mode and Realistic.

You need to have ships in your lineup ranging from 4.7 to 5.0 to be eligible. The Battle Rating (BR) must be a minimum of 3.3. Once meeting these requirements, you can select ships with a maximum BR of 7.0. Additionally, planes within the specified BR range of 1.0 - 7.0 are allowed.


The rotation schedule is as follows:

Thursday 12:00 - Friday 12:00: Simplified mode
Friday 12:00 - Saturday 12:00: Realistic mode
Saturday 12:00 - Sunday 12:00: Simplified mode
Sunday 12:00 - Monday 12:00: Realistic mode

Gamemode Differences:
The main distinction lies in torpedo rearmament at sea after using all your torpedoes (similar to arcade battles) and during flight with a plane. The controls and HUD for ships are realistic.

What is Naval Enduring Confrontation:
Naval Enduring Confrontation is a game mode that can last around 3 hours at most. It unfolds on a full map where you have various objectives to lead your team to victory, such as convoy destruction/protection, capturing harbors, destroying bases (for planes), and protecting or destroying air bombers, spotters, and carriers.

How to Take a Ship:
Ships with a BR of 4.7 - 5.0 (and below) are free to select. For ships ranging from 5.3 to 7.0, it will cost Spawn Points (SP) earned through causing damage, securing kills, and assisting teammates. If you opt for a plane, you also need to accumulate SP.

Note: Each respawn will cost you Silver Lions.

How to Capture a Harbor:
To capture a harbor, you need to destroy 5 coastal turrets (the number never changes) and ensure the area is free of any enemy ships.

Currently, there are four maps with varying sizes:

  • Denmark (the largest)
  • Dover Strait (the middle one)
  • Saipan
  • Port Moresby (possibly the smallest)
  • Malta (removed from the rotation for unspecified reasons)

On my opinion, to start a battle, there should be a lobby creation as like Air enduring confrontation with a minimum of 8 players to start.
Actually, its writed 8-16 to start, but it need 16 players in all time.

Please gaijin, add same thing as air EC to play naval EC !
We need a lobby creation with only 8 players to start !!


There is other thing, can you please

  • remove post war AA from battle field
  • Remove jets from AI missions.
    Its pretty boring to chase jets with a prop.
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I like the idea of Naval EC (realistic mode), but just can’t survive the wait times to get in to a battle. When the waiting player count is around 1 to 2 for 10 minutes… you kinda lose interest

Gaijin should up gain as like before. They should add +50% rewards


Imho it’s the funniest game mode, at least for a naval and plane lovers.

I didn’t have the skills for writing such good guide, but it will be very interesting to expand adding plane objectives ( air superiority, bombing base and airfield, cas operations, capture points …;) and how to perform them.

It’s a pity for the (sometimes) infinite queue time… But I love it so much… I can wait 😃

Thank you @Bombe18 for the effort 👍


I hope that admin will pin this topic and make it official !

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To be honest, it’s not the first time I think what I can do ( as a player) for giving naval EC more interest in the whole community.

You’ve clearly made a step in this direction.

Let’s keep this thread alive and create some interest on it, maybe someone will join us…

See ya!!


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I’d like to share something linked with enduring confrontation.
It a vote to bring carriers playable

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Scoring in enduring confrontation should count in event


I tried it once and the torpedo rearmament only worked near the shore where capture points were located. Just like in RB where you can rearm near point located in the convoy area.

What day it was ? Cause in ARB it rearm in middle of nowhere.
Or maybe they deleted it?

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Played EC simplified this weekend, I can confirm the reload of torpedo even in the middle of the sea.

Reloading shells and missiles is possible only in friendly bases

I absolutely agree with starting it sooner, at this point me and a friend have been sitting and waiting for 45min. Mind you all, there have been between 10-14 for the past 30min. EC needs to start at 8 and add people as well as allowing inviting people to running battles.

Inviting players into the match could be a thing.
Then as said above, there should be a lobby as like plane simulator