SU25M3 Counter?

Also im wondering how the radar missiles will impact the frogfoot.

The issue for the Tornado, is that it cant turn fast enough. By the time you actually start flying perpendicular, with any kind of meaningful speed, you’ve already been hit. This is in part an issue with the Placeholder Tornado flight model. In part the fact the Tornado is designed for low level, not high alt. It struggles in that respect. Diving is basically the only option, but it means the PGMs and GBUs are a lot less effective. you basically have to over fly the battlefield instead of using stand-off weapons. Which is the main advantage of the AGM-65 and KH-38.

Yes, though the Harrier has a much better FM to the Tornado currently. Also dumping 700 CMs as you dive helps a lot. Tornado only has 56 (though should be more like 1576).

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I never flew the tornados and this confirms i made the right choice.
Didn’t they get lowered in in BR though for ground rb ?

The Tornado WTD61 and MFG which have no guided weapons at all, are now 10.3. But the others are all still 11.3.

Actually they screwed them over more than buffed them. They should all be identical in airmodes, but 3 have a higher BR for “reasons”

The Tornados should be really good. But Gaijin just screws them over quite a lot.

Current CM count: 56
Actual CM count: 56 Large flares, 1200 chaff (Tornado Gr1 can also get 2x BOL for 320 more CMs)

Placeholder FM that nerfs out instanteous turn rate by about 60%

Missing a load of weapons both those in game like Martels (found on the buc S2B) and those not, like CBUs and HARM.

Missing emergency combat thrust (found on the mig-21s)

Missing Sky Shadow ECM (granted not modeled yet)

Missing everything to do with its A2G radar.

The Tornados are in a kinda sad state currently. its a real shame. But soon™ we hope:


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so play a light tank and scout

Only counter is another plane… so for a large majority of the ground rb population its untouchable