SU25M3 Counter?

I’m tired of SU25M3 plague… How to counter ?

get a plane in the air as soon as possible to shoot it down. Its the only thing to do right now.

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Wait till after the update then u gotta counter both Su-27SM air-to-ground missiles and also the SM3


Lol… “ground battle”…


Wait for gaijin to introduce viable SPAAs


I had the opportunity to do a few frags with it, the whole procedure to get 4 kills takes about 5-10 seconds from the moment of respawn. Virtually no chance of stopping him if you don’t time his spawn perfectly

My current strategy involves an F-15J with a generous helping of AAM-3s.

It works pretty well against them, though usually only happens after they’ve already killed me from way outside the range my Type 81C is capable of

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I guess u dont complain about f16s that does the exact same thing


Su-25SM3 doesnt have to worry about Pantsir 99% of the time. F-16s do.


The only counter to the KH-38 is to spawn CAP and intercept them.

Gaijin has unfortunately not adjusted spawn point cost of CAP to reflect this.


It wouldn’t matter if it had to worry about the Pantsir it can fire outside of its range as well lol

But Pantsir can at least shoot down the KH38s like they can shoot down AGM-114 and AGM-65s and PGMs

The F-16’s AGM-65G is 13KM, the KH-38 is 40KM and easily fired at 20KM, the longest range NATO SPAA is 12KM range.

The Pantsir is 18KM range, that’s 5KM of free firing time at the F-16 trying to lock you. You can also intercept the missile just as NATO SPAA is able to intercept.

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NATO SPAA can shoot down the KH-38 as well but limited ammo makes interception of munitions not a “proper” counter.

Easy counter: Leave the game


J’ing out to deny a kill would be effective if the plane didn’t carry 4 missiles allowing it to get 3 free kills.

I fly Gripen around it air spawn and shoot it down soon after it spawn (or more ugly with Harrier GR7 hovering at their air spawn point)
BS problem requires more BS solution i guess

CAP is the only possible counter to future CAS unless systems like the Patriot are added which it seems Gaijin is not willing to do.

The spawn point cost of CAP should be made to reflect this new reality. Unfortunately Gaijin still has yet to allow first spawn of fighters carrying only A2A missiles.

how many bombs that can be dropped from the orbit where no SPAA can do shit the F16 carry?