SU-27 J-11 Nerf?

One of the main things that’s been noted since the update is the rather mediocre flight performance of the Su-27, leading one to even say that it’s one of the worst airframes that came out of the update, bar the weapons. Obviously, up to 6 R-27ERs (whose effectiveness is up in the air given the current lawnmower meta) and 4 R-73s makes for a powerful mix in the 16v16 shitfests of Air RB, but once you’re out of missiles, you’re similarly out of options to do anything, really.

The main issue observed currently, along with other things people have noted (acceleration, sustained turn, etc) is how easily/quickly it loses energy, needing only one relatively hard turn to start falling out of the air. People have also mentioned that with full-real controls, the Su-27 feels more alive, more responsive, whatever you’d like to call it. Thus comes my question: Is it the flight model, is it the instructor being fucky, or is it both?

I have no illusions about the Su-27’s capabilities, and I understand it’s a very large aircraft and as a result, is pretty damn heavy as well. That being said, the current representation in game, that being reminiscent of a fat MiG-21, is more than a bit off the mark.

In any case, I do hope Gaijin does something to fix the Flanker relatively soon. I obviously can’t say I speak for everyone that flies Russian planes, but I’d be willing to exchange the number of R-27ERs it’s allowed to carry (if at all, if it came down to that) for an improved flight model, anything that doesn’t feel this gimped.


Have not obtained it (103K RP left). I have tried it in test flight.

It seems like the flight performance in high subsonic speed is too bad and it is difficult to maintain the optimal substained turn rate (it keeps losing speed/altitude), which is wrong.

Edit: have obtained it. Not interest to purchase Su-27.


Yeah, it got nerfed, read the datamines. Su-27 loses energy at unholy rates at speed <1.0m, because the oswald efficiency was cut in a half


Why though?

No one knows

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So what you cannot turnfight? F15 has worse missiles and turns a little bit better, thus balance (however it should get Aim7p at least).

This chart also provides information about behaviour regarding speed and drag, it’s not as much of a difference.

Oswald efficiency is a variable that can be measured on 3D model and succesfully estimated.

Here is how to do it. Should be around 0.7 i believe, but propably this is one of a balance factor for the aircrafts so in this case:


Muh weak Su-27 gaijin buff pls


i feel as if instructor needs a massive rework or remove, the mirage 2000 is able to pull a circle consistently at like 250KPH but instructor limits it to pulling at 310, which fucks people up in fights

same situation with F-16A/C where instructor limits too much, cutting the low speed aoa up

the instructor for energy retention fighters like the su27 and F15 lets them pull wayyyyy too hard so they just dump all their speed, and since the F-15 (haven’t looked at flanker yet) is still underpowered by about 2.4KGf in each engine it would kinda explain why it loses speed so hard in one turn, possibly same with the flanker

Getting 8 kills is nothing at that br

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Remove the R-27ERs for sure. Or limited its load-out to two. Also its stock missile should be R-60MKs and move the R-73s to tier 4 like the 9Ms.

Just give everyone else stock 9M’s. We the player base are all on the same team fighting developers who wanna make us suffer.


Still get rid of the R-27ERs though but sure.

Get rid of 7f and m also do not forget about aim54 if you are already asking for removal ah ye remove also f5c flares and do not forget to make historical flares in F4 as they have too much flares right now as chaff takes more space than the flare


Can Russia/China have something nice? and not always the dominance of the USA in the top tier air?

R-27ERs will be not removed.

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They still can’t comprehend that su27 isn’t the problem and gripen is


Su27 has had its fm artificially nerfed like the mig29s have, while most of its opponents got artificial fm buffs


I know that

Look around, both here on the forums and the content creator reviews on it. It’s considered to have the most blatantly overpowered load-out in the game. You start with stock R-73s, its best IR missile and one of the best IR missiles in the game, while everyone else doesn’t. And you can carry up to six of them while everyone else has to grind out theirs as a tier four module. Not to mention it’s HMD helping it sling those missiles at ridiculous angles.

And then you get up to six of the best SARH missiles in the game on top of that. Like it’s not even really debatable. No one else has a radar missile even close to it.

Ah yes, let the only nation you can buy a full top-tier line-up in via premiums and event vehicles, whose top MBTs haven’t benefited for years with having a black void in their crew compartment that swallows side shots like nothing, and was set to be the only nation to get spall liners (again, as if they needed it) until Gaijin got called out on how BS that was. It’s not like they’re waiting alongside US and German players to finally get their correct armor values for how many years now?

Sorry, but no. Russian bias doesn’t need another W. The Su-27 and J-11will be fine even if they severely reduce how many R-27ERs they can carry. They had no issue restricting the Yak-141 to two.

The problem isn’t even the performance of these aircraft, it’s the performance of the weapons they carry.
Russian missions need nerf in general

MiG-29s are performing according to IRL charts