Sturmgeschütz 76 (r)

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As already suggested by @Zodicab here for USSR I would like to suggest the recaptured German vehicle for Germany.

The 76,2 cm S-1 auf Pz.Kfw.III or in German intelligence documents also called simply “Sturmgeschütz 76” or “Sturmgeschütz 76 (r)”

From the German perspective its is completely logical to recapture and use the vehicle, as the hull and most parts are German and the gun uses the standard 76,2x385mm ammo, which ever Germany produced and used their own. (Also in T-34 and so on).
This would also make it slightly more different to the Russian used one, as it has different (better) ammo available as well.

Historically speaking (see more above in the original post above) the SU-76I (I standing for Inostrannaya (foreign) was created out of need by the Russians. In Fall of 1941 the Red Army had a great need for a light SPG armed with the standard 76mm gun, but demands were not meat until December 1942, until the normal (and in game SU-76M that later appeared) was ready. However production demand was still not met, as such Factory #37 Started to convert Pz IIIs and StuG IIIs to use a F-34 (Standard T-34 gun) in a fixed casemate.
Another project was the mounting on 122mm guns (SG-122) which were overloaded and less successful, however 181 were build with additional 20 Command vehicles.
And as such also some were recaptured and reused.

Germany itself captured lots of different guns, reused them, updated and improved them (reworked mountings, drilling out to 714mm casings, new muzzle brakes and new ammo (Pzgr.39, Pzgr.39 Rot, Sprgr.39, Gr.38 Hl/B and C, Pzgr.40) for all of them.

And here i suggest the recaptured German Sturmgeschütz 76 (r), knocked out in late 1943 was a SU-76I from the 128 Pz.Jg.Abt. 23 Pz.Div.

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Now to the other special part, Gun and Ammo.
While standard captured Russian ammo is also used, Germany produced (with 385 and 714mm casings) own ammo for the all of the guns, modified and not.

Ammo Casing: 76,2x385mmR



Pzgr. 39 Rot (Apcbc) 7,6 kg 20g H.10 600m/s 109mm/10m


Pzgr. 39 (Apcbc) 7,1 kg 80g Fp.02 and Np.10 (102,4 g TnTa) 625m/s 106mm/10m


Pzgr. 40 (Apcr) 4,15 kg 28x111mm 0,90kg Core 850 m/s 155mm/10m


Gr. 38 Hl/C (Heat) 5,05 kg 515 g H.10 (875,5g TnTa) 455m/s 115mm/10m

Just a adapted 75mm Gr. 38


Sprgr. 39 (He) 6,25 kg 585g Fp.02 and Np.10 (748,8g TnTa) 550 m/s


The Vehicle:
Length: 6 900 mm.
Width: 2 910 mm.
Height: 2 375 mm.
Clearance: 350 mm.

Weight: 22 500 kg.
Crews: 4 (driver, commander, gunner, loader)
Engine: 12-cylinder Maybach HL120 TRM, 300 PS/3000 RPM
Top road speed 50 km/h
Hull Armor Front 50 mm, sides 30 mm, rear 20 mm.
Upper Armor Front 35 mm, sides 25 mm, rear and roof 15 mm.
(There were 30 and 50mm ones, the German one is visibly equipped with a Fahrersehklappe 50 and other later parts showing it is a 50mm armor one.

Source:(Click to show)

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SU-76i Red Army Soviet WW2 76.2mm Self Propelled Gun preserved in Moscow

And for the ammo:
Munition der 7,62 cm Geschütze
Geschossringbuch I


Having the re-captured version in the German tree with German ammo would be really cool. +1


+1 at possibly 2.7? more powerful shells + SU76i (which itself should sit at 2.3)