Stuck at "Loading Modes"

i also still have the same issue for couple of days

i’ve had the issue ever since like april 20th

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I’m getting annoyed now since the you have to launch the game 10 times just to get the loading modes to unstuck or use my smartphone to use extra data just unfvck the loading modes. Its infuriating for me I’m wasting money more just buying data for my phone just to play this game gaijin pls fix this

Hi, i got the same problem for few days now, often restart worked, but for the past 2 hours it didn’t work then i found this clear cache thing, What is the cache and how do you clear it? - Knowledgebase - War Thunder - Official Forum. I got 1,69 GB something of cache cleared.

Tried it, and changed internet connection to my mobile phone, it works now (usually i switched back to home wifi after game runs). Not sure which of the two above made it works. You can try either or both.

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I’'ve had this problem for a month now. Finally posting here about it while I wait to play.

Still a thing on May 18th 2024.

Loading modes…

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Try this suggestion here about the windows firewall, and the network location settings in particular.

Be sure to have your game folder exempted by your antivirus, and windows defender.

If it keeps happening after that, go into the game folder, with the game closed, find the EAC folder, run EAC setup as admin, and repair service.

Having the same issue for the last month, this is certainly only for SEA region. Cleared cache, checked here there antivirus firewall NOTHING works, changed my internet provider doesn’t work, hotspot doesn’t work what works is SOMETIMES VPN connection to US server then sometimes it loads, then I disconnect it. SEA players usually only get 300 ping but somehow it skyrockets to 400-500 now with 20 PL on average match, this makes most SEA player cannot access the game.

Need more deeper investigations on what’s going on? Was it because of the submarine incident in Singapore?

same here, i think SEA region had same problem, i even did change my provider

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still happens to me.
i’ve been trying for about 2 hours and still stuck at “loading modes”
please fix this, i don’t want my premium account goes to waste.

hi, if using stand alone…click the latest launcher url bottom right…and update the launcher works sometimes

so its not just me then and i thought something wrong with my ISP, im also in SEA region and i always have this issue at around 6pm to 12am, sometime it happens outside that hour but i can get to battle faster, and i also have this problem since a month ago

I am about to Join the battle realistic mode and the game suddenly kick me out of game security violated, while i only listen to music on Youtube. now i am stuck in loading mode again, i have tried log in and log out so many times but still nothing change.

I have same issue

Should try what I mentioned just up a bit… It’s definitely to do with EAC.

ok i will try to do it

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SEA-ME-WE-5 cable has been broken since the 21st of April and since then people in South East Asia have not been able to connect to European servers or extremely slow. I’ve been tracking the lowyat forums since April (I’m Malaysian btw) regarding this and it still isn’t fixed. Just letting you know.

Supposedly is to be fixed on the last final week of May (it already is and Wednesday) but has not as of typing this.

Until this cable gets fixed (the break is within Indonesians waters. According to one news article “it’s going to take a while due to administration work on Indonesia side”)

The lack of news coverage is making me wonder things. Only Bangladesh is covering this yet Malaysia isn’t although cable connects to a hub here? No comment lah but not much news and genuinely suspicious

This though should’ve had routing changes made to make the issue not exist… It’s how the internet was designed.

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It was supposed to be rerouted to SEA-ME-WE-4 but clearly it hasn’t or that cable network isn’t able of supporting our internet structure as of today

What’s going on? I also don’t know lah. Lack of coverage also never help.

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lol, yea, all we can do is urge people to try things.

When I googled it when it was new I noticed there was literally jack reporting then.

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Yeah lah only Bangla news paper covering it. Everyday I’m stalking Lowyat forums just to find out what’s going on and there’s quite a few conspiracy theories to people bringing up & networking statistics.

Nothing on the news is really really damn suspicious. Something has to be going on.