Stuck at "Loading Modes"

DxDiag.rar (18.7 KB)

Hello. I have been trying to play game but every time i log in it gets stuck at loading modes. i restarted game and my computer many times and reinstalled it twice. i have attached screenshots. and dxdiag.

Please someone help.

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This is a server/internet issue. Your game is not broken, but it is having difficulty connecting to the servers and/or internet. This happens to me too whenever the servers kinda die.

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got the same issue. still not fixed

same issue, thought i was being banned or something, turns out to not be the case. Hopefully this doesn’t cause me to quit the game forever.

Still hasn’t been fixed. Been like that since 2pm GMT+8 yesterday (Sat) for me

I have same issue it’s been like 2 day and the problem still there. Any info regarding problem is highly appreciated

are gaijin banned all IP from asia and australia? atleast some of gaijin team can write something about it, because i can see american and europe based can connect the game modes. if you guys not writing anything, what the purpose of “forums” , is it only for one side information ?

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ok i know the proble, its easy anti cheat. use vpn to connect to USA before loggin, then after game modes loaded you can turn it off

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its been 24 hours. still not fixed.

Just use VPN like WARP for server connection and then disconnect when you are able to load into the game.
Either EAC having mental breakdown or Gaijin is banning ISPs from SEA player for some reason.
I think its EAC again being a retard.

the VPN thing worked, i will still be playing WT but not as frequently just in case of anything acting up

ya vpn worked… but need to change area each time for login. hope it gets fixed soon

I am experiencing the same problem, yesterday I played normally, but today the game cannot load the modes, I hope it will be solved soon because I was doing the Chinese tank event.

i am experiencing same problem since 2 days ago, all server (europe, America, and Asia) seems stuck in loading modes. hope it get fixed soon

I have the same issue here in SEA, and even if I get into a game, it usually involves 500+ pings with 50%+ packet loss. I’m losing premium time here.

same with me, connecting via vpn will bypass to loading game mode. after disconnecting vpn, and play, my ping is high and more then 20 pl. please helpppppp

Any new on these? I am still having “Loading Modes” problem.
Having tons of boosters here and they are useless of them if i can’t put them to use.

Likewise Loading Modes - once in a blue moon I get to play a game but loading modes times out all the time. Hey Gaijin when you gonna fix this ?

Same Issue as well, been going on since mid April for me, soon to be one month in with the issue, still not resolved.

i also still have the same issue for couple of days