Stuck at "Loading Modes"

I agree, the problem seems related to SEA region. i already do anything but i need permanent solution and that solution seems to fix that cable.

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oh so thats why… and as an Indonesian we’re sorry for slowing down the repair process and i can admit that our bureaucracy sometime can be complicated and make ppl here pissed af, i just hope the cables can be repaired ASAP

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Its is super pain to play now, I have to play on NA, EU, or CIS with 300-400 ping with 20PL+ on ARB it is literally mental torture.

Man, it’s been 1 month for loading modes issue, and now even worse
For the first time problem it can be fix from relogin account, now it can’t :(

Just in warthunder, for other game look’s normal and nothing happen

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As a Malaysian.

If it was our waters we are no different

For war thunder to work you have to connect to European servers when logging in which is why it’s problematic in WT alone.

Battlefield V, Insurgency sandstorms, Isonzo Asian server’s no issues for me.

It’s the obvious solution and honestly has to happen quickly but due to administration and also because of the lack of coverage I don’t know when it’ll get done or if its even started.

It’s also the conflation of other issues into this sort of thing too. Some will be facing an EAC error, and could also be facing a cached profile in the cache folder in the game situation.

We almost need for Gaijin to throw a server to tracert to, to verify the issue being the connection, or the others.

This could be something to ask the GMs/CMs/Techs for.

Good luck on that

I know, but there used to be a tracert support post on the other forum, which was literally the same as this.

Because things have changed so much I doubt that server is where it needs to be now.

Hello, im from indonesia too. got the sama issue here like just right now my WT got Loading modes, i try everything but it seems its just from Gaijin ?

i hope Gaijin can fix this issue becuz i luv playing WT lmao, doesnt want to quit this game

I’ve had this problem for 2 months here in Singapore.

For at least the last week I can’t log in at all.

Connecting to server and if I actually get past that I get stuck at loading modes.


hello brother from indo… im from indo too :) i dont know if you’re still having the loading modes problem, if you are you could try using a vpn or personally i use cloudflare warp cause it doesn’t really lag that much… hopes this helps :)