Leave the game for no reason


I’ll try to explain my problem.

On Friday the 26.04 I could still play WT normally without disconnections or anything else. Everything was normal.

On Monday when I turned on the PC again and played a round of WT, I was kicked out of the game after about 5:30 minutes - but as if I had left it on purpose. At first I dismissed it as a bug, but after 10 reinstalls and several PC cleanings - no success. After exactly 5:30 minutes I quit the game as if I had pressed ESC myself and then wanted to return to the hangar. Support is a long time coming, nobody from my clan can help me. I’ll give it a try here.

I haven’t changed anything on the PC.

Thanks for the help.

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I made a post about this also, there are several other posts. I get kicked out between 5:15-5:30 every single match. How are we supposed to complete these ridiculous achievements in game when this going on?


This timing is significant being that it’s shared, and it’s so close…

You guys may want to submit a bug report if it’s not getting any better with any of the suggestions anywhere.

I do think that EAC could be throwing you out, but that’d be giving you a message as you returned to the hangar mentioning it.

I saw people talking about it on Instagram too, I login once a day to confirm it’s still an issue for me.

So, I did a little testing.

First I installed and played the game on my wife’s PC. No problems so far. Played every round continuously etc. That made me wonder whether it might be due to the hardware.
I completely reset the PC to zero. Reinstalled everything and then it worked normally again for about 2 days. Today on Sunday 5.5.24 it started again.

The support doesn’t explain anything to me, completely incompetent people who probably know less than you do. I also submitted a request to EAC, because in RB you always get a cheat complaint for every kill.

I also don’t know how long this can go on for. A ban for leaving the game too early is sure to follow soon.

I’m slowly running out of ideas.

This is also interesting.

Dunno why people using VPN also have more luck.

What’s the message that is coming up when you get kicked out? If it’s saying you’ve been reported 10 times, that’s a manual report that has been submitted by the players.


yes, it shows that I have been reported for ANTICHEAT. I don’t quite understand that.

I have already tried to report EAC to see if they can find the exact reason. No message back.

But I don’t have a direct message during the game or after the game. I only get a message when I am kicked that my rewards will be paid after the game. So that’s where the typical billing table comes in.


With your network connection be sure it’s set to private, not public, and check your firewall settings maybe…

That could explain the VPNs and other PCs working.

That’s messed up that that message is coming up.


I have now taken a few steps.

I no longer have the game running on Steam. But via the Gaijin Launcher.

I only installed the HD version of the ground vehicles.

Graphics settings only on high.

Network was actually set to public, now set to private.

I have now completed two rounds and have been able to play through both.

I’ll keep testing and get back to you with the final results in the hope that it’s fixed!

Thanks for the help!

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I’ve done all these steps and nothing worked for me or anyone else I know. Three others in my Squadron are having the same issue as me as well as many others in the forums and on instgram.

Be sure to check EXACTLY what I’ve raised…

That network setting is notorious, and if the firewall is blocking something, that could explain a lot.

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