Stop. Removing. Sniper. Positions. From. Long. Range. Maps

I couldn’t imagine a better meme lol, the map would be good, extensive etc, several points where they could be used as a capture point, but they force you to play 20% of it, and approximately across the entire range, with hills that you You have to stay at most 200 m from the target…



the new event vehicle can shoot… what?

150 meters?

wanna bet the Next event vehicle will be a battering ram for extra CQC fun

Go back up and look at the start of this thread, the post I MADE.

Talking about how they are at a Disadvantage BECAUSE Gaijin keeps removing the sniper points they need to be competitive.

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i would love to like this post (but at the time of writing this i cannot, due to the amount of likes is currently set at 69) and you know what they say, i’m not going to be the one that changes this value, its perfect just the way it is

I totally agree with your statement btw you have my 100% backing, just not the heart lol

There should be long range maps, CQB, Urban, Jungle Desert etc etc, that’s the whole point


I disagree with this “Put sniper spots for long range”, because some people (like me) are bad at finding sniper positions at long ranges like 1km and more, and sometimes it is impossible for anybody.

So, what these people will (probably) do if there will be too much sniper positions: they will go for the sniper spots because that’s where everyone will probably be, everyone will be packed up out there, and then they will just kill each other and the sniper spots are not sniper spots anymore, as all the battles happen right there, while the rest of the map is abandoned.

But, again, at least having a few sniper points can give you a lot of kills if used properly, so it can solve/reduce the grind. Also, as told by many But if there will be no sniper points, the Ground battles will be much much f*cking harder, so yeah.


Should maybe add in some more ways to counter spots instead of removing them. For example, there’s a great spot on C4, but instead of removing it, you add 1-2 spots on E6 or whatever which can take care of the C4 spot.

Win/Win, people who want to snipe/camp can do it, but there are also ways to counter them for the opponent by going xy-path or on xy-Hill.

Probably requires more effort than just removing spots though.


Since GJ is adamant about removing sniping spots, they should remove any accessability for rat vehicles to hide in buildings on caps. If I cant snipe, nobody should be able to lockdown a cap or massively increase artillery lethality to light vehicles so hiding in a building on cap that cant be accessed by other tanks is automatically a death sentence.

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you have missed the entire point of this thread


whoever redzoned top right and bottom left corners of North Holland is out of their mind… if you’re that afraid of camaping, place obstructions around the southern team’s west spawn.


This post I wrote last week has been flagged by the community as hateful conduct and offensive behaviour. Editing it has restored it, but if it gets flagged again, staff will have to look at it before it’s un-hidden a second time.

I would really like to know why the users who flagged this post feel it is hateful conduct. What a bizarre thing to flag.


They do look the same i some is older and some is newer

I fear those who shouted loudest won, so now us with half a brain who will think outside the box, explore, hunker down and so on have to now play bumper cars with the rest of the fodder.

The game is becoming so arcade and plastic now, I miss the old maps so much, without redzone locking you out, rewarding you if you found a nice spot. I miss cas actually doing its job than just revenging killing, you know bombing threats or folk in awkward locations.


Now i get flash backs at the red fortress

New Tunisia map is also one sided ,full of bugs ,CAS paradise

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Post hidden again. I hope a member of staff sees it and acts upon it.

you hang in the spawn you deserve to get killed

Nah ,make all maps flat ,so that Russians can get faster to enemy spawn.That is the plan isn’t it .

Hang in the spawn? I was getting sniped 2 minutes into the game leaving my spawn on some maps my guy

my brother in Christ the very fundamental design of the first tank was to tank hits, the designs of most NATO tanks during the cold war to now are sitting hull down killing less expensive russian MBT’s in places like the fulda gap.

if tanks weren’t designed to tank hits they wouldn’t be used as cover by russian armed forces in multiple conflicts when crossing obstacles.

you, and by the extension your company seem to lack that basic understanding and instead make this game play like a COD ripoff in vehicle form and it shows

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