Stop. Removing. Sniper. Positions. From. Long. Range. Maps

ESPECIALLY when you have a ENTIRE Techtree of vehicles who’s Country after ww2 designed all their tanks to sit back at range and tank hits to their turrets, and have very accurate return fire.

What the HELL is a Challenger 1, Chieftain, or even the Conqueror! supposed to do these days with all the Sniper spots removed? We don’t have the armor or mobility to be on the front lines, and without those sniper positions there is not much else we CAN do other than just rush forward into the meat grinder and die to Under tiered Russian vehicles that can go through our armor like butter even if we WERE sniping at extreme ranges.



There is no longer reason to explore a map and try new things.


Yeah, Im hating GRB for the same reaosn. These tanks are meant for long range, hull down fire and they are forced to Brawl with tanks designed to brawl and thus are just getting destroyed.

Its kinda insane actually.


Sniping spots? You mean shooting from spawn to spawn?

There is no sniping in this game, we are all forced to brawl like a CoD game.


I donno, how else are you going to find out what they removed and what is still available?
The problem is that the maps were designed by people used to CoD, so the maps more like amusement parks instead of real terrain. Players got used to being able to mountain goat on top of cartoonish boulders. Now they are trying to undo that without throwing out the maps they paid for.


This is not a sniping game… whats the point when everyone hides and nothing happens…

And no… Tanks were not designed to “Tank” hits… Tanks are designed for survivability just in case they sustain a hit…


I am actually disapointed in this statement.

Some tanks have great armor, some have not. Some have great gun depression, some have not. Some are effective at range, some are not.

This statement actually saddened me more than the handling of the Air Superiority update.

By this logic, a utensil is a utensil - no matter if it is a knife, a spoon or a fork.


Everyone says this on the forums, but in game, the largest maps see huge numbers of ODL’s, yet supposedly, everyone loves them and wants more?

Fire Arc is awful, Pradesh abysmal, Poland is meh at best and I haven’t played enough Red Desert to make a conclusion.

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Also - did a mod just indirectly confirm that the game is forced to be played in a EXACT & SPECIFIC way instead of allowing player ingenuity and tactic?


To me it seems the game can’t figure if it wants to be realistic or use the term realistic loosely.

We can not have a new vehicle addition or accurate depiction cause lack of material yet same time, vehicle characteristics are ignored and places that you will realistically be able to drive to gets cut off.

I mean, why can’t a tank hide in a defilade and utilize hull down / gun down & berm drill tactics? Not like that is being used in the real life at all.

In terms of

Just look for the red covering on the map.


I never see people complain about Tunisia, I quite often get long games in it and people in chat always wish it was more common. Fulda is also an actual tank map but traversing it can be slow.

I agree with Fire Arc and Poland, those are the worst out of the best tank maps and are in need of an overhaul, like European province.

Edit: by Poland I meant the winter version


Agree, they constantly shrink the map and delete those sniper points. Many vehicles without armor and relying on maneuverability tactics cannot fully utilize their strengths, and are forced to confront heavy armor head-on in a narrow space. It’s too foolish


Do you realize that you got a decal in the game that says “sniper” in russian? Gaijin sold me an Object 120, for sure it isn’t meant to be used as an heavy tank at close quarters, so why all these changes to maps that only ruin the game for more than half of the tanks available?
I play every type of tank but this is getting ridiculous and if that is some type of official position by Gaijin I’m getting worried about the future of the game and all that I’ve invested in it.



You heard it here folks. Only one way to play the game, just brawl and get screwed. Don’t use your brains, tanks are actually just trucks with extra protection.

Forum mod said it!


I got really stunned by this statement I had to read it several times to check if I’ve read it wrong at first glance. This sticks out like a sore thumb, especially when written by a staff member.

There are plethora of vehicles in this game that are purposely built for sniping, so outside of that playstyle their efficiency falls of a cliff, which then puts those vehicles at a massive disadvantage. You do realize that, right ?
Their whole purpose in existing is to sit back, hide and snipe, which is glaringly obvious by the amount of tradeoffs they’re getting just to have a few sniper-oriented things (shells, optics, etc.) going on for them.

If Gaijin is really adamant about their “no sniping” thing, they should either remove sniping vehicles (Sturer Emil comes to mind instantly) from the game completely, or drastically lower their BRs to compensate for the abnormal playstyle they’re literally forced to utilize.


I am curious how something like the Striker (Britain ATGM Launcher) is meant to fight in CQB?


Striker has it good, it actually has a turret whereas dozens of vehicles don’t have that “comfort” and are basically hull aiming in their forced, CQC knife fights against brawlers.
(EDIT: I was thinking about M1128, not the GB TD)

This game isn’t CoD, but yet most of our games are consisting of barrel-touching, knife-fighting gameplay where we chase each other around buildings on ridiculously small maps.


Yeah, I was just about to say. I think you are thinking of the wrong vehicle :D


Though its min range is a lot better than it use to be:


was like 1km not that long ago

(yes I know you can drag the missile down to hit a target that close, just not all ATGM launchers need to do that, so its worth considering, especially in a CQB fight)