Stop. Removing. Sniper. Positions. From. Long. Range. Maps

That is not what mobile defense is. Thats static defence position with tanks moving along the same static defense line. Mobile defense means whole defense line is moving forward or backward. It also includes flanking so defense line can move.

The Conqueror?

That things ENTIRE Philosophy was to sit in dug in positions behind the Centurions, and land accurate, long range, Deadly fire on Soviet Heavies and the tougher medium tanks that the Centurions couldn’t deal with.


New map leaked


The Chieftains and Challengers are also built off that same basic concept, Sit at the back, Lob high power rounds at tanks from extreme ranges with sights and accuracy that is far above their enemies.

I fail to see how you entire challenger etc spam is on topic on MAPS??? How about you all move it to private channels.

Can a mod pls clear the topic from non map related spam??

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Prove they were doing this. All accounts I read are static defense in prepared hull down positions

This is the best I could find given my limited time, in terms of reading material. My knowledge of this comes from personal accounts of people who’ve been there.

Remember - just because there are prepared dug-in positions which tanks can enter, does not make it static defense. You go in, fire a couple rounds, move onto the next position. If you’re overwhelmed, you move back to another prepared line.

Not a single british tank since the Comet has been fast enough to do this lol.

Centurion, Conqueror, Chieftain, Challenger 1/2 are all mostly incredibly overweight underpowered tanks.


Found the CQC fan that hates long-range sniping maps.
No, you CQC fans are very much not the minority.

Imagine thinking you can read minds. Also imagine thinking the guy doesn’t like it because of CQB when the only thing that was removed from the map was the hill and THAT WAS USED ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY FOR SNIPING THE FLAGS FROM AFAR.

God you will never have a correct take once.


Sands of Sinai had its CQC portion removed last year.
And now it’s getting two positions that don’t offer anything to the map removed.

Sands of Sinai is the most consistent long range map now.

Not sure why you’re claiming that liking long range sniping maps is an incorrect take…
Then again, you called the Centurions and Conq too slow…

You do this every time you argue with someone, to try and delegitimise their opinion. I’m sorry to say, it doesn’t work in this case, because I’m willing to let the facts speak for me, rather than just words.

So, here’s a replay on Sands Of Sinai. You can watch the replay for yourself, until the update drops. None of the kills I scored in this match were in CQB, and four of them were over 1500 metres.

To save you some time in case you don’t actually watch it: the ISU-122S was at 1900m. The ZSU-57-2 was at 1950m. The FV4202 was at 2100m. The Charioteer at just over 1900m.

By the way. The vehicle I was using in this map is the perfect example of a vehicle that you’d never pick as your first spawn in a CQC map, because of the horrible gun handling and zero armour, especially if you’re trying to spade it, since when it’s stock, it only gets HESH and HE.

Just yesterday I was telling a friend that I’m unlikely to ever repeat or surpass the longest-range kill I ever got in GRB (a T26E5 I killed with the Jagdtiger on Fire Arc at 2750m) because there are simply no more maps in that BR’s rotation that make those engagement ranges possible, and I found that to be pretty sad.

I’m not saying every map, or even most maps, should be like this, at all. I just think the variety of vehicles in War Thunder means that there should be an area of the map rotation system that allows every type of vehicle to be the “meta” choice once in a while.

Now that you’ve been presented with this information, I expect you will acknowledge that your “CQC lover” claim was ill-judged and that it will be revised, since I’m sure you’re an intellectually honest adult.

EDIT: post flagged by the community as “hateful conduct” (???). Not really sure what part of this comment is supposed to be hateful, but alright.


Then why are you complaining about Sands of Sinai?
If you dislike CQC, then Sands of Sinai changes are good for you as they were me.

If you watched the replay, you would know that the sniping position I used in that match is the hill that’s being Thanos-snapped out of existence. With the removal of elevation changes, long range fighting on this map will be much harder especially for very low vehicles like the JPz 4-5, and will generally be only advisable if you have armour… Again… Because there’s simply not enough cover. Which means that the only feasible ways left to play the map will be:

1 - Frontal assault into the village at C
2 - Flank through the desert with something extremely mobile to get to A without being shot
3 - Hug the rocks at the centre of the map so you can engage and support any of the caps from cover

3 is now incredibly powerful, because the primary counter to the exploitation of that area was the sniping spots, and they’re gone. Just like the primary counter to the sniping spots was the mountain road for flanking, which was removed last time. As a sniper, I’d know. You’d have to watch your back or someone would flank your position.

In short, there will be much more of the core gameplay loop we always do. The only difference made by the size of the map is that it takes you longer to drive to the central position where you’ll have the same knife fight you would have had on a smaller map. Literally the worst of both worlds.

Definitely not a map I’ll second-spawn in after it gets flattened.

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There are 10+ more sniping positions you can go on the map.

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Fundamental problem with maps is that they will cater to one maybe two playstyles while butchering all others. This is why for example large Maginot is great map mixing both CQB and long range. So stuff like ATGM carriers can be used. Even regular/large Hurtgen is also good as it follows same design.

Where problems start to show is when you have either pure CQB or pure long range map. Where some tanks become useless and others gain massive advantage.

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A map that has so much potential but they ruined it with the capture points.

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I couldn’t imagine a better meme lol, the map would be good, extensive etc, several points where they could be used as a capture point, but they force you to play 20% of it, and approximately across the entire range, with hills that you You have to stay at most 200 m from the target…