Stop. Removing. Sniper. Positions. From. Long. Range. Maps

One solution would be to remove all maps, and have purely procedurally generated maps in the game. You’ll never play the same thing twice, which limits the potential of OP positions as everyone will have to learn the map during that one match; this also puts players on an even playing field in terms of map knowledge.


That would certainly level the playing field for expert and novice.


I doubt that you are making a serious suggestion. The amount of resources needed for procedural generation of maps is extremely high and cannot be achieved. Although the current War Thunder maps are not satisfactory, procedurally generated maps would be even worse; the idea is entirely unrealistic in both the practical and historical sense.

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Not so much a serious suggestion as in “they should do this”, but a serious “whiteboard discussion” idea, something to consider and brainstorm around.

I’m sure getting such a system working would be incredibly complex.

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It does not have to be every map but a map generator is not beyond the pale in this day and age and even if 50% of the maps were generated it would be something. why assume we all want to stick around and accept rubbish? I play half as much as I used to with huge gaps and total F2P so this map crap is costing Gaijin and if one is doing it hundreds will be

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In my experience, most procedurally generated maps that I’ve seen in games are pretty generic and terrible.

I disagree with the common take that WT has a huge map problem. WT’s problem is the snowball effect. No map change is going to fix the fact that Ground RB is built to steamroll. Meta positions after the first engagement, respawns, CAS, are all factors hard to account for in map design.

My main gripe with the WT maps is just lack of variety.

I want variety, which means that maps should either be versatile (accommodating multiple playstyles) or specialised but with frequent rotation. So you get a balance of cqc, flanking, sniping, flat, elevated.

And I want players to be able to play what they want, without feeling like they must spawn a meta vehicle or be bonked in the head because they chose to spawn in a slow sniper.

It’s a very simple wishlist.

The problem is that MMOs tend to try and average out the experience instead. Which hurts variety, but they have good reasons for doing that. So, it’s never gonna change.

The end.


Interesting someone claiming that spawncamping is a masterpiece, and a good flanking map is a cheap copy.

Your post aged poorly.

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I think tiny changes can ruin a map ,they dont have to be huge ones.How long did it take the dev to ruin Poland? Move in move a few bushes and bingo! Whole side is unplayable and map ruined for many

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Spawncamping is almost 12 years old isn’t it? Only over the last year have they added protection and great areas where you can be seen .

Pretty much.
Though it’s been the last 4 years they’ve been adding maps with more spawn protect, plus editing legacy maps to protect spawns better.
You can only fix a legacy map so much though.

Yep, Ground RB as a mode itself is far more responsible for many of the issues people like to complain about than they tend to realize.

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If they are going to add spawn protect then at least do it properly.Make a line that matches the mini map so you as a player can see where you are entering the zone instead of some rubbish where you get a warning hundreds of meters from the damn zone.

Hundreds? lol
Also, that’s not what spawn protection is.

Its all spawn protection

The only problem I got with maps as someone who seen maps evolve over time like say Kuban was way smaller is how a lot of them fit one playstyle only.

A lot of maps do not have place for ATGM carriers as an example.


No one said it was a sniping game. What people want is the option to play how they like, besides if you can’t flank or bomb a sniper, then that’s a skill issue

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