Stop MIG-23BN suffers on 9.7br

no flares
no missile
Im not a pro player that truely knows how to use mg goodly in air rb

Your stats are straight up awful…

Either way, moving it down would result in a jet that goes 1400kph on the deck being at 9.3 BR. Nobody wants another aircraft similar to the F-104 at 9.3 BR.


so why gaijin add these stupid planeeee bruhhhhhhh

Historical addition and ground battles

Mig-23BN is one of the best 9.7s in the game.
20 minutes of fuel, base of bombs, fast.

Big-23BN is bad in ground battles.
It shines in air RB.

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ohh but to not getting shot down by missile i need to see my back and press right and down button in same time… the problem is its hard to detect when someone launch their missile to me and its hard to hit them with gun because they always use their missile faster before i hit them… plus my max FPS is 40 with average 27 and sometimes down bruh

Potato gaming can be hardest part.

whats potato gaming?

Using old/dated hardware to play games.
I can understand why.

It’s a Ground Attack variant, not a Fighter variant.

Use it to ground pound, and learn how to dodge missile and watch out your environnement

Bruh plane like this more looks like a Multirole fighter to me. just take a look at other uptier strike aircraft they have missile bomb and some agm. and to dodge missile is hard bruh they are more faster then my move

The variant was specifically built in as an attacker,… you can turn it up all you want,… it still remain tasked to a precise and specific role.

Even the game told us that they’re attackers and not fighters,…

use your S-5K as flares :)

Mfw I run rockets for flares or gunpods and chase after other supersonics when running the 23BN.

bruh thats true

we can only have OP american planes at too low BRs

Idk, it seems fine to me. A pair of R-3S or R-13M (not M1) for self-defense would be nice, especially considering the proliferation of AIM-9Gs and equivalents on other strike aircraft at the BR. But it doesn’t need a BR decrease.