Stock top tier missiles

I want to talk about stock top tier missiles, I don’t want to call Russian bias but.
with the only outliers being other Russian jets in China and Germany of course the J-11 and MiG-29G
I mean no other 12.7’s get stock top tier missiles like the AIM-9M and RB 74M(aim-9m). I mean this is just facts. Although 2 of the jets not being in the Russian TT but being Russian kind of gets rid of the Russian bias. But the point stands, we need to have a standardized Br or something that warrants a better stock missile. like at 12.7 things that carry AIM-9M’s get AIM-9M’s stock. Then 12.3’s like the F-15a and Baz get 4 AIM-9L’s stock, for the F-15j which happens to be an f-15c and have the best NATO missile in the game (from what I heard it’s just an AIM-9M with 40g overload) It should be 12.7 with stock AIM-9M not AAM-3. With the Barak II remove the AIM-9P, it’s the only 12.7 with Rear aspect missiles, and you have to research them to get other missiles. Nobody know what the point of adding the AIM-9P’s was, other than a way to slow down the grind that you are “trying to speed up”. And the F-16a/Netz with stock AIM-9P/J’s (same thing) at 12.0-12.3 nothing above 12.0 should even have the option of rear aspect missile little lone stock.


F-14A : stock = 2 AIM-9D … What’s a joke !
Or every stock Jaguars in the game with no payload meanwhile Su-25(with R-60M)/17/22 have full rockets or bombs from the start.
Disgusting !


2 x R60m
and first missile unlock 6xR60.

2xR-60M is fine for a stock plane.

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AIM-9Ms are superior to R-73s by far, and AIM-9Ls are more than enough to get kills with starting out.
There’s no Russian bias present.

Su-25 has R-60 stock, not R-60M.
A-7s have bombs from the start as well, same with Aardvark.

I’m talking about Jaguar ! Never about A-7 or F-111.

Jag might be in a tough spot, partially cause I know the event one gets one of the best missiles in WT stock.
And the other ones are in general tough spots, like not having 250 pound/100kg bombs.
Tho I’d support stock SNEBs.

No, r-73 has far superior mobility (to both AIM-9L/M if you didn’t catch that) and has an irccm that blocks flares better than the AIM-9L which doesn’t have one. if you think the R-73 and AIM-9M then you’re actually a Russian main.


It has FOV IRCCM which is still rather easy to counter.
Mobility doesn’t mean a whole lot when it goes after flares.

AIM-9M is the 2nd best missile in the game with AAM-3 being the best.
AIM-9Ls have a no-escape range of 1.5km when the person is afterburning.
Also weird of you to imply AIM-9M is Russian… it’s not Russian.
People that criticize Russian equipment aren’t the “Russian mains”.
I play all 10 tech trees, all 10 of which are completed in aviation.
Just have to finish 4 ground trees now.

US goverment and luftwaffe both recognize the fact of 9m being inferior to r-73. Simple as that, no arguing needed where 1 person says x qualities are more important and another person says y qualities are more important.

IRL yes, where pilots are in the cockpit.
War Thunder doesn’t have our view in the cockpit…
Our reaction time to a missile launch can be INSTANT, unlike IRL.

This is a War Thunder forum so all my statements are going to be in the context of War Thunder non-sim modes unless I otherwise specify.

The r-73 was found to be superior in dogfights where you are directly looking at your hostile when needed. The r-73 was also found superior in most other respects that are irrelevant to wether you react to the missile or not - mechanical advantanges.
Seeker acquisition, tracking, maneuverability…

When someone is behind you, either you’re looking at them or you’re looking somewhere else, both in real life and in game. However irl your field of view is near 180 while ingame its way less.

When did I imply its russian when I made it very clear that I know its not Russian.

Tornado F3 is a horrid grind with a stock loadout of 2x Aim9Ls.

So you agree. Jaguars should either have AAMs stock or at least a few bombs stock.

The GR1A probably should, GR1 is a rank lower though…
Find evidence of Jags having 250 pound bombs and it’s a good suggestion.
Otherwise I’d suggest SNEBs stock, at least for the French one.
Dunno if Britain has SNEB/S5K equivalent rockets.

Why not 540s? Or 2x 1000s? And Gr1 does have rocket pods

Tornado Gr1 has 4x 1000s stock.

Id argue the Gr1 is harder because it has no CMs, so you have to dogfight at 9.7, with guns only, in a bomber, Vs usually all aspect missiles, with no CMs

Cause 250s are the stock bombs for everything else in-game.
There are no stock 500s.
And stock 1000s are just the Tornadoes right now…

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And buc…

But why? Would havign 540s stock be OP (even just 2-4)?

Would having 2x 1000s stock be OP?

I know all to well, just did stock grind for Tornado ADV

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