Stock SARH/ARH on top tier planes

With the addition of fox3s in the latest major patch we’ve all had to time to play around with them and get a general feel of ARB in the current meta. That being said stock grinding is an issue I haven’t seen much discussed. Currently you can only get stock irs (9L on f16c) (r73 on 29smt) with the multipathing changes and reduction of a furball it greatly limits how fast you can grind now, with many resorting to using GE to get mods. With all of that said how would you feel about getting stock radar missiles now?

  • Keep as is (stock IRs)
  • Add stock SARH
  • Add stock ARH
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People voting stock SARH don’t seem to understand that SARH does not actually help you deal with ARH at all lol


I’ll take giving folk stock missiles that at least take effort to team kill with than those that morons can team kill with through stupidity.

This is not a real reason.


Just because you disagree doesn’t make it not a reason. But you do you.

It is not valid to believe users should have worse missiles when stock just because of an idea that users are more easily able to teamkill you with them than the alternative speaking as if the plane can’t be spaded anyway and used to do the same thing.


Personally I don’t see a problem with struggling with a stock plane except the lack of flairs/chaff. You can easily fly super far one side and take out a handful of ground units to get some exp, rinse and repeat. 8-12k RP truly doesn’t take too long even if you lose every match up to unlocking them. Getting near end of the research type items makes it too easy to just hop in and kill asap without learning the jet through stock to spade.

IMHO, people complaining about not having anything but IR in the beginning just want to pad their stats from the start and not have to work out of a negative K/D ratio. (Killing AI planes in matches count towards your K/D)

I think a combo of limited ARH’s supplemented with SARH’s would fit best. EX: The F15C would have access to a load out of two to four AIM-120’s stock and after researching the rank 4 mod you can use eight.

Or they don’t want mind numbing gameplay that rewards little RP (unless you’re base bombing, in which case you’re competing with over half the lobby for 4 bases where you might be shot down before you make it there)


sure, bc people that dont wanna suffer through stockgrind automatically only want to statpad.

make up your mind dawg


Oh idk… like 90% of players are always worried about keeping that positive K/D ratio can’t sit through maybe 40-50k RP?

Let’s break this down using the F-15C MSIP II because we know that’s exactly what 90% of the ARB players are going after because of its payload amount and OP of AIM120s.
-Stock two AIM9M
11k for chaff
11k for AIM9L
-Goes to rank two
15k for G-suit
15k for AIM7M
You’ve unlocked SARH missiles bringing you to 8 viable missiles in 57k RP
-Goes rank three
16k for wings repair
16k for cover
16k for AIM9M
You’ve still got 8 viable missiles grinding out 105k RP
-Goes to rank four
26k for AIM120s.
Totaling for 131k to unlock what you want to kill with because they are meta.

57k RP isn’t that hard to get just farming AI’s before getting nuked by something as long as you have some sense of flying at top tier.

I’ve played 77 games in my SU27SM and have 50% of the modification unlocked and god knows how many of those were no kill runs meaning they were less than 5mins of time wasted while having premium time and how mediocre the R77s are while facing teams with more than 50% of them having aim120s.

I just did a no kill at all and defeat game just now and only flew for only 3 1/2mins and still earned 1k RP towards a modification in the SU27SM. (With premium) the grind is not that serious to get to the modification people want for their jets even at the very top tier. (This was done just for science)

People just want what they want asap with little to no struggle and not spend at all. This ain’t the Oprah Winfrey show. So, in conclusion people just want to pad their stats asap without a struggle. (Spend GE if it’s that serious to you)

(And yes jets below the very top tier is a massive struggle to, the game is a grindfest, ya knew that when you got halfway through a tech tree)

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You did not address what I said earlier. Can you try?

Point out a spot anywhere in any tech tree that doesn’t have a mind numbing point to it and the struggle bus slaps you for a while with little to no reward while not using a premium vehicle to advance your progress. It’s part of the game and it’s there to prolong the grind and life of the game.

You act like there aren’t games you’ve played that weren’t a complete bust. Let alone a streak of bad games in succession. Due to one’s own fault, bad luck, or bad teammates. We are talking about War Thunder where the slogan should ODL or bust. Lol.

Until then, your point you’re trying to prove has little to no value in it because grinding is the task you take on while playing this. You can try that somewhere else or take the advice I said in my previous comment at near very bottom. Spend GE.

Suck it up, grind it out. Or go play prop planes where you’ll heavily face botting bombers.

As I’ve said, Yeah the grind sucks. But if you weren’t grinding towards something why are you playing the game?

Stay on topic. We are asking for stock SARH/ARH so that planes are actually GRINDABLE AT ALL starting off. We don’t even start with chaff right now which is literally 100% fully mandatory to do anything. You have to literally hit the slot machines and HOPE somebody doesnt target you while stock because you have exactly zero ways to avoid ARHs.

God this says so much about you ngl

It won’t help in a direct joust, however it’s the only feasible asset that Gaijin might release to rank VIII vehicles if enough noise is made.
The snail won’t lend you it’s newest product for free/default to any degree, even Harriers didn’t get any ARHs to begin with, and those frames doesn’t have anything to compete at 12.3+ other than their radar/ARH combo.

They let lots of jets start with 9Ms and R-73s instead of 9Ls and R-60Ms…

I’m indifferent.
Not opposed.

You still have to research the previous 9L and SARH set before getting the complete supply of 9Ms.
And we’ve had Fox-2s for quite some time, and they obviously are not fox-3 in any comparable measurement other than being a missile.

It is natural to offer some quality from the start because we had 9Ms and R-73 for over 10 months, i would expect some serious cryouts if any soviet based stuff gets R-60Ms instead of 73s as a rank I modification.

You can notch ARHs at a distance, up close you are screwed, there’s no argument about that but flairs and chaff for a handful of games that are going to suck? That isn’t that bad, it’s rough. But not the end of the world getting 1k RP with premium for less than 5mins of time wasted per game if that.

Doesn’t matter what the grind is, getting kills, unlocking new modifications, new vehicles in a tech tree, or learning how to play a certain vehicle handles and plays. It’s still a grind. Still doesn’t matter how you try to make it sound. And if you weren’t grinding toward something in a game and want to play something for leisure, play Ace Combat for pure air combat or battlefield for a mixture of ground and air combat. Don’t know what to tell ya from there on out.

And the topic is about people using GE to unlock mods or getting more viable ways to kill from the start. My point was the grind isn’t the end of the world, it’s doable.